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Shotri Tolsverth
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

Life and Times

Sir Shotri Tolsverth (pronounced SHOH TREE), a fiercely loyal Dwarf, is dedicated to the Paladin guild and to his homeland of Therengia. He can be described as being confident yet unassuming. He is altruistic by nature and a soldier at heart. Shotri prefers brandy and ale, but remains open-minded to wine and other spirits.

In his younger years he was often seen alongside Ryalle or Syianiha. He was previously affiliated with The Northern Watch Brigade while serving as apprentice to the great Paladin Sir Madigan.

Shotri joined the Order of the Theren Guard in 424AV.

He currently resides at his home on the Lower East Way in Therenborough.


You are Sir Shotri Tolsverth, Guardsman of the Order of the Theren Guard, a Dwarf.

You have deep-set steely grey eyes and a straight nose. Your golden brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tied back. You have copper skin.

You are very tall for a Dwarf.

You are an adult.

You have an elegantly trimmed mustache on your upper lip and an elegantly trimmed full beard.

You are wearing a sleek steel great helm with silver accents, a pure white cashmere scarf knotted neatly at the throat, a silk-lined navy tweed cloak with a copper chain clasp, a pure white vela'tohr flower, a polished leather harness with a bar mace and a light spear secured to it, an ivory linen swordsman's shirt with blackworked cuffs, some field plate armor etched with a raven soaring above a lion, a lumium tower shield, a beaten iron ring, a ruby signet ring, a soldier's supply bag, some pleated charcoal wool trousers with elaborately carved mistwood buttons and a pair of dark sable boots fastened with wide gold buckles.

Prized Possessions

>some field plate armor etched with a raven soaring above a lion

Centered just below the elegant neckline, the raven's wings are spread to echo the arc of the opening above it. The great bird's bright silver eyes gaze directly at the big cat below it. The lion, for its part, ignores the bird above and is depicted in a pose both bold and noble, standing tall and gazing proudly into the distance.

Some field plate armor reads: "Crafted with pride by Redarch, for the protection of Shotri."

>a sleek steel great helm with silver accents

The helm's visor tapers down to form a prominent point at the center which flairs modestly forward. Its polished silver edges contrast to the flat steel background. Inconspicuously engraved inside is the lion of Chadatru accompanying flowing text spelling out the name "Shotri."