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Players reading this page may wish to note that the majority of this information is not considered commonly known in-character to non-Necromancers.

Thanatological rituals are the occult rites and practices through which a Necromancer may utilize the Thanatology skill. These rites largely involve the creation of a corrupt Empathic Transference link or otherwise twisting a formerly living being's life force in some fashion, but also includes things like the simple study of gross anatomy or the various more mundane rites or rituals associated with the Philosophers of the Knife. All Thanatological rituals require the use of a ritual knife (typically a simple worn belt knife) which is specifically designated for this purpose; the use of a ritual knife for any other purpose besides the performance of Thanatological rituals or skinning will render it unusable for other rituals.

The rituals PERFORMed by a Necromancer on corpses are their primary source for learning the Thanatology skill as well as a number of secondary skills.

To use a thanatological ritual, PERFORM (RITUAL) ON (TARGET) -- if the target is yourself, you may leave it out.

If the Necromancer is using the Obfuscation spell, rituals will not message other people in the room upon being performed.


RitualPrerequisitePurposeGenerates Divine Outrage
Arise ritual20th CirclePrepares a corpse to become a CFB zombie.Yes
Awaken ritual30th CircleSummons a previously created Risen.Yes
Butchery ritual30th CircleGets body parts for Risen.Yes
Consume ritual15th CirclePrepares a corpse to be used as fuel for necromantic healing.Yes
Creation ritual30th CircleFinal step to create a Risen.Yes
Cut ritual5th CirclePrerequisite for some Blood Magic and Animation spells.No
Dissection ritual10th CircleTeaches Thanatology and First Aid.No
Entry ritual1st CircleGain entry into a Necromancer guildhall.No
Fetish ritual3rd CircleTurns harvested material into a (control) fetish for a new Risen.Yes
Harvest ritual2nd CircleGathers "material" to be used later. Teaches Thanatology and Skinning.Yes
Preserve ritual1st CircleExtends time before a corpse decays. Teaches Thanatology and First Aid.Yes


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