Simian Cage

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Simian Cage
Event Rarely available
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

This game is similar to other Capture the Critter games. It was seen at the Taisidon Safari 420 event.

In this game, you chase various marmosets, capuchins, paguur, monkeys and tamarin around, and if you manage to grab one, return to the room outside the Trading Post (all the way west from the east gate) and PUT <critter> in CAGE.


Transmutation Chest Components


  • huge flawed sapphire
  • huge freshwater pearl
  • huge gleaming ivory tooth
  • huge light-purple alexandrite
  • huge onyx bead
  • huge scratched emerald
  • huge star sapphire
  • large flawed sapphire
  • large gleaming ivory tooth