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hi ya! I've been following your progress on the Travel Map, lots of work, looks good! Looks like you are getting close to wrapping up and I noticed a couple missing things still:

  • Missed adding M'Riss to the islands
  • Not sure if you wanted to add each of the connecting boats between islands, like you did with the ferries, like the Night Sky between Ratha & Taisgath
  • There is a boat to M'Riss from Acenamacra
  • There is a balloon transport between Langenfirth & M'Riss
  • There is a permanent moongate between Theren & Throne City but you need a Moon Mage to operate it
  • There is a moongate between Ratha & Taisgath islands but it needs at least 1 of the moons up
  • There is the boat system you can rent on Lake Gwenalion that goes between Riverhaven, Langenfirth & Rossman's Landing
  • Missed adding the village of Siksraja west of Langenfirth
  • Missed adding the village of Sunfall Hub NE of Kaerna Village/north of Stone Clan
  • Missed adding the island of Fang Cove, which is actually in Ilithi (maybe in a cell right from Shard but down from Mer'Kresh?)
  • There is a sea mammoth transport to Fang Cove from both Ratha and Acenamacra.

Also, not sure if you wanted to include docks for player-owned ships, I just noticed there isn't a list of the docks on that page but I've made a note to add that there when I get a chance. It might not be worth the clutter on your grid, but it's a means of connecting places, so might be worth a note or maybe a different color for locations with a dock? Something to think about...

And of course, Ranger trail system and Grazhir travel. Might not be something for the scope of your project but worth a note?

I imagine this will be really useful for helping folks navigate! --Kythryn 14:00, 9 April 2015 (CDT)

Thank you for all the feed back. I will definitely add the missing islands/villages. I think Ranger trails and the like are a little below my scope. I'm also thinking about starting this fresh and using an image map of some type. It's very hard to show nonadjacent travel, such as the balloons, on a 2-d table. Thanks again, I'll keep working on it. I initially made this for myself in excel just to remind myself where everything was and how to get there With the image map I'll probably add things like prices for transport, and athleticism needed for swimming/climbing. SEGGERING (talk) 18:57, 9 April 2015 (CDT)