Vykathi Hive

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The Vykathi Hive is an underground complex beneath Chyolvea Tayeu'a, an ancient fortress in the Dragon Spine Mountains. It is home to the Vykathi, an infamous race of carnivorous insects. It is a maze of tunnels and passageways constantly under construction by vykathi builders and excavators. Some hive passageways are too small to walk through; they must be crawled through. To go in such directions; first LIE down, then go <direction> whereby you will squeeze into the narrow passage and crawl <direction>. This may lead to a crawl space where you must remain prone and continue to crawl until you reach a tunnel spacious enough to STAND in.

Accessed via Xykvit's Egress, hive intruders should be prepared for immediate resistance as vykathi harvesters are poised to quickly swarm those passing through the portal. Additionally, hive explorers should be aware that the gwethdesuan extrasensory perception (ESP) "thought network" is inaccessible from within the Vykathi Hive. While in the hive, you will not receive messages sent to any thought channels you are listening to nor will you be able to send messages via the thought network. Attempts to THINK or SEND will only result in: You are unable to project your thoughts here.

The area is not suitable for foraging, lumberjacking, or mining.

How to reach Chyolvea Tayeu'a and subsequently gain access to Xykvit's Egress and enter the hive are secrets. Those unconcerned with spoiling the adventure of discovering these secrets on their own can access them here.

Upper Air Tunnels

Top floor. Entry level.


Vykathi harvester
Vykathi builder
Vykathi excavator
Note: although vykathi soldiers do not normally spawn in the Upper Air Tunnels, they may wander up from the Air Tunnels below.

Key Location

Hive entrance/exit. This is the only room with access to Xykvit's Egress.

[Vykathi Hive, Upper Air Tunnels]
The floor of this chamber has been leveled, cleared, and even polished to a high luster. Angular, precise markings in searing orange and deep blue-black proliferate on the floor, the walls, and even the larger stalactites above, but are organized into orderly columns and somehow do not give the impression of scribbled chaos. You also see a stone pedestal with a pale green crystal orb on it.
Obvious exits: [VARY]

Air Tunnels - One Down

One level down from the Upper Air Tunnels, Vykathi resistance increases as vykathi harvesters are replaced with soldiers.


Vykathi soldier
Vykathi builder
Vykathi excavator
Note: although vykathi harvesters do not normally spawn on this level, they may wander down from the Upper Air Tunnels above.

Air Tunnels - Two Down

Oddly, security thins two levels down; only workers appear on this level.


Vykathi builder
Vykathi excavator
Note: The apparent absence of security (harvesters and soldiers), might allow for safe hunting of builders and excavators on this level by those unable to defend against the more challenging vykathi.