Small red blood mite

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Blood mites are found on Old Crank's road between Leth Deriel and Ilaya Taipa. They cause vitality and fatigue damage over time along with small wounds, slowly getting bigger until they are fully gorged, until they fall off and slither away if not tended.

Mites will attach to any body area, regardless of if armor is being worn or not. As a secondary perk to these parasites, you will learn a small amount of Athletics skill from navigating the mud.


The blood mite is almost completely buried within your body, with only a slightly wiggling tip still visible.


  • You foolishly attempt to remove the blood mite from your <part> tearing the flesh and horribly aggravating the wound!
  • You try to shake a small red blood mite. It tries to eat its way further into your body!
  • You deftly remove the blood mite from your <part> leaving the wound no worse than it was before.
  • The blood mite slips free and quickly slithers away, vanishing from sight within moments.

Skill Range

While it appears that all parasites will continue to teach to high ranks, possibly indefinitely, each one varies slightly as far as base skill. From this, one can also assume that there is a soft cap where they stop teaching 'at level'. The following table presents information on those skill ranges:

base skill needed soft cap still teaches at
Empathy skill n/a ? 506
First Aid skill 125? ? 334
Skinning skill n/a ? ?

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