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Like the Eastern pantheon, the Rakash also associate animals as being the avatar of their gods. In their own language, they know them as turinstil, varna, and afis. Although since traveling to the East, they have also become known by their names in the common tongue. These are butterfly, crow, badger.

Use in Conversation

Left untranslated when Common is otherwise being used, these words refer to a very specific stylized rendition of the particular holy animal. When used in this manner, they can be referred to simply as a turinstil, a varna, or an afis, or as a turinstil symbol, a varna symbol, or an afis symbol.


Turinstil "Butterfly": The traditional symbol of Enelne, the turinstil is a butterfly that is formed from only one stroke or unbroken line, with the end of that line curving upward into the bottom of the right wing to create a curl terminating in a circle. A wreath of leaves encircles the creature.

Varna "Crow": The traditional symbol of Mrod, the varna is a crow with large, exaggerated wings that are created by interlocking stars. A black circle is positioned as if held by the creature’s open beak.

Afis "Badger": The traditional symbol of Coshivi, the afis is a badger with precise, angular markings that resemble the blades of a dagger. Its body is depicted as particularly sleek, and its large claws are positioned as if in protection of some unseen thing.