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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Sect representatives allow Moon Mages of appropriate skill to join a sect.

Choosing a sect based upon the mechanical benefit of sect cantrips or sect spell affinity is not recommended. Many Moon Mages have regretted their choice of sect based upon such.

Sects are a roleplaying consideration. It is highly recommended that you visit every sect representative, research library books and forum post lore that discuss the history of the various sects and if possible speak with player character Moon Mage sect members ingame before making your choice. The sect you join should align with your own character's ideals and personality as much as possible.

Free to play Moon Mages may join sects but do not qualify for temporary travel visas to do so. They may purchase provincial travel passports via SimuCoin purchases.

Note: Moon Mages interested in sects with sect representatives located in Therengia or Qi'Reshalia may however use temporary travel visas from the Stellar Magic quests and 100th circle Moon Mage quest to visit those respective provinces.

Joining a sect is more or less permanent and irreversible. Do not make your choice lightly!

Celestial Compact

Located in Zoluren.
The CC sect representative is located inside their sect hall within the Crossing Moon Mage guild.
The black iron spiral staircase in the southernmost room on the third level of the guild leads to the CC sect hall.
ASK the stuffy junior officer about sect.

Fortune's Path

Located in Qi'Reshalia.
The FP sect representative is located in the room marked gangplank on Taisgath Island.
ASK the colorful gypsy about sect.

Heritage House

Located in Therengia.
The HH house in Throne City is located on Dahl Aeliy in an immaculate columned granite building.
GO building
ASK cheerful representative about sect.

Note: Heritage House is the only 'sect' you may join after joining another sect. You will relinquish your membership in your original sect. If you decide after the fact that you want to return to your old sect, you'll be out of luck. This decision is permanent and irrevocable. HH is the 'sect' that is not a sect.

Monks of the Crystal Hand

Located in Therengia.

Note: While this is technically within Therengian provincial borders; F2P (Free Accounts) characters have access as it lies south of the Faldesu river.

East of Esouvar's Rest, upon the Way of Swords lie the hidden Halls of Ith'Draknari:
PUSH crystal hand
GO stone wall
ASK hooded monk about sect.

Nomads of the Arid Steppe

Located in Forfedhdar upon the Trabe Plateau.
From the westernmost room on the map:
go slope
go ledge
ASK the ancient shaman about sect.

Progeny of Tezirah

Located in Ilithi.
At the base of the Great Tower in the Garden of Shadows.
PULL branch
GO bush
ASK scarlet-robed mage about sect.

Prophets of G'nar Peth

Located in Therengia.
East of El'Bain's Stop, past 'Neer's Hummock blood wolves, on the road to sun vultures at Pathway's End of Kweld Andu lies the G'nar Pethians' canvas tent.
GO Tent
ASK blind prophet about sect.

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