Preserve ritual

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Preserve ritual
Requirements: 1st Circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: ritual / thanatology
Use Cost: Divine Outrage
Description: The Preserve ritual, while it does not completely stop a corpse from decaying away, will considerably lengthen the time before it does. This is particularly useful if you wish to perform other, more lengthy rituals on the corpse.
Effect: Extends time before a corpse decays. Teaches Thanatology and First Aid.
Messaging: You bend over the <creature>'s corpse to make one long, continuous cut with your ritual knife that just barely pierces into it. Unseen energies seep into the creature's fluids, suspending the corpse in unnatural stasis for a time.


The PRESERVE ritual suspends a corpse in an unnatural stasis, allowing it to remain much longer before decaying, though LOOTing will make it decay normally. This ritual is generally used as preparation for other lengthier rituals.

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