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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Consume ritual
Requirements: 15th Circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: ritual / thanatology
Use Cost: Divine Outrage
Description: The Consume ritual will properly prepare a corpse to be used in a Consumption spell. This is useful for a variety of things, but you will need to discover for yourself exactly what.
Effect: Prepares a corpse to be used as fuel for necromantic healing.
Messaging: You kneel over the <creature>'s corpse and make a few quick, precise cuts with your ritual knife.
Your cuts follow the vital lines of the corpse, causing its residual life force to bubble forth, ready for draining.


  • The CONSUME ritual allows a corpse to be consumed with various Blood Magic spells in order to heal the Necromancer. This is not actual, literal consumption, but a magical effect that will destroy part or all of the corpse.
  • It may be optionally used with the Preserve ritual but this is not required.
  • This ritual generates a modest amount Divine Outrage.
  • This is the only ritual that can be used on a Player Character's corpse.
Note: Doing so grants them consent to PvP with you.

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