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DragonRealms is a medieval fantasy roleplaying MUD (multi-user dungeon or text-based) game developed by Simutronics. It is set in the fantasy world of Elanthia, filled with wild creatures and a diverse population of adventurers.

Magic and combat rule the day, though commerce has its place as well. Adventurers may choose their path through life by joining one of many guilds. Each guild will cultivate a unique body of knowledge and offer advice on the training of skills that mark an adventurer's increasing mastery of the world around them, and advancement within their chosen profession.

You can choose to be a priest, entertainer, cutpurse, healer, or fighter, among others. The choice is yours.


Live Instances

DragonRealms can be played in three separate but (nearly) identical instances:

Instance Instance
Prime DR Standard, original game.
  • Also see: Premium, an additional subscription level to the main instance. Extra benefits and rewards.
  • Free To Play (F2P) accounts are also supported. Some features are restricted to paid subscribers only.
The Fallen DRF "Unsupervised" instance with limited policy enforcement.
  • Requires additional subscription level.
Platinum DRX Emphasis on role-play, community, and increased GM interaction.
  • Requires additional subscription level (which includes access to The Fallen).

Other Instances

Instance Instance
Prime Test Server DRT A copy of the Prime environment, meant for player testing only.
  • Characters in this instance are copied from Prime. Character data is refreshed periodically.

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