Ashu hhinvi

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ashu hhinvi
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall 100
    Level Variance -
    Natural Attack 96
    Weapon Attack 96
    Defense 105
    Player Estimated 100
Potential overall skill: 470
Skill Cap 500 to 700
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Has Other Unknown
Uses Weapons Unknown
Alignment No
Corporeal Yes
Construct Yes
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Unknown
Body Type biped
Body Type (Alt) unknown
Body Size unknown
Locksmithing Details
Skill Required Careful: ?
Teaching Cap ?


Towering into the air at least twenty feet, the monstrosity exists in a constant state of reconfiguration as it draws the blistering desert sands into its ever-changing body. Rudimentary, fingerless hands culminate the long, broad arms -- perfect for pummeling the air and blasting anything in the way. The creature's legs stretch directly into the ground, holding the torso aloft like stilts without any discernable feet. No proper face is evident save for a few depressions in the sand for eyes, mouth and nose, giving the being an uncaring, unyielding, unrelenting expression.

Combat Info

Being constructs of sand, these creatures can heal and reshape themselves during combat.

  • An ashu hhinvi reshapes its forelimbs into various blunt, weapon-like appendages before settling on a style it likes.
  • An ashu hhinvi crouches its lumbering hulk close to the ground, placing its paw-like hands on the sand. Waves of sparkling particles funnel upward into the creature's colossal form to fill out the cracks suffered in the heat of combat. Replenished and healed of its most injurious wound, the ashu hhinvi stands erect once again, more healthy and agitated than before.
  • Swarms of up to 4.
  • Assume appearance of a small sand dune when dead.

An ashu hhinvi raises a mitten-like hand to its brow, turning its ballooned head in various directions to examine its surroundings.
An ashu hhinvi has spotted you!
Totally silent save for a soft trickling of sand, the hhinvi smoothly rotates its head from side to side, scanning for the unseen amongst the dunes. The creature's hand curls into a balled fist and slams it into its chest to send a spray of tiny granules across the area. Some of the sand catches you square in the face and bombards you with enough force to knock you from hiding.
Your hiding place has been revealed!
The ashu hhinvi discovers you, ruining your hiding place!


You recall the legends of the S'Kra Mur storytellers that describe the giant sand figures roaming the cursed Velakan dunes. Known as the ashu hhinvi, or "walking ground" in S'Kra, the constructs operate quite mysteriously via a force currently indecipherable to magical researchers. It is no wonder the Musparan locals call the area where the creatures roam Migen'hhs Pat'shhry, or "Lands of Evil" in their native tongue.

You recall that an ashu hhinvi sometimes carries its loot in locked boxes.


    Evasion at 700 I cant get it passed dabbling - Evasion soft caps around 660
    Backstab at 735, they teach somewhat decent
    Tactics at 750, I can eventually get mind locked but it takes awhile
    All weapons I train get mind locked easy but have under 650 in them.
    Weapons begin to move well at 425.

AREA QUIRK: can't collect/forage in this hunting zone