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This is a detailed timeline outlining the various mapmakers of Elanthia. Thanks to Kythryn for the information.


  • Salius was the first person to publish comprehensive maps solely for DR. These would have started being used possibly as early as late 1995 (he was a Trailblazer), with wide-spread use by late 1996/early 1997.
  • Prior to the publication of Salius maps there was also Zepath's Den, hosted by Zepath, with information and maps pertaining to both Dragonrealms and Gemstone III.
  • Ranger Solis made several maps during 1996 and 1997, as much works of art as they were useful.
  • Upon announcement that Salius was retiring, 3 mapmakers stepped forward with comprehensive sets of maps, although none were directly connected with Salius: Sablina, Phaedra and Kythryn. Phaedra’s maps followed the closest in style to Salius, while Sablina added color and artwork to hers, and Kythryn's maps added life mana and foraging information. All three of these mapmakers began publishing and circulating maps via web sites in late 1997/1998.
  • Also during the 1997/98 era, a number of specialized mappers emerged and published via web sites. A few can still be seen today although are not being added to:
  • Phaedra completed a full set of maps for the original 3 provinces and Qi’Reshalia before retiring. An archive of her maps can still be found here: Phaedra Archive
  • There are also a number of mapmakers with their own focus that have published throughout the years, although not all have kept them updated.


  • Kythryn has continued to publish maps (2023) that add 'active' room items, as well as the life mana and perceive health beings. With the change in 2020 to find items in all appropriate rooms with enough skill and then the release of the FORAGE RECALL ability in 2021, no new foragable items are being added to those maps. However items previously documented are still shown where they were found, which may be useful for lower-skilled characters. Those maps can be viewed here. She also contributed the foraging information she gathered to the Foraging Database that can be found on Olwydd’s site, although with the FORAGE RECALL ability open to everyone, no further information will be updated there. These maps also link back here to the extensive Elanthipedia creature and shops databases.
  • When Sablina retired, the Warrior Mage Ranik continued on her work, building off her existing style, and expanded the range of those maps as areas were added to the realms. Over the years, additional useful information such as ranger trails have been added as well. Upon Ranik’s retirement, Brablo, Aetherie, Xaphira and Vanara have also done some mapping continuing on with Sablina’s style. The Forfedhdar maps are some they have done.
    • Ranik's maps are now officially housed here on Elanthipedia, where anyone can contribute to correcting, updating and expanding them (see the Image Help Page). Also included now on each map page are helpful links to creatures, shops and NPC's found on each map. In addition to Brablo, Aetherie, Xaphira and Vanara, the following people have helped contribute to the Elanthipedia collection of maps:


  • It should also be noted that as the DR community has matured and expanded, many players now use the Genie front end. With this, there is the ability to use an auto-mapper, which can produce quick yet basic maps of an area. As of 2018, you will see many of these small maps pop up around various DR web sites when a graphic is needed. For example, here is a map of the Taisidon Safari 420 event created using the auto-mapper. While specific cartographer's are not often associated with these, they are becoming an important part of the DR cartography experience.
  • Another handy utility, especially for figuring out where you are based off the text in the room, is the DR Service Map Searcher. This site also includes basic graphic maps that correspond to the results of your text search, as well as an additional utility to sort by the exit directions in a room (for those pesky Treasure maps).