The First Land Herald/421-06-08

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Article Number: BI52
Dateline: 421-06-08

The Estate Holders were treated to a social gathering in Fang Cove with several Estate Holder Councilors. The mostly social event was to introduce several of the members, with Councilor Tarsben Irintel of Qi'Reshalia leading the discussion. Also in attendance were Estate Holder Councilor Orethiir Dakshilo of Ilithi and Estate Holder Councilor Guhnard Hvar'Almi of Forfedhdar. Specifics were not to be found in great detail as the bureaucratic notions of council life are anything but reportable.

The meeting turned a dark corner and with it, a host of assorted mass visions were reported by the attendees. One such vision, experienced personally by this author:

For a moment, my vision dimmed, and I am certain I could hear a faint "Tick. Tick. Tick.". As my vision began to clear, I could see an ominous image of a shadowed street with small, malevolent figures scampering in and out of the light, little as there was. Abruptly, my sight and hearing returned to normal.

Moments later the area filled with animated dolls wielding tiny scythes. The defense mounted quickly, with most Estate Holders escaping the battle unharmed. Those that stayed battled with the foul creations until no more could be hunted. Unfortunately, due to their tenacity, I was only able to gaze with any studious intent at a single one of the life-like but dangerous playthings. I provide a description below.

Although once a child's well-loved toy, the knee-high little doll was covered with ugly rust-colored streaks all over its face and hands, drips of which could be seen on its once-fine clothing. It stalked about, searching out prey, and a simple little smile graced its face, an augmentation that did little to counter the madness in its eyes.

Of some note, a blessed weapon is effective against these creations, as is Protection from Evil. As for their difficulty, I estimate that the smaller, more rough-hewn dolls were the easiest, perhaps similar in ability to a young gryphon. There was a more menacing rough-hewn doll that was more difficult, perhaps akin to a warklin. Finally, the most difficult opponents were those dolls that were finely carved and had brightly glowing eyes. These I estimated to be similar to a storm bull. For more details on the dolls, see our previous article, Murder Dolls Descend on Riverhaven. Unlike a report from this past invasion, I heard no cries for bones.

Again, we see visions, perhaps an attempted warning from the divine. And yet again, we see ravenous synthetic creations streaming across a city, blade wielding and a true terror to behold. Stay safe, dear readers. The future, at least for the moment, lies dark.

Marcul McRee-Rhyian
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date
Estate Holder

Estate Holder Council

Fang Cove






Rough-hewn doll