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A category for Barbarian abilities.

To see what abilities you know, type ROAR LIST, FORM LIST, BESERK LIST or MEDITATE LIST.

Ability Tree

Avalanche (Augmentation)Anger the Earth (Debilitation)Dragon (Augmentation)Focus (Augmentation)Death's Embrace (Debilitation)Python (Augmentation)Tenacity (Warding)Unyielding (Augmentation)Wildfire (Augmentation)Toad (Augmentation)Serpent's Hiss (Debilitation)Volcano (Augmentation)Earthquake (Debilitation)Badger (Warding)Wail of Torment (Debilitation)TitanStrategosJuggernautBuffalo (Augmentation)FlameFamine (Warding)PowerMonkey (Augmentation)Contemplation (Augmentation)Cyclone (Augmentation)Dispel (Warding)Screech of Madness (Debilitation)Swan (Warding)Bear (Augmentation)Tsunami (Augmentation)Serenity (Warding)Mage's Lash (Debilitation)Turtle (Warding)Death's Shriek (Debilitation)Mana Torment (Debilitation)PowermongerYogiTemplarSeek (Augmentation)Everild's Rage (Debilitation)Landslide (Warding)Tornado (Augmentation)Eagle (Augmentation)Flashflood (Warding)Wolverine (Augmentation)Piranha (Augmentation)Bastion (Warding)Kuniyo's Strike (Debilitation)Owl (Augmentation)Staunch (Augmentation)Prediction (Augmentation)Panther (Augmentation)Slash the Shadows (Debilitation)DuelistTribalistBarbarian Abilities.png
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Inner Fire Costs

Forms have no startup cost and a moderate pulsing cost. Forms also reduce your passive IF (Inner fire) regen limit.
Berserks have a moderate startup cost and a small pulsing cost.
Meditations have a large startup cost and no pulsing cost.


Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Anger the Earth roar debilitation intro Horde 1 0 Balance damage
Avalanche berserk augmentation intro Horde 1 0 Fatigue heal, Pulsing
Focus meditation augmentation expert Horde 1 1 +Locksmithing skill
Death's Embrace roar debilitation basic Horde 1 1 -Melee accuracy, -Ranged accuracy
Dragon Form form augmentation intro Horde 2 1 +Large Blunt skill, +Large Edged skill, +Polearms skill, +Small Blunt skill, +Small Edged skill, +Staves skill, +Twohanded Blunt skill, +Twohanded Edged skill, Only held melee weapon.
Unyielding meditation augmentation basic Horde 1 2 +Athletics skill
Python Form form augmentation basic Horde 1 2 +Parry Ability skill
Tenacity meditation warding basic Horde 2 2 Physical damage resistance.
Wildfire berserk augmentation basic Horde 2 3 +Agility (stat), bonus weapon speed.
Serpent's Hiss roar debilitation advanced Horde 2 5 Makes enemies flee the room.
Toad Form form augmentation expert Horde 2 5 Elemental damage resistance.
Earthquake berserk, area of effect debilitation advanced Horde 2 6 -Balance, knockdown, possible stun, pulsing AoE
Volcano berserk augmentation expert Horde 3 6 Each death blow against them will instead drain Inner Fire.
Badger Form form warding advanced Horde 2 7 Moderate non-ablative barrier vs. Magic, Mind, Fear, or Charm attacks
Wail of Torment roar debilitation expert Horde 2 7 Immobilize.
Juggernaut mastery Horde 1 8
Strategos mastery Horde 4 8 Increases bonus IF from killing enemies and striking in PvP, unlocks ROAR AREA.
Titan mastery Horde 4 8 Decreases maintenance cost of Berserks.


Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Flame meditation intro Flame 0 0 Shows Inner Fire level and training status.
Buffalo Form form augmentation intro Flame 1 0 Reduces encumbrance.
Power meditation basic Flame 1 1 Shows duration remaining of abilities
Famine berserk warding basic Flame 2 1 Vitality heal, Pulsing
Contemplation meditation augmentation advanced Flame 1 2 +Augmentation skill, +Brigandine skill, +Chain Armor skill, +Light Armor skill, +Plate Armor skill
Monkey Form form augmentation basic Flame 2 2 +Reflex (stat), Balance heal, pulsing recovery
Screech of Madness roar debilitation basic Flame 1 3 -Discipline (stat), -Reflex (stat)
Dispel meditation warding advanced Flame 2 3 Attempts to remove all magic on self.
Cyclone berserk augmentation advanced Flame 2 3 +Charisma (stat), voice recovery bonus.
Swan Form form warding basic Flame 2 4 Weak integrity anti-magic barrier.
Bear Form form augmentation advanced Flame 2 5 +Warding skill, +Strength (stat)
Tsunami berserk augmentation expert Flame 2 6 Increases Balance and primary weapon stat of held weapon.
Mage's Lash roar debilitation advanced Flame 2 6 -Primary Magic skill, chance to interrupt a spell being prepared.
Serenity meditation warding advanced Flame 2 6 Very strong integrity magic potency barrier. Drains IF on block. Increase roar cost.
Turtle Form form warding expert Flame 2 7 Strong anti-magic potency barrier.
Death's Shriek roar debilitation expert Flame 2 7 -Shield Usage skill, possibly drops to knees.
Mana Torment roar debilitation expert Flame 3 8 -Attunement pool
Templar mastery Flame 1 9 New ways to destroy magic items, view your count, and never lose fire when destroying.
Powermonger mastery Flame 4 9 +Primary Magic skill, more precise IF readings, +passive IF regen limit.
Yogi mastery Flame 4 9 Allows meditating while standing and while in combat, reduces RT and cost of meditating.


Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Seek meditation augmentation basic Predator 1 0 +Outdoorsmanship skill
Everild's Rage roar debilitation basic Predator 2 0 -Evasion skill
Tornado berserk augmentation basic Predator 2 1 +Shield Usage skill, +Stamina (stat)
Landslide berserk warding basic Predator 2 1 SvS barrier vs. attacks defended against with Reflex
Eagle Form form augmentation intro Predator 2 1 +Bows skill, +Crossbows skill, +Heavy Thrown skill, +Light Thrown skill, +Slings skill
Wolverine Form form augmentation advanced Predator 1 3 Advancing speed boost.
Flashflood berserk warding advanced Predator 2 3 Pulsing anti-stun/anti-web/auto-standup
Piranha Form form augmentation basic Predator 2 4 +Evasion skill
Bastion meditation warding basic Predator 2 4 Strong ablative barrier vs. Willpower attacks.
Kuniyo's Strike roar debilitation advanced Predator 3 4 Stun and possible knockback.
Owl Form form augmentation advanced Predator 1 5 +Perception skill
Staunch meditation augmentation advanced Predator 2 5 Stops all bleeding for a time.
Prediction meditation augmentation expert Predator 3 5 When disabled (stun/immobilize/web/knockdown), you dive-roll out of the room.
Panther Form form augmentation expert Predator 1 6 +Stealth skill
Slash the Shadows roar debilitation expert Predator 3 7 -Stealth skill, Knock out of hiding.
Duelist mastery Predator 4 8 Increases passive IF regen limit by a large amount when out of combat.
Tribalist mastery Predator 4 8 +Debilitation skill, reduces the maintenance cost and passive regen reduction of forms.

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