Repurposed Shipments

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Repurposed Shipments
Festival Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 423
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops, Hider shops
Restrictions Necromancer
This store only accepts Kronars

[Repurposed Shipments]
Stacks of crates labeled 'Hide and Seek' are packed against the walls of this area, which is little more than a windowless storage room. Wares are set out in a rather haphazard fashion, without much rhyme or reason to their organization. A few torches illuminate the room, flickering and casting reddish light and shadows over the clutter.
You also see a small archway, a long wooden counter with several things on it, a long marble table with several things on it, a wide stone shelf with several things on it and a small sign.

A small sign reads:
These hider items are a random selection taken from
another shop's stock with a few modified to suit our purposes.
We cannot guarantee just what they will be hiding.
~ Love, Zamidren Book

See Item Hider for more information on locations hidden by clothing.

On the long wooden counter
Item Price Done
deep gold Elven silk dress decorated at the hems with white beading 100,000   
black velvet robe stitched with diagonal bands of fire-red felt 37,500   
black linen robe stitched with splotches of dark red and brown 43,750   !!
storm grey spidersilk robe embroidered with whirlwinds over rough seas 40,000   
black velvet robe stitched with diagonal bands of grey nightweaver silk 7,5000   
sleeveless black silk tunic belted with a deep purple sash 61,250   
plain brown robe belted with a black sash 75,000   
long brown cloak stitched with a map of Elanthia 37,500   
On the long marble table
Item Price Done
fine satin pouch beaded with a sunburst pattern in varying gold hues 68,750   !!
simple cotton gloves dyed in midnight hues 60,000   
midnight black thigh pouch painted with a starry sky 62,500   
sturdy leather gloves marked with precise burn patterns 62,500   
spidersilk thigh pouch with a vague outline of removed embroidery 60,000   
brown hip pouch accented with a white horse in crystal beading 68,750   !!
fine satin pouch embroidered with colors representing the elements 68,750   
grey hip pouch accented with storm clouds in crystal beading 68,750   !!
On the wide stone shelf
Item Price Done
wide golden choker made from finely embroidered silk 106,250   
wide platinum armband bearing deep scratches 112,500   
small leather bracelet set with polished stone charms 100,000   
deep green crystal ring cut to resemble cracking moss-covered stone 125,000   
silver circlet adorned with tiny flame-shaped rubies 112,500   
silver eyebrow ring accented with a lightning bolt charm 93,750   
dark steel pendant shaped to resemble a small knife 137,500