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Owaen Bannistre
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Zoluren

Was the captain of the Zoluren Lancers.


He has a deeply lined, square-jawed face with sparkling blue eyes set beneath bushy grey brows.
His thick, steel-grey hair is cropped short, and bristles behind a prominent widow's peak.
He has weathered skin and a burly build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He is mature for a Human.

He is wearing a battered leather doublet, a loosely-laced white linen shirt, a broad leather belt with antiqued buckles, an obsidian-plated scabbard with a matching dagger sheath, some black woolen breeches, a pair of supple leather bucket-topped boots and a weathered tweed campaigner's cloak.