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Province: Qi'Reshalia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: Riss, Island of the Damned
Dominant Race: Human
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: Barbarian, Cleric, Paladin, Warrior Mage
Patron Deity: None
Warnings: Random RT for S'kra (See article)



M'Riss is an island in the Reshal Sea, in the province of Qi'Reshalia. M'Riss is highly unstable and volcanic, and its frequent eruptions have continuously driven inhabitants away. Beyond the volcanic portion of the island, the other regions of it consist of a desert, the Dunes of Despair, formed by magical disasters, similar to The Waste. The eastern crescent of M'Riss forms the Torbis Sanhalas Bay, in which is anchored the city of Mer'Kresh. M'Riss is located south of Shamilho, west of Hara'Jaal, and east of Irasushen.

Current day M'Riss is still mostly an inhospitable wilderness; most vistors are advised to bring a support group with them if they plan to hunt or explore. Empaths and Clerics are scarce, so if you die while hunting or exploring M'riss, it is advisable to depart right away unless you are sure help is coming.

History of M'Riss

The history of M'Riss and Mer'Kresh can be found in a book called The History of Mer'Kresh, available at the Globe Arena Library in the Barbarian's Guild in Mer'Kresh.

Ancient City

The ancient city acquired other names, "Yana Ichaleni" ("City of Shadows"), and "Yana Undoen" ("City of Darkness").

S'Kra Mur tales say that the "Ancients" founded the ruined city on the island. These legends described the old race as one that lived when Grazhir still circled Elanthia, other stories claimed the Ancient Ones were mages. Still more stories suggest this race of mages built the Star Stones, and that those megaliths are actually a portal to another world through which those mages disappeared. Whatever the truth, the city now lies in ruins, destroyed by time and volcanic activity.

Currently my best guess is that this ancient city is located in the middle of the island, as of this writing there is no knowledge of any plans to expand the explorable areas of M'Riss to include this.

Writings in the Forlorn Hope Cave explain why S'Kra Mur name M'riss the "Island of the Damned". S'Kra Mur who visit the island are haunted by the ghosts of long dead S'Kra who once attempted to colonize the island. Some of these visions are substantial enough to cause an adventurer to pause for up to ten seconds. These visions happen on both the island of M'riss and in the city of Mer'Kresh. S'Kra tend to avoid the island and city if they can, and are disliked by most Rissans, though they can become citizens of M'riss.


M'Riss was founded by a group of settlers that believed in Human and Elf marriages. They fled from The War of Tears to escape their execution.


Capital City Mer'Kresh

The capital city of M'Riss is Mer'Kresh, a floating city surrounded by additional floating, circular rings that are anchored to the bay. The city is reached from the island of M'riss by the galleys, Cercorim and Sanegazat. The Jolas travels between Hara'jaal and Mer'Kresh. The ferry Degan carries Rissan citizens.

Local Shops and Services

Mer'Kresh Island Shops M'Riss Island Shops Mer'Kresh Island Services M'Riss Island Services
Barber Shop Fold With Care - Origami Bank Zhendil's Emporium - Gem Buyer
Pet Shop Old Trail Lean-To - Horse Tack Estate Holder's Club and Bank
Boarding House Old Trail Stable - Horse Stable & Sales Inn
Origami Shop The Oven - Food Public Forge
Bakery Armor and Weapon Repair
Orlog shop Several Libraries
Herb Shop Town Hall
Court House
Public Empath

Favors are available from a Kuniyo altar on M'riss, which accepts caracal pelts as offerings. This altar need not be clean to accept offerings.



On M'Riss

On Mer'Kresh:


M'Riss Island:



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