The First Land Herald/421-05-05 (2)

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Article Number: BI43
Dateline: 421-05-05

Most cities and towns within the provinces are no stranger to invasions of various evil creatures. On the 6th day of the 4th month and 421 years since the Victory of Lanival, Riverhaven found itself the target of a rather unusual type of invasion, one not seen in many years. Those brave fighters who responded to calls for assistance from Riverhaven found themselves facing Murder Dolls.

While accounts of what the Murder Dolls look like vary dramatically, they appear to be small dolls wielding tiny daggers and toothpicks. Klurn, one of the brave defenders of Riverhaven, recalled, “They were made of clay, like pottery.” Hnot, another defender, stated, “Some of the dolls were wicker, some were balsa. Some had glowing eyes. Some were well crafted and these were the most dangerous! The less well crafted, the easier the dolls were.” These dolls appear similar to those crafted by Hobglup, the Dwarven tinker-turned-Necromancer who unleashed such abominations in 396. However, there are differences. The dolls in 396 specifically targeted the limbs of defenders, while the dolls in the Riverhaven attack were more erratic, attacking seemingly without attempting to target specific body parts. Hobglup perished in 396 after attempting to claim the Greater Fist, and thus the origin of the current dolls is unknown.

Perhaps more troubling is what the dolls were saying as they attacked. Klurn stated, “They continually repeated ‘Bones, Bones, Bones’.” Of note, Hobglup was suspected of creating his dolls to harvest body parts, which may have been used to create the great bone amalgams that began attacking shortly after his arrival. Such creatures presumably require a lot of bones.

Furthermore, it appears the dolls possess no soul. Padhg, a reputable and skilled Cleric, stated, “I arrived late to the invasion; my participation was only to discover the Murder Dolls seemed to have no soul.” He went on to explain, “As a Cleric, we are trained to interact with the spirit of others. Be it through bearing down upon them with the weight of the Immortals or through forcing their soul out of the body the same way we put it back in during a resurrection. The dolls seemed to be animated and had no spirit I could manipulate.”

After a valiant defense of the city the Murder Dolls were turned back. It is not known where they came from and also unknown if they will return. Vigilance will be key in the coming weeks and months!

Klines Silvermist
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date

Greater Fist of Heaven