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Catrayth Firedrayk
Status: Unknown
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: Ambassador

A former Ambassador to Zoluren from Shard. A Savant Moon Mage.

One of the late Ferdahl Kukalakai’s closest advisors and the only known cross-breed of Elven and Elothean to survive. As such, Catrayth constantly suffered from having a weak body and persistent breathing problems. Catrayth was also rumored to have some necromantic abilities.

Was impersonated by Catraith, who was actually Sidhlot in disguise. Sidhlot wished to disrupt trade negotiations between Zoluren and Ilithi over gondola traffic.

Appearance, at the DiSilveron Ball

You see Ambassador Catrayth Firedrayk of Shard, the Savant Mage.
He has cat-slitted amber eyes, shoulder length wavy dark brown hair that is loose, and very pale skin.
He appears to be young for an...Elf?
He is wearing a circlet of twisted silver wire with a single circular crystal inset between the brows, a tailored grey silk cummerbund, a dark grey carved-velvet surcoat edged with ermine, a full-sleeved white silk shirt, some pleated black trousers, a pair of polished black leather knee boots, a dusty gray satchel, some fine Elothean gold bracelets and a boutonniere.
You notice that while Catrayth appears to be very thin and sickly, he has an alarmingly bright gleam to his eyes.