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Havor Foehammer
Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Tiger Clan (Ranik Map 4a)
Type: shopowner

Havor Foehammer is the renowned blacksmith of Tiger Clan. Havor took part in the raiding party described in A Tale of Two Clans which was the defining event that caused Ortug to break off from Knife Clan and form Tiger Clan in 320 AV. Havor spoiled the planned ambush and subsequently had his tongue cut out by Trog, the Knife Clan leader.


The Tiger Clan's renowned blacksmith, Havor Foehammer, is a seven-foot mountain of rippling Gor'Tog muscle. Faint creases around his face impart a ruggedly handsome appearance, but his deep azure eyes reflect pain and sorrow behind an otherwise stoic visage. A long, scarred leather apron protects his exquisitely sculpted body, and he grips a heavy iron hammer in his right hand like a child's toy.