Theren-Kwarlog War (book)

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An Account of the Therengia-Kwarlog War

-- By Kraggur Silfarshal --

49 AV, Fall Humans have such short memories. The Dragon Priest wars are hardly brought to a close, and the fool Baron of Therengia dares attack the Gemfire holdings. Word has already gone west and south to Hvaral and Kwarlog asking for assistance in making the Baron suffer for his transgressions.

Fortunately this sudden attack is blunted by the Therengian's lack of knowledge in mountain warfare. When the winters come we shall prepare to launch an offensive they shall not forget for this transgression.

50 AV, Spring Even his bannermen know his folly and are slow to rally. Our machines of war roll from the Gemfire Mountains and the Arncharn Shel, aid having arrived from Kwarlog. We hope to beseige the keep by summer and lay waste to it. The Humans understand nothing about building proper fortifications.

50 AV, Summer Our machines bombard the Keep all the day round, crews working in shifts much like in the mines. Some of the humans show mettle, their cavalry attacking out columns, but we are not deterred for out cause is right and just. We have been in the Gemfire Mountains longer than the farthest recollection of man. This impudent child will learn a lesson about betraying the Dwarves.

50 AV, Fall The Keep itself shows strong damage from the dwarven assaults. It is not our intent to capture the city. We have come to this deliberation after many weeks of consultation with the various clans and the representatives from Kwarlog. We have hardly recovered from the fall of High Hold and fighting the Dragon Priests, and it would not do to incite the humans in the southern lands against us, for who knows what lies this Baron tells others to have them take arms against us. It is of note that we plan to continue this fight into the winter months. Therengia can be no worse than the winters of the mountains. Indeed, the northeastern tower already begins to collapse from the assault. Perhaps it shall serve as marker to the Barons of the foolishness of angering the Dwarves.

  • Editor's Note: Many original pages are missing at this point.

57 AV, Summer The war has gone on for eight years now, and we begin to suffer more readily than the Humans, for as any know, we are slower to breed than the Humans. This is not to say that we tire of the war, merely that the life of a single dwarf is worth that of many humans. They are like fleas on a cat. We have returned to a more defensive war, withdrawing closer to our mountains over the last years, our point having been proven in the damage done to their keep. Human buildings. Can't even call them engineered, as they almost blow over in the slightest breeze.

57 AV, Winter Victory! We have crushed a great deal of the Baron's army in a single battle near the pass known as Gemfire's Gates. Over- confident, they assaulted the passes with two isolated armies. However, unbeknownst to the fool Baron, we had been tunneling defensive corridors in the terrain north of the Gates. At dawn the miners poured forth, assaulting the northern army as they prepared to march, catching them unawares. From Hvaral the bulk of our army marched unopposed against the army commanded by the Baron, which quickly collapsed under our attack.

59 AV, Spring Please forgive me, it has been some time since I have been able to add to this account. Things have been tense following our great victory. Even though the Baron was routed, we sustained great losses. I have been arguing against leaving the Gemfire Mountains, although this might become inevitable. Time is on our side though, for word reached us that the remnants of the Baron's army turned upon the survivors of the northern army. It appears that the Baron thought they betrayed him. This should distract him for some time. Furthermore, after the loss and subsequent attack on the Gypsies, the Baron hung himself. Attacks have abated, and we have an uneasy truce with the new Baron his son.

59 AV, Fall Skirmishes still take place, but they are minor. More voices are raised that we cannot hold the Gemfire Mountains. I fear that soon we will leave for Hvaral or abandon everything north of the Arncharn Shel. The new Baron has begun negotiations with us, and he has disowned his very own father, something that is a relief to us, and yet confusing. It is good and just that he does so, yet to betray ones own kin, even one as evil as his father is also a concern. I am not alone in these thoughts, and this might delay negotiations as we struggle with this internally.

60 AV, Summer It is with heavy heart that the decision was made today. A call was made for the Gemfire Dwarves to prepare to abandon the Gem- fire Mountains. Perhaps even Hvaral itself. These preparations are to be done quietly and in secret, as we still negotiate with the new Baron, and must appear to be strong. The long wars we have faced in succession have depleted those of us in the north too greatly to hold against the other threats in the area: slavers from the desert, orcs and worse in the mountains and forest. I have not decided yet if we will leave our holdings in the north. They are secure and rarely troubled by any, and many a vein has yet to be tapped.

62 AV, Fall Word has reached me that the north is to be abandoned. Even Hvaral itself will be left over to the Therengians. Too few of us remain. The war has had a great deal to do with it, but we were also struck hard last year by foul creatures, giants, orcs and the like, who had grown strong while Therengia warred with us. As bad as the humans can be, aside from the last Baron they have proved generally honorable. However, as long as peace can be reached, which we are in the process of finalizing, I feel that we will maintain our holding here in the mountains. We have collapsed many of the old mines to prevent intrusion, and several deeper veins can be easily reached.

63 AV, Winter We are increasingly isolated, as many of our neighbors have decided to leave for Kwarlog. Our nearest fellows lie a two-day march to the south, yet we have agreed to aid each other, and perhaps link the holds through a tunnel, as there are some gem veins reaching that way. They informed us last week that Hvaral was peacefully abandoned and that the Therengians had taken control. In exchange we hear the Council of Elders will sign a peace agreement with the new Baron, giving us favorable trade rights (those few that remain) as well as extending profitable terms to the Kwarlogian Kingdom, which many of us have joined. The remaining holds in the Gemfire are to be considered as part of that ancient Kingdom.

64 AV, Spring It is done. We officially have a treaty with the Therengians. Even though things have been peaceful between dwarf and man for several years now, we have a peace of paper confirming it. Hvaral, which we have held for over a thousand years, will no longer be ours. Yet if nothing else our legacy shall stand, for the construction is only as we Dwarves can do. It will stand the test of time.

The veins to the south have proven easy to mine, with good stone and little shoring needed. We hope to link south with our neighbors in a few years. I also am most pleased, for my wife informs me that she is with child. I can only hope that this will be the first of many. A great many children are needed to help us recover from the nearly endless wars of the last two hundred years with setback after setback.

Trade has also resumed with the Therengians. It is beyond my understanding, these Houses of theirs, but apparently a new one has been made, the House Dacawla. Apparently it was started by a knight who killed quite a few Dwarves and was given rulership over Hvaral. While this disgusts me to some extent, this Dacawla has been honorable and forthright in his dealings to date with those of us who remain.

66 AV, Fall This will be my last entry in my account of the Therengia-Kwarlog War. My holding prospers, and we have linked with the southern hold I mentioned. My son was born without complications, and looks to be a strong lad. Even more joyous, my wife is again with child! I cannot believe the luck Kertigen has bestowed upon us, Tamsine as well.

This winter I will begin work on improving the small fortress at the mouth of our mines, for business grows apace with House Dacawla, and we are even talking about improving the trail to some extent to allow mule-drawn carts, rather than carrying goods upon ponies and mules as we do now. The gems we found while mining to the south are quite high in quality, and we have found solid iron veins in the deep halls. My hold prospers.