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Sebastienne Dane
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Thief
Instance Prime


Infamous for numerous misdeeds, the matriarch of the human-only Dane Family became a thief at the age of fifteen and began her criminal career with simple pickpocketing. Over time she progressed to higher profile theft and then to murder, establishing herself as a skilled and morally ambiguous assassin willing to work for nearly any employer. Sebastienne was a prisoner of the Inquisition for a time and was tortured, branded with a wound that can't be healed, executed, and very nearly walked. She recently counter-attacked, helping engineer the ruin of a priceless holy artifact and murdering and cannibalizing Sinstra, a high-ranking member of the Inquisition.

Notable Events

  • At the request of trader guild leader Ansprahv, she was arrested by Zukir and incarcerated in Ulf'hara Keep for attempting to hold a very public auction of stolen goods. After sixteen days she was fined and deported to Aesry.
  • Helped unmask Veyne as the Lord of the Xala'shar.
  • Has a painting on display in the VIP area of Raven's Court.
  • Assassinated guild leader Ansprahv during the unveiling of the Raven's Court art gallery in retaliation for her earlier arrest at his request. The fine was 285 platinum kronars.
  • Destroyed the Sewer Rat Gang when it announced its intention to take over the Crossing by kidnapping gang leader Zurato's child, Faziro and using him as leverage. The child was killed several times in the standoff by both Sebastienne and Pormithius, who's help was instrumental to success. Zurato eventually surrendered his gang insignia and left the province.
  • Was employed by Ilithi under the title Ambassador to Qi for nearly a year. It has since come out that her actual job was Court Assassin.
  • Lured Sahfra through a moongate to Ratha and encouraged her to slaughter the inhabitants of the island. She was employed by Ilithi at the time and when questioned openly admitted to the deed, causing her to be dismissed and confined to Ilithi's dungeon. Sebastienne is unusually reluctant to discuss the details behind the incident.
    • While awaiting trial in the dungeon she was informed that she was going to be handed over to Khurek for 'questioning'. She escaped the dungeon after overpowering Guard Captain Cierzen and killing Handmaiden Amaldriel, prompting a bounty to be placed on her head.
    • After some time at large and several unsuccessful attempts to catch her, she was apprehended by agents of the Grey and returned to Ilithi.
    • Despite assurances from Cierzen that she would be held for trial in Ilithi and not subjected to the Inqusition, she was taken by Acolyte Sinstra to the Red Buzzard Dungeon in the Crossing High Temple and tortured by Khurek, who accused her and Ignifera of working for Xerasyth.
    • At the end of the interrogation she was stripped of all favors, burned alive, and expected to walk the starry road. Timely intervention by an Immortal (Sebastienne is unsure which one at this time) and several people, most notably Taghz, prevented her from walking, making her the only known survivor of the Red Buzzard Dungeon.
  • Over a year after her defeat by the Inquisition, Sebastienne, Ignifera, Totenus, Xerasyth, and others struck back. Sebastienne, having carefully pretended to be remorseful and seeking redemption for her past acts, arranged for Xerasyth to be captured and taken to the Red Buzzard dungeon where he damaged the holy shard used to walk people suspected of using or promoting necromancy.
    • During the chaos immediately following the destruction of the shard, Sebastienne lured Szrael and Sinstra to a private home, where Szrael was killed. Sinstra was bound and forced to watch as Ignifera performed a necromantic act. Sebastienne then killed Sinstra, cut out her heart, and ate it.
  • Was present for the final battle with Lyras and managed to make off with her scythe, a powerful artifact said to enhance necromancy. The scythe has been given to Ignifera and the two are eagerly attempting to unlock its secrets.

Other Info

  • During her torture in the Red Buzzard dungeon, she was branded by Khurek and Sinstra. The brand is a permanent neck wound that resists empathic healing. It ruined and eventually replaced her tattoo.
    • Before: She has a tattoo of an iridescent pipevine butterfly in flight. Its widely spread wings appear honed to razor sharpness and fade from intense viridian to a deep metallic indigo hue. Tiny arrow-shaped markings inked in pale lavender add further detail. Blood runs down the flank of the butterfly's right wing, a single drop poised to fall at any moment on her shoulder.
    • After: A large crimson-edged spiral has been cruelly seared into the flesh of her neck. Damaged blood vessels have blackened into dark tendrils which radiate from the wound, as if the brand has caused the corruption within to manifest physically.
  • Learned her craft and much of her personal philosophy from Sinone, a bone elf and thief who took Sebastienne under her wing after a chance meeting in Zoluren. The two became fast friends, then lovers, and remained together for four years before Sebastienne went her own way in an amicable parting. Though they haven't seen each other in many years, Sebastienne has a strong case of hero-worship and remains almost fanatically loyal to her.