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Angel & moon.jpg

Angel Sacredstorm
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Premium

Appearance and Introduction

You see Lunar Princess Angel Sacredstorm, Celestial Sorceress of the House of the Grey Storm, an Elothean Moon Mage.

She has elegant arched eyebrows, some luminous moonsilver shards in the shape of tiny graduating stars drawing attention to thick-lashed stormy grey eyes and a silvery black kertig stud shaped like a kitten paw-print attached to the left side of a classical nose. Her smoky lilac hair is long and silky, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a midnight-hued Phelim's Bliss rose made of glittering starlight velvet. She has tanned skin contoured with glittering swipes of translucent crystal dust and a set of tiny uhlari prism constellations following the lines of a curvaceous figure.
She is average height for an Elothean.
A crimson rose butterfly with soft velvet wings floats lazily around her left arm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.
She is petite for an Elothean. She is in her prime.
Her right hip has a tattoo of a sandy beach strewn with colorful blue and pink nedoren shells.

She is wearing a thumb ring bearing the Sacredstorm crest inset with an alexandrite nightingale, a daring low-cut silver firesilk gown with a graceful train and some alluring high-heeled sandals fastened with spiraling black straps.

A little about her:
Angel is of the House of the Grey Storm, an Enchantress, a Scion of Xibar, and retired Ambassador to the Theren Guard. She has a heart for Theren, any injustice, the less fortunate, but especially children.

Her armor:
an ice-white hauberk inlaid with a nightingale perched upon a panther's nose
Designed to be form fitting, the hauberk has a steel disc inlaid over the wearer's heart. Set into the disc is a panther carved from black onyx with a nightingale fashioned from a deep blue tourmaline on its nose. An alexandrite carved in the likeness of a small child is nestled upon the panther's back. Etched below the scene are the words, "Protect thy children, make promises unbroken and vengeance unspoken."

Her belt:
a low-riding sword belt with interlocking nightingale clasps
Fitted to accentuate a woman's curves, the leather belt is crafted to hang low on the hips. Cut from stunning blue diamonds, the two clasps are crafted into the form of Phelim's nightingales. Petite diamonds are set as the eyes of the birds which twinkle like stars that were strewn into the heavens. The phrase ~Protect Thy Treasure~ is impressed into the leather.

Her family

Her father was a Warrior Mage from Ilithi, also of the House of the Grey Storm and her mother was a Moon Mage of the Celestial Compact. Taking a bit from both parents, Angel is of the House of the Grey Storm and of the Celestial Compact. Both were killed when she was younger. She was later adopted by Naul and Lys, and had and adopted brother Klurn (RIP) a previous Speaker and Vice Speaker of the Theren Guard.

Her rescued pets

Luna is dainty show rat wearing a teensy faesilk collar encrusted with pink diamonds
This dainty rat has silky, stormy grey fur with darker grey tips throughout her body. Her tiny, yet stately build is groomed to elegant perfection and conveys the markings of a show rat. Darling bright eyes sparkle with love and her itty-bitty pink nose with long whiskers twitch with curiosity as she looks at you. Her teensy faesilk collar is encrusted with pink diamonds and has tiny dangling charms of black diamond, nightfire opal and moon pearl. A star-shaped charm is inscribed with her name.
Stormy is a fluffy jet black kitten
Tempest is a wide-eyed ebony kitten
Star is a muddy teacup piglet
newly rescued is tiny tamarin dressed in a tarnished halo and colorful robes
The tamarin has large soulful black eyes. Her halo sits crookedly on top of her head, reflecting the colors of her clothing. Vibrant reds, blues, and yellows are sewn together in a rainbow of overlapping panels, with a school of jumping dolphins in glitter washed waves adorning the back of the garment. Her little seashell sandals are clasped with glittery straps, to match the waves in her robes
Sky is a blue-streaked white parakeet

Her home

She resides in Therengia.

History Timeline

(to add timeline)

NOTE - The below are story lines from many years ago.

Angel's assisted the following in denouncing Veyne

Darkgaze requested the presence of Angel via gweth to be a witness as a member of the Therengian militia. She arrived with Delgram, another member, standing in for The Northern Watch Brigade. Darkgaze then dropped his ring, guarded it, and cast Ripple. After the ring vanished Angel engaged him in questions, where he renounced Veyne and any connections. He also swore to have no further contact with Veyne or any of his followers.

Dametri called upon Angel to witness his returning of his ring. Despera and Dhimani were also there to witness. Angel gave Dametri's ring to a Commander of the Northern Watch, to give to the Baron. Angel sent Slyder to speak with Senior Commander Frodes. Shortly after their meeting, Commander Frodes gwethed that Dametri was not to be bothered while in Therengia.

Slyder also asked Angel to come and accept Veyne's ring to hand over to the Baron. Although he wanted no part of the group, he did not denounce Veyne. He felt there was no need, that giving the ring back was sufficient. (Slyder is now played by a different player.)

My research regarding the falling stars

The research below is a first draft, taken from my varied notes. If you missed my Presentation in the Theren Keep recently, below I have detailed what I spoke about. It is a compilation of recent events from the end of year 391 and into the 392. It includes facts, witnessed accounts, conversations and theories. I would love for you to contribute, we need more folks involved.

List of possible connected people and study

  1. Fynes
  2. Urvkil
  3. Lady Adisla
  4. Throrom
  5. Kargoth
  6. Tungal
  7. Ealuik
  8. Vecuto, the Cleric Guildleader
  9. Cierzen A member of the Ferdahl Aemmin's staff speaks out regarding the falling stars
  10. a glowing iron fragment from the meteor shower
  11. Skilair
  12. Rience
  13. Primeval, Founder of one of the original glowing fragments in Crossing
  14. Patre, First cleric of record to study this fragment
  15. History - a study case by Guild
    • Moon Mage study
    • Cleric study

My personal introduction to those possibly connected

Fynes Moryson, is an Elven Cleric who recently visited Theren, and with a drop of his blood, as an offering is rumored to have started a Plague Wraith invasion. He offered anyone in Theren to come and speak with him. A summary of his message: Watch the stars, he has noticed one of them fading, and he feels that if the stars are fading the gods are growing weak. He was stern about the fact that if the heavens are troubled, it could only be that the immortals are. He also called Urvkil a blasphemer.

Urvkil is a Kaldaran Moon Mage who was banned is known for his predictions and was banished from the Kaldaran people long ago for consorting with Voidspawn. Of note, when I met him, he had no last name—which I believe when I speak of Tungal, it will shed some light to a connection. His message was: The Nightingale is what influences our lives; it protects us from the plans of the Weasel. The Nightingale is the true influence and he told us to study it to lend it strength. He also answered a question of someone in the group regarding visions and stated his reason for being here was not the two elves vision, the tome is not important, and the battle in the temple vision was actually a “contest”.

When Urvkil awoke his first contact was Skilair. They had a detailed conversation, I’ll let her explain and if she does not make it this evening, I’ll get the notes on it and give it at the end. But one note I’d like to mention is that he referred to Lady Adisla, whom I will speak about next. When he visited he seemed to always leave with a rogue moongate summonsing shadow masters, voidspawn and tenebraelings.

During one of his visits, in Shard, someone, and I will not mention who, assisted him by way of dropping pearls and creating devourers which congeal into shadow masters. He then casted a rogue moongate.

Lady Adisla Lothar is a Kaldaran bardess who visited Shard recently accompanied by her bodyguard Thororm, also Kaldar. She was accompanied by Kargoth on this visit. The night prior to her arrival in Shard Kargoth was attacked. And when her and her bodyguard arrived, there was an invasion. They believe it was to kidnap her. Her connection to Urvkil is that he was the advisor to her father years ago, but was banned due to his consorting with voidspawn. When she was asked quietly if the man she spoke of was Urvkil, she got nervous and asked how Skilair knew that name. She quickly quieted her bodyguard Thororm stating any information. They retired shortly after that. They were not to speak of him and that it was too soon to give.

Tungal is a Dwarvan Moon Mage and a gifted ring crafter from Hib that we encountered. He stated to us that he knew of an Urvkil from when he was young that was reputed to be the greatest prophet in the lands and among the Kaldar. When describing Urvkil however, he mentioned he was well groomed, finely dressed and had a tattoo of a cute tenebraeling, and he also told us of how he was a royal advisor to the Kaldar. This is not the way Urvkil looked to us in recent visits and we told him that he had been banned from the Kaldar, so he questioned whether or not this one calling himself Urvkil was an imposter.

He mentioned visions that bothered him: The Weasel stalking the Nightingale, the cheating men with the sword under the table and the shapeshifter. Now for those of you who are curious, I have compiled notes on everything I am explaining tonight, so there will be a full detail of all the visions I mention this evening.

Ealuik is a Human Moon Mage who is a high-ranking member of the Children of Kalestraum and is third Scion in Command. He was also concerned of the stars and wanted to speak with Urvkil.

Cleric Guildleader Vecuto who resides in Forfedhdar, was approached by Skilair and Rience and they were told of a vision the leader was concerned with. I will quote him. Vecuto had a vision of a massive army marching into an unrecognizable city on a starless night. He warned that if the stars fade, the swords won’t be of much good. He went on to say he felt the gods were angry with us, and the void may be enveloping all that we know.”

Ferdahl Aemmin's staff speaks out regarding the falling stars

The following is a summary from a lass who was at the Shard Town Meeting:

Cierzen, a member of the Ferdahl Aemmin's staff spoke a bit about the recent meteor showers and his feelings regarding the strikes. He found it interesting since the vigils that Shard has been holding, there have been no strikes in town or in populated areas. Cierzen suggested if they continued doing the devotional vigils they would continue to be unharmed. Also, perhaps if a star is fading, the vigil should be held to those gods who are represented by those stars. Cierzen even eluded to the fact that after people came to Riverhaven to do vigils, and were made fun of and/or ignored, there were more strikes against Riverhaven.

a glowing fragment

This glowing fragment was studied by a War Mage, Paladin, Ranger and Empath and they did not find what the Moon Mage or Cleric found. I will give you both of those findings.

As you may know, glowing fragments dropped from our skies recently on several occasions during Meteor Showers. Quick connection - Fynes is a Cleric and Urvkil is a Moon Mage. The fragment when studied could only be discerned by Clerics and Moon Mages.

Immortals mentioned:

First a quick blurb on the Immortals I’ll mention.. Tamsine is the goddess of home and hearth, Phelim strew the stars into the sky by gathering some of Tamsine’s tears and setting them into the heavens and Huldah, a dark god of magic, is known as the trickster, and can cause terrible storms which are actually composed of magic.

What I discerned with this fragment is resonant of a vision that I, along with others, have received upon predicting Events.

Summary of a Vision

In this vision a cook sobs over a spilled pot, an artist wipes her tears with his brush, turns to his canvas and begins to paint. A shadowed figure comes from behind the canvas, steals the sparkling bits and puts them into a pouch. The figure sees you and throws one towards you and your face is seared with pain as the bit explodes …. Much like when the fragments struck folks I imagine?

Celestial Energy found in the fragment

Celestial Energy in an unstructured form is highly unusual and bears detailed study. When I researched this, I found that a possible reason for Grazhir’s demise was a catastrophic celestial event – such as a meteor strike, which caused the moon to explode. “Because Grahzir no longer crossed the skies, it caused the obelisk to melt after a dramatic outburst of celestial energy, killing many people around it.”

This fragment that fell during the first meteor shower, which once held such massive celestial energy, it has in fact turned into an iron scrap with no magical pattern.

Moon Mage examination of the glowing fragment

When I focused the glowing fragment, I found these results:

You feel an intense chill through your scale gauntlets.

You focus your magical senses on a glowing iron fragment.

You detect an enormous charge of celestial (space, heavenly) energy emanating from the fragment.

The charge is inexorably dissipating but does not show any signs of stress yet.

While lesser magicians may perceive it as Lunar energy, you note that this magic is drawn down from the planets and stars far removed from Elanthia. Celestial energy in an unstructured form is highly unusual and bears detailed study.

Interesting note: I found that Blue Star Celestial Energy was advanced healing from the stars emphasizing spiritual, planetary and galactic healing.

Though the fragment is heavily charged with energy, you detect that there is no spell pattern or enchanting sigil behind it. Instead, it appears to be an exaggerated example of meteoric iron. A massive charge of celestial magic built up around the fragment during a time in the heavens, and now that it is on Elanthia that power is "winding down." The bitterly cold light is a manifestation of the escaping energy, akin to the forces called down by the Starlight Sphere spell.

While its composition suggests meteoric iron, this magic is evocative of an origin in the cold and distant stars. Astrologers have never managed to quantify the strength and distance of the stars, but that is because both are perceived to be larger than imagination. Someone who was examining the magical element out of context may leap to the conclusion that she is holding a star, but there's still enough Elanthia left intact to suggest that is not the case.

Whether an exceptional piece of meteoric iron or an infinitesimally small stellar fragment, it is undeniably sympathetic to Stellar Magic. You could likely amplify the Starlight Sphere spell with its presence.

Without armor your unprotected hand is engulfed by a painful burning sensation! You reflexively dart away from the fragment, but even the fleeting contact was enough to produce dangerous frostbite.

Cleric examination of the glowing fragment, contributed by Patre

Focus of the fragment:

You detect an enormous charge of Lunar energy emanating from the fragment.

The charge is inexorably dissipating but does not show any signs of stress yet.

Though it appears at first glance to be nothing but a Moon Mage's curio, you detect a trace of divine meaning hidden within the strange magic.

Careful study and reflection of the fragment could reveal more.

Study of the fragment:

You feel an intense chill through your silvered gauntlets.

Stilling your inner thoughts, you concentrate on feeling the quiet, divine emanations hidden within the fragment.

Though the fragment has been heavily polluted with Lunar magic, you feel a thrill of divine meaning through your soul as you unravel its design.

The influence of three gods converge within the fragment. You sense that the fragment is intimately connected to Tamsine and considered a holy relic by the grace of Phelim. Dark and destructive -- yet no less holy -- currents ripple through the fragment as well, connecting this piece of iron to the terrible will of Huldah.

The connection between Tamsine and Phelim, along with the Lunar pollution suggests that this is a star fallen from the place where Phelim suspended it. Its appearance and physical composition are manifestations of Huldah's influence, capable of turning divine tears into something deadly and base. You intuit that if the star is left as it is now, Huldah's influence over it will continue to grow and finally become ascendant.

Despite its fallen state, you conclude that it is still an important relic of Phelim. Outside of whatever purpose the gods have set for it, you could likely amplify the Phelim's Sanction spell with its presence.

By my hand, a first draft
Retired - Assistant to Court Advisor Wyndz for the Royal Court, Therengia, 8 years of service
Retired - Ambassador to the Theren Guard, 12 years of service.