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Sajuta Resheph
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Zaslamel, Rasarele

Public Records



Sajuta has laugh lines and violet eyes, a fawn and white coat with tan masking, a slender tail and a shapely figure.


Sajuta has laugh lines and violet eyes. Her strawberry-streaked red hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over her shoulders. She has fair skin and a shapely figure.


Early Years

Little is known about Sajuta's past before joining the Empath guild. Due to an accident that left her in the care of the Riverhaven hospital, she lost all of her memory. This left her lacking the skill to speak her native tongue (which she struggled with for many years) as well as knowledge of her family and her race as well.


After regaining some functionality, Sajuta began to help around the hospital and eventually became a full member of the Empath guild. Taking her healing skills into the realm of adventuring, she was early on mentored by a few elder empaths and quickly made friends with some who encouraged in her the desire to work in the fields.

She was married at a young age to a Barbarian named Ravinoski, who introduced her to the island of Ratha. When their romance ended, she returned to Riverhaven, but could never keep Ratha from her heart. Wanderlust struck her, and for years during this time she roamed the far reaches trying to quell both her sadness and the insatiable longing for new places. Eventually she met and married a Rakash Ranger named Vijin. When her fondness for wandering struck again, and she was told to stay put, she could not contain herself and fled to Ratha with her erstwhile best friend, Zaslamel.

It was during that stay on Ratha that she and Zaslamel eloped and, unbeknownst to them, their daughter - Rasarele - was conceived. Traveling the realms together, they adventured far into Sajuta's pregnancy. Shortly after Rasarele's birth, Sajuta fled for fear that the adventuring life was not a proper foundation to raise a child in. Where she hid is to this day a mystery.

Realizing her error, Sajuta eventually returned to Zaslamel with Rasarele in tow. They renewed their vows to each other in the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine in the year of the Golden Panther, 394. They have since resumed wandering together, following their whims and never truly staying in one place long enough for it to be "home".

Favored items

  • a shiny black satin odaj graced by a hematite butterfly

Luxurious thick black satin drapes fluidly about the body, glimmering softly with each movement of the wearer. Careful stitching and discreet snipping keep the pleated sections from becoming bulky. A gracefully carved butterfly brooch alights upon the left shoulder, securing the pleats and adding a further touch of elegance.

  • a warrior's tower shield emblazoned with the Resheph family coat of arms

A badger gazes calmly out from the lower half of the blazon on a golden field. Dark sapphires are set into the eyes while hematite adornments offset the silvery-white steel of the main metal, forming its face. Rising behind the charge is the hilt and forte of a blade. Seated atop the pommel is a small badger head, and the crossguard is set with its paws, complete with sharpened claws. Animite crow wings stretch out from the blade's stylized midpoint. Faint etchings of wheat are scattered in the field.

A warrior's tower shield reads: "Go into battle determined to die, and surely you shall live. Go into battle hoping to live and surely you shall not."