Veyne's Rings

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The necromancer Veyne gave a number of adventurers special rings after extracting oaths of allegiance.


a polished black stone ring engraved with a worn crest
A tangle of cryptic lettering has been carved into the black stone ring, surrounding the faint image of a screaming skull silhouetted against a pyre writhing flames.

Paladin Guild researcher Oane examined one of these rings and stated that the crest was similar or identical to crests that some Dragon Priests bear. One person reported getting messaging to the effect of a bitter chill racing through their veins as the ring seemed to tremble in their hand as if it was calling them. Therengia also came into possession of a ring.


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Current and Former Ring-Bearers:

It may be difficult to identify everyone who has accepted one of Veyne's rings, because some choose not to wear them openly. According to Lukka, one of Veyne's followers, most ring-bearers "find it sufficient to carry it and not bear the brunt of wearing it." Some ring-bearers were given additional rings to issue to others under unknown terms.

People that have accepted rings so far include but are not limited to:

Former Ring-Bearers

  • Bedan: Walked from the realms. Publicly maintained loyalty to Veyne to the end.
  • Cenedora: According to him, he has rerolled the character and is playing someone radically different from the previous incarnation.
  • Creast: Has returned his ring according to accounts.
  • Dametri: Has returned his ring and renounced according to accounts and witnesses.
  • Darkgaze: Has returned his ring and renounced according to accounts and witnesses.
  • Dejoneira: Has returned her ring according to accounts.
  • Ilmileiras: Has destroyed his ring according to claims. Acknowledged by the Ilithi Court to be acting as a spy against Veyne.
  • Manze: Has returned his ring according to accounts.
  • Shellwind: Has returned her ring and renounced according to accounts and witnesses.
  • Skilair: Has been cleared in Shard. Her ring was witnessed being dropped into the hollow near Adan'f.
  • Slyder: Is now played by a different player.
  • Stumorcc: Has returned the ring and renounced according to accounts.
  • Vahlissa: Has destroyed the ring by casting Imbue on it creating a piece of Constellation Jewelry (CJ) and then rubbed it until it shattered. She renounced Veyne publicly to Theren.

Attempts to Return Veyne's Rings

Creast is the first known ring-bearer to willingly attempt to give his ring back and renounce Veyne; upon doing so, Veyne threatened him with a sacrificial dagger and removing a scale from his chest. Creast was then dismissed and died a short time later near Langenfirth due to multiple poisons and severe fleshrot. His wounds could not be explained by the experienced Empath who healed him.

Darkgaze requested the presence of Angel via gweth to be a witness as a member of the Therengian militia. She arrived with Delgram, another member, standing in for The Northern Watch Brigade. Darkgaze then dropped his ring, guarded it, and cast Ripple. After the ring vanished Angel engaged him in questions, where he renounced Veyne and any connections. He also swore to have no further contact with Veyne or any of his followers.

Shellwind returned her ring, stating "she only requested a ring to to save her marriage with Jarreck." She openly renounced any ties in the presence of Bluewither and Vahlissa, who were there on behalf of Veyne. Shellwind stated that it was Angel who brought her to Shard and witnessed for her. She claims to have been sniped by Sebastienne while in Therengia. In fact, this was witnessed by her "then husband" Jarreck, a noble Paladin. Sebastienne denies any involvement in the killing, accusing Shellwind of arranging her own assassination.

Manze also wore a ring but returned it for unknown reasons. He was also murdered by Bluewither for publicly denying his acceptance.

Dejoneira returned her ring for unknown reasons and is now allowed in Therengia.

Dametri called upon Angel to witness his returning of his ring. Despera and Dhimani were also there to witness. Angel gave Dametri's ring to a Commander of the Northern Watch, to give to the Baron.

Skilair's dropping of her ring was witnessed as she dropped it into the hollow near Adan'f. Commander Leucius, who is also now an Adviser, knew her position and she was cleared in Shard.

Slyder also asked Angel to come and accept Veyne's ring to hand over to the Baron. Although he wanted no part of the group, he did not denounce Veyne. He felt there was no need, that giving the ring back was sufficient. Angel sent Slyder to speak with Senior Commander Frodes. Shortly after their meeting, Commander Frodes gwethed that Slyder was not to be bothered while in Therengia. (Slyder is now played by a different player.)