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Syianiha Craylys
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime



You are Niliaevat Raesh Isen Syianiha Craylys, Healer of Therengia, a Rakash Empath. You have crystal blue eyes, a white and silvered black coat, a slender tail and a slender figure. You are tiny for a Rakash. You have an intricate pattern of overlapping iridescent diamonds painted on your temples. You are a cub-herder.


You are Niliaevat Raesh Isen Syianiha Craylys, Healer of Therengia, a Rakash Empath.
You have a heart-shaped face and thick-lashed crystal blue eyes. Your blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a tousled arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a fragile elven silver rose haircomb set with tiny diamond chips. You have pale skin and a slender figure.
You are tiny for a Rakash.
You have an intricate pattern of overlapping iridescent diamonds painted on your temples.
You are a cub-herder.
You are wearing a large pearl circlet with a dangling water opal teardrop in front, a layered creamy wool cloak with a deep hood, a sunrise-pink brocade silk kimono with a dusky purple under-robe, a velvet knapsack of pale ivory clasped with a fabric rose, a blackened silver ru'at bracelet inset with blue-white diamonds, an embossed greatsword sheath, a twisted silver wristband displaying an onyx and fabric turinstil, a pair of sparkling glass slippers with tapered heels, and a shield tooled with the visage of a fiercely mewling pink kitten.

Favored items

  • a shield tooled with the visage of a fiercely mewling pink kitten

Crafted by the hand of a master smith, each tuft of pink fur tooled into the tinted steel looks real enough to fool all but the most perceptive observer. The face of the kitten is turned up in a petulant snarl as it bares its tiny fangs at any who would dare approach.

  • a blackened silver ru'at bracelet inset with blue-white diamonds

Serpentine etchings reveal the cool gleam of silver, sweeping around each of the small diamonds carefully placed along the bracelet's arc.

General Information

Facts and Interests

Birthdate: born on the 28th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 370 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. (30)
Focus: Lore, Magics, History of the Rakash Race, Properties of healing skills.
Devotion: Hodierna


Syianiha was born into a wealthy Rakash family in the southern forests of Riverhaven. She was taught secret family healing techniques and traditional Rakash folk songs by her birth mother, Belaset, and together became known for traveling through their village healing wounds and aches for aging and dying members of their small community. Her father, Arvawns, was a mighty Barbarian and was the village's militia leader. When Syianiha was still a baby, he was drafted into an army, and was killed in a skirmish not long after.

Determined to provide for her family, Belaset set out into the south to seek fortune in the Shops of Crossing, leaving Syianiha with only her healing talents and wit to survive. When two years had passed without word from her mother, Syianiha left her village and moved into the city of Riverhaven to earn a living.

It was around this time that she met one of her dearest, and most missed friends, Kaialoren who introduced her to the Empath Guild. Because of her mother's teachings, she was intrigued by these healers who simply laid their hands on someone to heal them. As she learned more and more the guild, she knew deep in her heart that the Empath Guild and their members could be her new family. Through her dealings with patients and passing merchants, she learned that her mother had been killed in a caravan raid. However, Syianiha saw hope in her future, though she was now an orphan and began training to be a Battle Empath, so she would never be a victim like her mother was.

During her training to become an empath she met a great Battle Empath named Lys, and was adopted into her very large family, the Acorn Family. Through this family she increased her training, learned many a great thing and became fast friends with many of her closest cousins. She also met her adopted brother, Zaslamel, within the family as well. Syianiha, Zaslamel, and Sajuta, Zaslamel's wife, were nearly inseparable for a long while. When Syianiha outgrew all that Riverhaven could offer, she moved north.

Her career carried her to Therengia, where she met her first love, Shotri. They had many adventures together, and after inadvertently aiding in the defense of the city of Langenfirth from the Dragon Priests, she found her battle training came in handy when an unprotected triage area became the epicenter of battle, she joined the local militia The Northern Watch Brigade.

Syianiha and Shotri's romance grew during their time together and they were nearly married, but Shotri's wanderlust became too much and he left Therengia, leaving Syianiha alone once again. Syianiha sought solitude on the mysterious island of Aesry where, wallowing in sorrow, she stayed for many years until her depression subsided and she returned to Therengia where she resides now.

These days Syianiha can be found talking with friends at the bin in Langenfirth and decorating her newly acquired home in Therenborough.


  • Once received three engagement rings from the same suitor.
  • Little sister to Zaslamel.
  • Owns a skull-pommeled great sword with a deep blood-groove. It is attached to her hip.
  • Owns a horse named Shadow who is spoiled rotten.
  • Has a katydid named Sugar who rides around in a pouch.

Public Records

Syianiha's Home

Street Address

[Therenborough, Chapel Plaza West] A small two story chapel, surrounded by a rough-hewn stone wall, rises here in the midst of a circular dirt plaza. A double iron gate, swung wide and pegged open with two wooden stakes, beckons visitors to enter the confines of the walls to worship. Several side streets meet at this central point to meander off to other parts of the town. You also see a dark rose stone cottage with vibrant red roses and ivy twining across the arch of its door, a cozy brown brick home with a garden full of ripening vegetables out front, a pine-shingled cottage and a sturdy pine frame abode.

Inside Syianiha's Home

[Syianiha's Home] A shimmering sandstone floor spreads across this elegant room into surrounding screens of painted ricepaper. A gorgeous riverstone fireplace, with an ebon-framed painting hanging above it, stands guard over an elegant ivory velvet settee with a pristine white cushion of brushed Musparan silk on it and a graceful oval lacewood tea table with a bamboo music box and a mug of iced coffee resting on it. A strong scent of primrose fills the air. You also see an overstuffed jade silk cushion that is facing the fireplace.

  • A Gorgeous Riverstone Fireplace

Water-smoothed stones of differing tones of grey and red have been layered to form a large, round hearth fireplace. The riverstone base curves up to a fine mantle made from one large piece of greystone carefully cut to match the flowing style of the design.

  • An Ebon-framed Painting

The soft black velvet depicts a heart-warming scene. A field of stars is scattered upon the dark backdrop. The three moons of Elanthia shine downwards, illuminating a white unicorn standing beyond an archway. Head bowed, the unicorn is kneeling upon the ground amidst a rose garden. Scattered about the unicorn's hooves are pearlescent fragments of the fourth moon, reminiscent of a time past. There appears to be something written on it - This lovely painting is an original by Gweneviere Mai'lae.

  • An Elegant Ivory Velvet Settee

With a high back and plush arms, this settee invites all to have a seat and rest against its soft fabric. Golden piping trims the arm in a spiral design that flows across the base in a straight line.

  • A Graceful Oval Lacewood Tea Table

A raised rail supported by turned brass spindles surrounds the table top to prevent a fragile porcelain tea service from falling if the table is bumped by an awkward guest, while a low shelf below can hold an assortment of cakes and other delicacies.


The Acorn Family

Syianiha is part of a very large family with many cousins, second cousins, great uncles and many third and fourth cousins. Her immediate family includes her father, Naul, her mother, Lys, and her brothers and sisters: Zaslamel, Anjaline, Illauron, Dyminica, Xaxen and Leijten. Other Family members include: Nuark, The Lady Wyndz, Flaree, Uris, Azzalot, Battlemaker, Angel, Celanna via Marriage, Thorianius, Valtore, Creast, Wordachy, Lancel, Crory, Oraku, Krystilia, Kaminna, Nala, Llark, Zyly, Kattandra, Cousins: Francelia, Paerolia, Kobmand, Snales, and MANY MORE including: Dulcinie, Nixieg, Mivoring, Genesee, Nyetale, Through Nuark: Morlen, Tyfanie, Tonet, Leissl, Nektol, Ungara, Janora, Martyka, Shawntelle, Purrvora, Liurilias, Fellonie, Sok, Syyrin, Phoenixx, Saraimesch, Ragaar, Thunderfoot, Relindel, Boobuh, Ciressa, Morkim, Syberius, Sharianel, Pathian, Rilderilth, Scarith, Vijin, Raynzong, Rezzian, Argowall, Mattius, Illeon, Vinisi, Govaghn, Wulorwolf.



Syianiha doesn't have much wanderlust other than traveling between Riverhaven, Lang, and Theren. She feels very loyal to her people and country and would never be able to leave for any long amount of time.

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