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This item is part of a collection quest from the Taisidon Safari 420 event.

Simutronics Release Info

From the initial event emails and event section off the main web site:

Transmutation chest -- find, buy, sell and trade to collect all the pieces and assemble your very own to unlock exclusive new gems!

Transmutation Chest?
That's right! We're introducing a new collection system, and this will be the first finished item to use it! Games, creatures and other activities can award pieces of the chest. When you have them all, assemble your chest and unlock the ability to create special guild-themed gems exclusive to this chest! All things have a cost, though, and these special gems are no exception! You'll need to sacrifice certain materials for a chance to create your gems!

Component Items

Participating in activities around the island during the event, such as hunting, gives you a chance to find one of the 5 needed components. By STUDYing any of the pieces, you can gather the following information:

You study some <component> and determine it is a piece of a larger collection. If you collect another piece you should be able to assemble them together. The complete collection consists of:
4 Sturdy Boards (ilomba boards)
1 Frothy Green Oil of Imbuement (frothy-green oil)
2 Gleaming Vardite Hinges (gleaming vardite hinges)
1 Orichalcum Dragon Pendant (orichalcum dragon pendant)
3 Mistsilk Padding (mistsilk padding)


  • A short list of known activities that will have the potential to drop the above items can be found on each individual component page as they become known.
  • Additionally, GM Kodius has offered a few hints on the forums for the different components:
  • "I'd suggest giving the not-so-friendly S'Kra Kor a visit to find the pendants. Loot tables will also change dynamically during the event."
  • "You can, at any time, complete the Collection by doing a variety of activities at the event. However, the activities that yield the resources may vary in what they produce or what the odds are. This was designed to encourage trading and not pigeon-hole you into doing just a single activity. It also gives you a reason to visit later in the week to see what is different or has changed."
  • "Also, pendants were added as drops to some of the games a few days ago, and the game themselves will be changing in other ways soon!"


To assemble the chest, take any 2 of the components listed above and ASSEMBLE them. After the first pair is assembled, you will have an unfinished collection.
Once you assemble the last piece needed, you will receive the following message, which directs you back to the Taisidon village to talk to the Shaman:

You carefully assemble the pendant with the other collection pieces.
After assembling the remaining pieces, you are left holding a weathered ilomba chest. You wonder if asking the village Shaman about the chest might reveal more of its nature.

S'Kra Kor shaman

You can find the shaman wandering the Teil-Minavsel village.

  • ASK shaman about COLLECTION:
The shaman says, "Treasure huntersss recently discovered a mass grave of S'Kra Kor outside the village. The dig uncovered evidence to support the story that my people were once very advanced and cultured until a calamity dessstroyed them. When the Kor villagers heard of thisss, they ssswept down upon the diggers and most of the artifacts and piecesss were lost."

The shaman continues saying, "The most interessting of these collection itemsss were chests capable of transmuting various materials into other materials. If you are able to locate the pieces and assemble them together, you might be able to recapture some of this lost magic."

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