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Ezerak VershirEzerak Illustration.jpg
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives Ayrell, Asilyia, Sayara, Aerivyn, Maraisel, Enthal

Born of the Mountain Clan, Ezerak spent much of his life as somewhat of a wanderer, never really calling any one place home. For several years, he lingered in the province of Qi'Reshalia, primarily on the island of Reshalia, in the city of Ratha. Over time, he eventually returned to the mainland where he became involved with the Therenborough Theatre. Through his work with the theater, he crossed paths with his now-wife, Ayrell Evyntine, after which he took up roots with her hometown of Shard, where he has remained ever since.


Mountain Lord Ezerak Evyntine-Vershir, Blademaster of Ilithi, an Elf.
He has an angular face, pointed ears, blued steel eyes and dimples. His black hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a well-defined build..
He has a tattoo of a blood-red scorpion curled around a black rose on his neck.

He is wearing a formal top hat of black Elven silk accented with a platinum heron pin, a stately frost-white silk cravat pinned with a cobalt Elamiri sapphire, a striking songsilk cloak in Bardic blue clasped with a silversteel heron, a decorative anlora-avtoma pocket-chain suspending a broken wand-shaped fob, some lustrous silversteel cufflinks inset with black riftstones, a thick-banded animite ring set with a cabochon duskbloom sapphire, an alabaster white formal linen shirt with a wing collar, a dashing tailcoat of onyx gemfire velvet trimmed with white sapphire buttons, a wide Sunderstone armband edged in platinum, a sleek crescent moon-shaped wedding band cradling a tempest sapphire, a gleaming silver signet ring bearing the intricate Evyntine family crest, a sleek sword belt with a pearl-hilted sabre and a dark talon blade hanging from it, a pair of impeccably tailored onyx herringbone trousers with silversteel buttons and a pair of courtly black leather thigh boots embellished with silversteel buckles.



Ezerak was born in Elamiri to his parents, Etnys and Belada Vershir. Raised around traders, it was his parents' hope that Ezerak would one day take over the family business and become a trader, himself. Ezerak, however, had other plans and dreamed of leaving Elamiri to join the ranks of the bards. This dream upset his parents, creating tension and disagreements that eventually led to Ezerak running away from home to find his way to Zoluren in hopes of achieving his dreams with the freedom he acquired from escaping the rigid control of his parents. In the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 434, Ezerak married his soulmate, Ayrell Evyntine. Two years later, on the same date, they solidified their bond by performing the Gelinajaun Ruh ceremony, as per the custom, to forever bind their two souls into one. Through his marriage to Ayrell, Ezerak adopted his step-daughter, Asilyia Evyntine, and gained a sister-in-law through Ayrell's half-sister, Maraisel Evyntine. One year after the Gelinajuan Ruh, Ezerak and Ayrell welcomed their own daughter into their lives, their beloved Sayara Evyntine-Vershir. Much to their joy, they were blessed with a son, Ineyl Evyntine-Vershir, three years later. From his family in Elamiri, Ezerak has one known cousin, Enthal Vershir.

The Theren Theater

Not long after returning to the mainland from Qi'Reshalia, Ezerak was recruited by Ruea Drister to star in a play for the Theren Theater. Ruea had been tasked by the Baron to write and present a play based on the Paladin Guild and Ruea selected Ezerak to take on the role of "the young paladin." This play was titled "For Honor and Truth: The Paladin's Way." It was at this production where Ezerak first met Ayrell, a long-time friend of Ruea's who had been cast as Lady Snow. They shared no interaction and spoke no words to each other beyond their lines in the play. As fate would have it, their paths did not cross again until nearly a year later when Ezerak was once again asked by Ruea to step onto the stage for a show titled "Just Like Old Times." In this play, he was cast alongside Ayrell's half-sister, Maraisel, though he was unaware of the relation, at that time. Once the show was over, the cast decided to travel from Therenborough to Zoluren for an after party. It was at this after party that Maraisel and Ruea insisted on inviting Ayrell, where Ezerak was granted his first formal introduction to Ayrell. Before departing the tavern, Ruea requested Ezerak and Ayrell work together on writing a song for an upcoming play she was planning to write. Months later, after Ezerak and Ayrell spent time together working on the song and eventually falling in love, Ruea admitted her intention had never been the write the play and the song was merely an excuse to trick Ezerak and Ayrell into seeing each other again. Several months later, Ezerak and Ayrell were called upon to star in a third production by Ruea where they played alongside each other as the sweet couple Mavrid and Nimai in "Through it All."

Shard Theater Endeavors

Upon settling in Shard with Ayrell, the two were excited by the idea of bringing their love for the theater to the stage in Ilithi. Ayrell surprised Ezerak one evening by luring him onto the stage of the Shoan a Sidelkuloa and revealed her idea for a partnership in the theater, and her plan to form a group known as the Ilithi Socialites, under the umbrella of which they could present their performances to the locals upon the Shoan a Sidelkuloa stage. Excited by the prospect, the two quickly went to work organizing their first production, known simply as "A Shard Concert" at which they requested Ruea to close the show with an original song, in honor of the fact that she was the one who helped ignite Ezerak and Ayrell's interest in the performing arts. Following the concert, Ezerak and Ayrell went on to host "A Night at the Improv" and a play, co-written by Ezerak and Ayrell titled "Rescue on the Reshal.

Much to Ezerak and Ayrell's dismay, however, their efforts with the theater eventually became stunted by a lack of available actors to assist with the productions. Over the course of a few years, the Shard theater again fell silent. It wasn't until the year 442 when Ayrell again approached Ezerak, determined not to give up on the Shard theater, and informed him of her intent to found a theater group known as the Crystal City Players. She was unsure if the group would succeed, but wanted desperately to try, and asked Ezerak if he would be willing to support her in her endeavor. With Ezerak by her side, auditions were arranged, and the Crystal City Players conducted their first performance, A Variety Extravaganza, a few months later. The show received overall positive reviews and Ayrell was approached not long after by the Jackals of Elyhaar to work on a collaboration for their upcoming celebration of the Goddess of peace in death. This collaboration was agreed upon and the Crystal City Players were welcomed in Riverhaven at the Order of the Dragon Shield Banquet Hall where they performed a show titled "Eve of Mercy" based on the story "The Gift of the Maiden." A third production quickly followed, returning the Players to the stage in Shard, for a play written by Ayrell titled: "A Celebration of the Seasons." Work with the Crystal City Players remains ongoing.

World Jousting Tournament

In the year 434, Ezerak participated in the World Jousting Tournament. His first competition was in the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe, where he took part in the Shard qualifier. At the end of the qualifier, Ezerak came out in first place for the Division 4 bracket. In the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden, Ezerak went on to compete in the Finals against the other qualifying competitors in his division, the talented Kaelie, Shaylynne, and Zalinyar. In the wake of the final tilt, Ezerak once again came out on top, defeating his opponents, and claiming the title of champion in his division.