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Also referred to as 'bloodsuckers' and 'blood creatures', this general term is used to describe the creatures in DR that latch onto you, typically via movement through an area, and their removal via tending will teach the following skills:

While the difficulty to remove each creature has numerous factors that would increase or decrease your success rate, your First Aid skill is the primary skill check along with the location of the parasite on your person. Also of note will be your overall health, Agility (stat) and Empathy or Skinning skill depending on your class. A non-Empath can also hold a skinning knife to aid in the removal of the creatures from your person. It is unknown if the belt worn belts assist.

When a parasite attaches to your person, you will notice a drop in your Vitality and Fatigue along with a small wound appearing on your person in the location of the parasite. Your Perception and Empathy will determine how quickly you can see the parasite, which can be done with a HEALTH, LOOK <SELF>, or PERCEIVE HEALTH SELF. Once you see the parasite, you can TEND MY <BODY AREA> or REMOVE <PARASITE> to attempt to remove it. A successful tend will remove the parasite with no damage. With an unsuccessful tend, you can either do no damage but leave the parasite, or you can aggravate the parasite and create a larger wound up to a bleeder. If you leave the parasites untended, you will pulse vitality hits and increase the wound in the affected area, however after a time they will drop on their own. The parasites do have a chance to inflict disease at a higher rate than normal, however it is not common.

Known Parasites

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