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Resomba Borthgar
Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Female
Location: Tiger Clan (Ranik Map 4a)
Relatives: Ortug, Grob

Resomba Borthgar is the wife of Tiger Clan boss Ortug. In addition to being the mother of Grob, she is also well known for her excellent turnip pies.


You see Resomba Borthgar, a Gor'Tog.
Resomba has jade eyes. She has dark green skin.
She is elderly for a Gor'Tog.

She is wearing an emerald green velvet gown with white lace ruffles along the neckline, a platinum engagement ring set with a brilliant diamond rose, a gold wedding ring, some ankle laced black leather shoes and an elegant pearl necklace.