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Masteries are passive traits that Barbarians can unlock after spending a significant number of ability slots in a path.

Masteries are taught by the Pit Masters.


  • They are named after types of warriors.

Summary of Masteries

Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Templar mastery Flame 1 9 New ways to destroy magic items, view your count, and never lose fire when destroying.
Powermonger mastery Flame 4 9 +Primary Magic skill, more precise IF readings, +passive IF regen limit.
Yogi mastery Flame 4 9 Allows meditating while standing and while in combat, reduces RT and cost of meditating.
Juggernaut mastery Horde 1 8
Titan mastery Horde 4 8 Decreases maintenance cost of Berserks.
Strategos mastery Horde 4 8 Increases bonus IF from killing enemies and striking in PvP, unlocks ROAR AREA.
Duelist mastery Predator 4 8 Increases passive IF regen limit by a large amount when out of combat.
Tribalist mastery Predator 4 8 +Debilitation skill, reduces the maintenance cost and passive regen reduction of forms.

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