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Description: A property to list the number of previous abilities required to be known before the ability can be learned.
Type: string

There are currently 173 items in this property, 57 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Aether Spheres +2 Aether Manipulation spells  +
Aethereal Image +10th circle, Ethereal Shield, Aether Spheres  +
Air Blast +2 Air Manipulation spells  +
Alm Shalka Albir +28th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge  +
Ambush Choke +​3rd circle  +
Ambush Clout +50th circle, Ambush Stun  +
Ambush Ignite +Ambush Slash  +
Ambush Screen +30th circle, Ambush Choke  +
Ambush Slash +39th circle  +
Ambush Stun +25th circle  +
Anger the Earth +0  +
Auto-Glyph +30th circle, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Bonding  +
Avalanche (berserk) +0  +
Avtai Alshavi +35th Circle, Cantrip knowledge  +


Backtrace +Locate, Attunement skill (~20th circle)  +
Badger Form +7  +
Bastion +4  +
Bear Form +5  +
Beseech Elanthia to Cradle +25th circle  +
Beseech Elanthia to Imbue +15th Circle  +
Beseech Elanthia to Petrify +35th Circle, Quest  +
Beseech Elanthia to Seal +50th Circle, Quest  +
Beseech Elanthia to Transfer +90th Circle  +
Beseech the Dark to Sing +40th Circle, Quest  +
Beseech the Sun to Dry +10th Circle  +
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