Tildi's Flowers (4)

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Tildi's Flowers
Event Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 431
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

New Growth

[Tildi's Flowers, New Growth]
Golden stained oak is used to create the floor and the ornate flower boxes that line the walls. Slender boards frame the clear glass squares that make up the upper part of the walls and the ceiling. Climbing vines are trained to grow along the hooks inserted into the wood, their brightly hued blooms dangling from between the green leaves. Arranged at right angles from each other and positioned with a curving shelf between them are an oak door and a curtained archway.
You also see a Tildi list and a colorfully painted sign.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the curving shelf of solid oak
Item Price Done
modwir flower basket displaying shimmering ribbons 30,000   !!
e'erdream flower basket with delicate engraving 500,000   !!
black willow flower basket lined with purple cotton 20,000   !!
shallow flower basket of vedda 18,000   !!
square-shaped flower basket crafted from zulnatha 16,000   !!
rounded flower basket woven from supple apple branches 14,000   !!
silk-lined flower basket made of aganylosh'a 12,000   !!
gently curving flower basket carved from acanth 10,000   !!
"These baskets are very easy to mix up, please make sure you are getting the correct one before you buy!"
In the ornate oak flower box
Item Price Done
pair of slender hook-shaped hairsticks bearing bright yellow fawn lilies 92,000   !!
deep red velvet almagarus bloom with green satin leaves 76,000   !!
slender glass stem flourishing a single lilac-hued crocus 95,000   !!
sparkling crystal spike blooming with pristine white silk dragonflowers 90,000   !!
stately procession of champagne velvet lion's mane irises 84,000   !!
slender mahogany hairstick tipped with a vivid silk daylily 80,000   !!
petite posey of marshmallow flowers wrapped in pastel ribbons 70,000   !!
pair of garden's bounty blossoms fashioned from amethyst silk 75,000   !!
In the polished oak flower box with ornate scrollwork
Item Price Done
translucent strand of crimson and gold currants 79,000   !!
mahogany-hued chenille cord enmeshed with stark white iffithyl flowers 62,000   !!
plaited rust-colored ribbon comprised of sathmoor moss tendrils 76,000   !!
strand of jade beads strung with bright yellow goldenbell flowers 75,000   !!
pale pink satin ribbon interlaced with soft honeysuckle blooms 70,000   !!
leafy satin vine twined with clusters of night blooming jasmine 68,000   !!
slender silk chain dotted with variegated pulmonaria flowers 66,000   !!
profusion of delicate silk creamcups strung upon a velvet cord 64,000   !!
In the square flower box of golden oak
Item Price Done
lush desert lavender crown spiraled with dark blue-violet zibeline blooms 130,000   !!
tangled wormwood crown with crooked branches twisted around absinthe emeralds 650,000   !!
tall black gold crown crafted to resemble stalks of fox brush orchids 260,000   !!
slender blue gold diadem dotted with tiny heaven's wing blooms 2,450,000   !!
glistening icesteel tiara centered with a bright pink sapphire watermist rose 850,000   !!
fragile wirework crown displaying shimmering chaos chalcedony lantana flowers 750,000   !!
delicately wrought muracite diadem resembling a twining silverleaf vine 550,000   !!
translucent black widow's lace grass glaes circlet 2,050,000   !!

Picked from the climbing vine in this room are some brightly hued blooms.

Garden of Rares

[Tildi's Flowers, Garden of Rares]
Climbing rose vines are artfully grown to follow around the edges of the panes of glass that make up the walls and ceiling, trimmed to allow for the maximum amount of light while hiding the dark oak underneath. Purple, white and pink flowers twine together, the blooms tiny even when fully open. Stained a lighter color than those holding the roses, two planter boxes stand out against the darker wood.

Obvious exits: south, west.

In the honey-hued planter box
Item Price Done
eye-catching spire of white and rose bear's breeches blooms 165,000   !!
crooked branch-like hairstick tipped with pale greenthorned desert roses 150,000   !!
trio of lustrous silverweave ironwood blossoms dappled with nightfire opals 470,000   !!
sharktooth blossom framed by copper leaves set with bloodmist garnet teardrops 250,000   !!
green gold firefall vine spiraled to capture twin molten-core diamond blooms 420,000   !!
smooth driftwood haircomb twined with Elven silk hoyiro roses 180,000   !!
pair of delicate goldweave waiku flower barrettes 250,000   !!
vivid spray of tropical-hued bourde shonji blossoms 300,000   !!
In the oak planter box stained a subtle gold
Item Price Done
dark green khaddar vines replete with showy yellow gold lyrandia blossoms 1,250,000   !!
strand of lightning amethysts interspersed with speckled woodland violets 250,000   !!
plaited garland fashioned from a multitude of moonspun silk buddleia blossoms 220,000   !!
profusion of silk pipelco sasi blooms strewn with violet Reshalian tourmalines 1,350,000   !!
dark green butterfly vine blooming with orchid-shaped firesilk flowers 270,000   !!
rose gold sunset dahlias bejeweled with lava sphalerites 170,000   !!
series of braided blue gold chains suspending tiny periwinkle charms 1,050,000   !!
coiling ribbon of pink silk briar roses displaying champagne diamond centers 250,000   !!

Picked from vines in this room are:

Returned to Bloom

[Tildi's Flowers, Returned to Bloom]
Star jasmine vines drape from the ceiling, their scent thick in the air. Behind the tangle of leaves and white flowers, the framework of large glass panels and oak make up the ceiling and walls. The plants terminate in five large planter boxes that are evenly spaced around the room. Fixed to the walls between the plants are smoothly polished shelves, their surfaces displaying the wares.

Obvious exits: east, south.

On the polished shelf
Item Price Done
deep purple silk almagarus blossom dusted with sapphire shards 80,000   !!
cluster of silk bloodflowers scattered with diamond dust 80,000   !!
white silk cloudberry bloom surrounded by berries 80,000   !!
silk dogwood flower dyed pale pink 80,000   !!
silk Eluned's Tears blossom displaying a rich blue center 80,000   !!
sprig of fairy fern crafted from fine silk 80,000   !!
tiny geshiloira flower the color of winter snow 80,000   !!
array of silk heart's-ease sprinkled with alexandrite dust 80,000   
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
array of enameled blocil berries nestled in velvet leaves 50,000   
spray of tiny white blocil flowers made from silk 50,000   !!
silk heart-shaped leaflets of riolur 50,000   !!
shoot of silk hulnik grass accented with golden seeds 50,000   !!
cluster of nilos grass constructed from greyish-green silk 50,000   !!
small red plovik flower of fine silk 50,000   !!
bunching of silk jadice flowers 50,000   !!
sprig of georin grass crafted from shiny silk 50,000   !!
On the smooth shelf
Item Price Done
sprig of nightshade blooms composed of alexandrite and silk 80,000   !!
ribbon wrapped stem of Queen's Tears 50,000   !!
bright yellow sunflower sprouting a multitude of silk petals 70,000   !!
delicate glass snowdrop frosted with silver gilt 75,000   !!
yellow silk shalyria blossoms dangling from a copper vine 90,000   !!
spray of tiny chiffon shar'nath flowers dotted with black diamonds 150,000   !!
nightsilk scorpion blossom streaked with blood-red 85,000   !!
sprig of rose-tinged snow trillium constructed from cotton 90,000   !!
On the golden-stained shelf
Item Price Done
silk vanderpea vine dangling sapphire peapods 50,000   !!
silk and silver lily pad sprinkled with white crystals 45,000   !!
tiny carved acorn on a knobby stick 25,000   !!
clump of abule berries crafted from rubies 50,000   !!
trio of arsharrah ivy leaves constructed from fine red silk 40,000   !!
set of slender bamboo sticks adorned with silk leaves 45,000   !!
cluster of gemstone blackberries spotted with silk flowers 25,000   !!
three pronged briarberry bush branch embellished with red stones 35,000   !!

Glass Garden

[Tildi's Flowers, Glass Garden]
Delicate buds and small new growth appear in the planter boxes hanging from polished walls. Crystal clear glass panels stretch up the walls and across the ceiling boarded by honey-hued oak. A young wisteria vine is planted in the corner box, its woody tendrils just starting to follow the carefully arranged hooks. Trays lined with soft brown and green velvet hold shimmering trinkets.

Obvious exits: north, east.

On the green velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
glistening crystalline pendant displaying a delicate chama blossom 120,000   !!
three-tier necklace graced with an array of glass-captured milady's lace 140,000   !!
delicate pair of blue glass waterfall earrings 130,000   !!
twining arsharrah ivy torque capped with brilliant sana'ati hearts 150,000   !!
spiraling glass wristcuff inlaid with tiny dirdel flowers 145,000   !!
petite silversteel pinky ring crowned with glass-captured adder's tongue 400,000   !!
twilight-hued glass pendant strung upon a fragile silversteel chain 400,000   !!
ornate silver and gold handflower centered with a shimmering tenra blossom 180,000   !!
These items are verby.
On the oak tray lined with brown velvet
Item Price Done
icesteel eyebrow spike topped with a cluster of frost opal baby's breath 700,000   
vibrant blue gold bluebell earring 1,200,000   !!
volcano's heart citrine earring styled to look like a sun rose 700,000   !!
trio of clear dwalgim starflowers with black diamond centers 1,900,000   !!
dramatic pair of animite earrings set with purple star sapphire zinerelans 1,150,000   !!
delicately twining wisteria vines wrought from dark green muracite 600,000   !!
ornate series of windfeather-shaped jewels 1,300,000   !!
trio of golden hoops graced with a delicate ametrine tulip 300,000   !!
"These items are not worn in the hair like my other flowers, they come with a little extra flair."
These items show up in your "features" instead of your inventory, and the descriptions change when you put them on.


note: Only accessible with an escort.

[Tildi's Flowers, Workroom]
Taking up the front section of the oak caravan, the small room holds a low table surrounded by blue and purple cushions. A simple green rug stretches from corner to corner, its edges disappearing under an array of empty planter boxes. Diamond cut panes of glass, framed by polished oak, stretch from the floor and across the ceiling. You also see a curtained oak archway.

Obvious exits: none.

On the low table
Item Price Done
a charming cinnamon-dusted apple tart baked in the shape of a blooming rose 0   !!
a platter of drop scones arranged around glass pots filled with rose petal jam 0   !!
a glass bowl overflowing with assorted candied flower petals 0   !!
an assortment of dainty porcelain teacups filled with rose hip tea 0   !!
Also on the table is "a bowl of dye that swirls with a rainbow of colors" for Tildi's use