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Check out the FEST command for more information in game!



  • Start Date: Friday, May 22, 2015, at about 9 p.m. EDT (17 Shorka 416)
  • End Date: Monday, June 1, 2015, at about 8 p.m. EDT (17 Uthmor 416)


  • Start Date: Friday, May 15, 2015, at about 9 p.m. EDT (29 Lirisa 416)
  • End Date: Sunday, May 31, 2015, at about 10 p.m. EDT (14 Uthmor 416)


  • Start Date: Friday, May 29, 2015, at about 9 p.m. EDT (5 Uthmor 416)
  • End Date: Sunday, June 7, 2015, at about 10 p.m. EDT (7 Arhat 416)


Therenborough Fairegrounds


Prime: Saturday, May 30, 2015, starting at 8 p.m. EDT (9 Uthmor 416)
Plat: Friday, May 29, 2015, starting at 9 p.m. EDT (5 Uthmor 416)


GuildFestMap 2.gif


  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete
  • Bolded shops have new and/or updated inventory.
  • More shops may be added. Add to list when needed.
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
B Large bin of miniature figurines Large bin of miniature figurines siegery figurines, containers, jewelry, gems appears occasionally Yes
B Large crate of miniature figurines Large crate of miniature figurines siegery figurines, containers, jewelry, gems appears occasionally Yes
C massive canvas pavilion capped with fluttering pennants Imperial Pavilion merchant consultations/alterations N/A Yes
C sooty tarp-covered shop Pyromaniacs' Corner naphtha holders; fire-themed weapons, shields, clothing Rotating No
C colorful wagon painted a myriad of cheerful colors Nytingale's Instruments instruments yes Yes
D sturdy grey canvas tent As the Caravan Turns caravan items yes No
D large canvas tent Sebastien's Fine Print ledgers, ledger cases, contract cases Traders* Yes
D blue silk pavilion Elven Accoutrements Ilithic-language items yes No
E large cake-shaped tent with pink canvas awnings Fromage's Delights pastries, candy, cookies Rotating Yes
E red and blue striped tent Reversibles reversible containers and jewelry No
E umber tent draped with mammoth hides Sound the Hunt warhorns Barbarians/Bards of any circle for first room (10th circle Barbarians only for back room) Yes
E opulent velvet tent trimmed with golden tassels Goods for Life Empath-related items, brawling gear, food-themed throwing weapons, bone and cloth armor No
F ticket gate with a sign on it Faeries' Wheel ride N/A Yes
F elegant mahogany caravan draped with purple tapestries Visions in Crystal aevanstone jewelry No
G brightly painted wagon Tisk's Wagon gnome-sized armor; weapons, containers, cambrinth, instruments, fluff, game Gnomes No
G brick shop with a large caravan painted on a wooden sign Primp My Ride caravan exteriors Traders** Yes
G charred ruins Uwresari's Exotic Blunders destroyed in a fire at end of Guildfest 401 N/A Yes
G brick building painted with pieces of furniture sitting before a caravan Custorian's Creations caravan exteriors, caravan furniture, cambrinth orbs, and clothing Traders** Yes
H tattered tent The Web of Fate sigilbooks No
H massive oak caravan with a green-and-white striped awning Natural Magic foraging aprons, gourds (belt-worn containers), flower charms, life-attuned cambrinth Empaths Yes
H vivid silvery tent The Bardic Journey Bard-related items Bards* No
I huge wagon Gemfire Mountains Leathercrafters sheaths No
I blue velvet tent trimmed in strands of pearls Marine Marvels pearls and ocean-themed jewelry Yes
I massive azure tent capped with fluttering gold pennants Inner Vision guild-themed bindis (forehead gems) Necromancers*/Thieves* No
J gaudily clothed barker Ring Toss Game game N/A Yes
K pine wagon with rough plank sides Farmer in the Dell utility knives, hats No
K deep crimson yurt Gersvinda's Natural Studies anatomy charts and compendiums Empaths No
L dilapidated stall Magikul Stuff cambrinth jewelry and mana lenses Yes
L rough wooden wagon covered in hides The Great Outdoors fletching/tanning supplies, containers, jugglies, Ranger-themed items Rangers Yes
L polished leather tent with russet silk pennants Nahja's Knickknacks jewelry, masks Rangers* No
M gaudily clothed barker Three Frog Monte game N/A Yes
N reinforced ironwood wagon with a heavy steel roof The Crystal Pilgrim weapons, pilgrim's badges, prayer bead chains Clerics/Paladins No
N gold and purple striped tent Crested Attire men's guild-themed clothing No
N large caravan decorated with festive banners Guildly Pleasures guild-themed containers, cloaks, home decor, dolls; roar helms No
N bear hide tent Designs from Local Artists tattoos Elotheans* Yes
N well-oiled hide tent The Wandering Woodsman Ranger-themed weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, containers; trail maps No
O ramshackle booth set away from the main path Sister Seendra's Salvation Station throwing weapons, crossbows No
O mahogany-colored tapestry tent Altared Visions prayer bead chains, jewelry No
O orange tent with purple stripes Bunglefoot's Tent cambrinth, clothing, furniture, leather armor, jewelry Halfling*/Gnome* No
P beige canvas tent Empath Emporium Empath-related fluff; shields, leather armor No
P tattered purple tent The Mind's Eye G'nar Pethian clothing, scarabs G'nar Pethian
Moon Mages
Q driftwood wagon Perpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh floral-themed items Yes
Q wooden rotunda with a domed canvas roof Guild Life housing items Paladins/Warrior Mages Yes
R simple tent Ties for Things tie-ons for items Yes
R colorful wagon strewn with ribbons and large bows Auntie Phanie's Phancies fancy clothing, verby purses, rare metal hair jewelry Yes
R airy white pavilion Foraging Emporium herb containers that stack herbs by type Yes
S small brown tent Stamped! Barbarian face stamps Barbarians Yes
S smooth-sided wagon No Guts, No Gory organ-themed clothing, Limited weapons in crate. Limited No
S large paint-splattered hide tent Osgeth's Barbarian war paint, weapon/armor dyes, crafting dye tubs, dyes, face paint Barbarians* Yes
T simple oak caravan Beppo's insulting badges Yes
T rustic log wagon Slice and Dice belt-worn carving and skinning knives Yes
U colorful canvas tent Delightful Decor season-themed housing items Yes
U large semicircular caravan Hide and Seek item-hiding clothing and jewelry Traders*/Thieves* No
V azure painted wagon with a silk green banner Inner Illuminations soulstone accessories (including racial nouns), Paladin-themed rings Paladins Yes
W web-covered black canvas tent Arcayne Attyre wizard-themed clothing and weapons No
W long caravan pulled by black and white bears Flowering Furniture flower-themed housing items Yes
W run-down wagon Just In Case talisman cases and other containers No
X black tent lavishly trimmed with colorful silk scarves Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries guild-themed clothing/jewelry Yes
X wooden caravan trimmed with ornately carved oak panels Explorers' Outfitters Men's & Women's clothing. Verby cloaks/corsets/gowns. NEW gem and fabrics. Yes
X sturdy silverwood shack Getting Back to Basics baldrics, worn utility knives, worn cambrinth (50 mana!) Yes
Y purple wagon painted with wispy clouds Weather Beaters parasols, sun goggles, umbrellas, rainwear No
Y oak-framed glass caravan Tildi's Flowers flower baskets, haircombs, hair-worn flowers/herbs No
Z tall canvas tent Somka's Skin Stylings tattoos Yes
Z crowned alpaca-felt yurt painted with pizazzy tridecagons Akaterina's Cassocks clerical robes No
Z straw-thatch hut flanked by pots of celosia Vocational Grace Cleric-related items Clerics No
1 carved stone hut on heavy oak wheels Fancybeards beard worn jewelry & things; fake beards and mustaches Yes
1 modest canvas tent displaying a compass rose on a flag Merit Badges soulstone items and pilgrim's badges No
2 bright red tent Gerkin's Apple Show game (apple bobbing) Yes
wandering Whittler Roakin Bird carvings Yes
wandering Dark-eyed Gypsy Lass Trinkets, gypsy items No
? ?? Frieden's Fabulous Frivolities Thief Cambrinth Thief Yes
? ?? Pirate Hideaway Containers, Juggling, Jewelry, Weapons Thief Yes
? ?? Darker Shade of Night Robes and Cloaks Thief Yes
? ?? Discreet Deceptions Containers Thief No
hidden hidden In Plain Sight Necromancers No
hidden hidden The Knife's Edge knives, containers, clothing Necromancers No
hidden hidden Repurposed Shipments item hiders Necromancers No
hidden hidden 'Toggish Barbecue Necromancers Yes
hidden hidden Visage of Obfuscation enchanted jewelry Necromancers Yes

*Some rooms in the shop are open to everyone.
**Anyone can enter, but only these people may buy.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest|room|entrance|shop name (true name)|shop name (display)|inventory|restrictions|done?}}


Room Bag Item
C dingy pouch set atop an irregular stone pyramid glowering candy Warrior Mage
E hemp sack tied to the end of a barbed spear dancing candy Barbarian
F silk pouch tied to the end of a broken telescope robed candy Moon Mage
G silvery pouch atop a narrow ivory pedestal armored candy Paladin
H ale-stained bag hanging from a wooden rack smiling candy Bard
I brown canvas feedbag slung across a broken caravan wheel winking candy Trader
K sturdy burlap backpack slung across the shoulder of a makeshift dummy nondescript candy Commoner
L frayed bag hanging from the branch of a potted sapling crouching candy Ranger
O grey pouch swirled with light and dark hues resting on a simple altar praying candy Cleric
P pale gauze bag resting on a miniature white cabinet bandaged candy Empath

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