Nahja's Knickknacks (1)

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Nahja's Knickknacks
Event Guildfest 398, Guildfest 401, Guildfest 405, Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 423, Guildfest 431
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Ranger shops, Weapon shops
Restrictions Ranger, Trader
This store only accepts Lirums

Front Room

[Nahja's Knickknacks, Front Room]
The smell of leather permeates the air within the windowless confines of the long tent walls. The front area features a polished oak table adjacent to a velvet-draped counter. Brightly burning lanterns manage to chase away the shadows and illuminate the merchandise. Mossy green carpet runners lead the way further back into the tent while to the left hangs a dark brown curtain.
You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: north.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
bronze wire-framed spectacles with muted green lenses 20,000   
bone-rimmed spectacles with swirling crimson lenses 20,000   
darkly tinted spectacles etched with pale spiderwebs 40,000   
square spectacles with pale rose-tinted lenses 30,000   
silver wire-framed spectacles with streaky ocean blue lenses 30,000   
gold-tinted wire spectacles with oak leaf-shaped lenses 40,000   
burnished wire-framed spectacles with mottled brown lenses 20,000   
blackened wire-framed spectacles with circular lavender lenses 30,000   
In the walnut box (which is on a velvet-draped counter)
Item Price Done
jade hairsticks inlaid with twining alabaster ivy 30,000   
mistwood hairsticks branded with swirling leaves 5,000   
ivory hairsticks painted with intertwining black roses 15,000   
ebony hairsticks inlaid with intricate silver webbing 7,000   
delicately carved hairsticks of petrified white oak 50,000   
faceted crystal hairsticks topped with chunks of amethyst 40,000   
polished silver hairsticks topped with emerald frogs 20,000   
black onyx hairsticks painted with fluttering purple butterflies 4,000   
In the jewelry case (which is on a velvet-draped counter)
Item Price Done
polished jade eyebrow ring wrapped in thin silver briars 5,600   
steel wire eyebrow ring with a tiny dangling citrine hornet 10,000   
braided silver eyebrow ring with a tiny dangling onyx spider 17,000   
mottled bronze eyebrow ring with tiny dangling copper leaves 5,000   
blackened iron eyebrow ring with a dangling ruby flame 33,000   
thin gold eyebrow ring with a tiny dangling arrowhead 13,000   
twisted red gold eyebrow ring with carved bone beads 30,000   
barbed eyebrow ring of tangled steel wires 5,000   
On the velvet tray (which is on a velvet-draped counter)
Item Price Done
red gold earcuff hung with tiny obsidian lightning bolts 38,000   
carved ivory earcuff with a single dangling bloodgem rosebud 20,000   
gold knotwork earcuff with a dangling black kestrel feather 35,000   
pitted pewter earcuff with onyx spiders dangling from thin wire strands 10,000   
braided platinum earcuff hung with strands of peridot dragonflies 100,000   
wide bronze earcuff hung with strands of malachite oak leaves 5,000   
gleaming silver earcuff hung with strands of blue topaz snowflakes 20,000   
thin gold earcuff hung with strands of amethyst butterflies 30,000   
In the gold coffer (which is on a velvet-draped counter)
Item Price Done
drooping four-leaf clover of polished gold with sparkling peridot leaves 40,000   
polished silver four-leaf clover with diamond accents 20,000   
jade four-leaf clover clustered with tiny emeralds 30,000   
brushed platinum four-leaf clover inlaid with jade 160,000   
patinated copper four-leaf clover studded with malachite 5,000   

Back Room

[Nahja's Knickknacks, Back Room]
At the back of the tent, all available surfaces have been drafted into use as displays. A makeshift shelf rests above an oak table, each one housing carefully arranged merchandise. Even a rickety pine bench has been put to use with items for sale upon it rather than room for sitting. A russet curtain blocks any attempts at further exploration.
You also see a rough pine rack with several things on it and a wicker basket full of socks.
Obvious exits: south.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
mossy green leather mask with subtle brown undertones 10,000   
crimson leather mask painted with thorny black roses 10,000   
yellow leather mask painted with large orange sunflowers 10,000   
forest green leather mask bordered with hardened corn kernels 10,000   
blue leather mask edged in broken pieces of shark teeth 10,000   
black leather mask with diamond eyeholes accented by ivory points 10,000   
patchwork leather mask edged with rows of mismatched old buttons 10,000   
somber black leather mask overlaid with hints of grey 10,000   
On the pine bench
Item Price Done
ivory leather mask edged with brown owl feathers 10,000   
orange and black striped leather mask with diamond eyeholes 10,000   
grey leather mask with eyeholes centered in black circles 10,000   
beaked leather mask decorated with long peacock feathers 10,000   
red leather mask festooned with colorful boobrie crest feathers 10,000   
patchwork leather mask adorned with crooked gidii feathers 10,000   
black leather mask with large white spots 10,000   
purple leather mask sprinkled with tiny blue topaz butterflies 15,000   
On the makeshift shelf
Item Price Done
quartered leather mask of red and blue with purple stitching 10,000   
red leather mask painted in swirling shades of yellow and orange 10,000   
white leather mask embroidered with green sprigs of clovers 10,000   
polished leather mask of overlapping blue-green scales 10,000   
deep brown leather mask dotted with leaf-shaped emeralds 15,000   
black leather mask accented with ghostly white ivy stitching 10,000   
blue leather mask dotted with crystal snowflakes 15,000   
gold leather mask painted with stands of cattails 10,000   
On the pine rack
Item Price Done
serrated outdoors knife with a glassy obsidian hilt 2,000   
hook-bladed outdoors knife with a chiseled bone hilt 2,000   
ivory-hilted outdoors knife inlaid with jade briars 3,000   
ebony-hilted outdoors knife veined with intricate silver webbing 3,000   
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
black socks studded with bone fragments forming a skull and crossbones 1,500   
pale yellow socks dotted with carved amber hornets 5,000   
black silk ankle socks trimmed with white owl feathers 5,000   
black and white spotted socks embroidered with grinning cows 1,500   
lavender knee socks embroidered with crimson butterflies 1,500   
black socks shot through with silver strands forming intricate webs 1,500   
brown socks patterned with scattered leaves in fall colors 1,500   
mossy green socks with ghostly white ivy embroidery 1,500   

Alcove (Ranger & Trader only)

[Nahja's Knickknacks, Alcove]
Shadows dance upon the walls thanks to the single lantern providing flickering illumination. A small square table takes up the majority of space in these cramped quarters. You also see a dark brown curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

A notecard reads:
The pins on each of the pedestals bond to the Ranger who wears them and cannot
be unbonded once done.  Each pin has some built in properties that cause it to
react to the bonded Ranger rubbing or poking it.
On the silver pedestal
Item Price Done
sleeping raccoon pin 50,000   !!
On the gold pedestal
Item Price Done
sleeping wolf pin 150,000   !!