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Wyndz RavenShroud
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


Court Advisor Wyndz RavenShroud, Divine Knight of the Therengia Court, a Human Warrior Mage.
Wyndz has pouting lips and thick-lashed blue-green eyes. Her ginger-streaked golden hair is very long and thick, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. She has tanned skin and a curvaceous figure.
Some onyx ravens float lazily around her right ankle, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.
She has a tattoo of a pair of wings with iridescent feathers on her back.

She is wearing a gold Court insignia, a bloodgem intaglio armorial ring bearing the Blackmore-RavenShroud family crest, a distinguished service medal ribbon bearing a silvery disc, a gleaming platinum lapel pin embossed with a raven, an anlora-avtoma medal affixed with a soft cream ribbon, an oravir medal affixed with a stormy grey ribbon, an iron medal affixed with a deep black ribbon, a carved ivory earcuff with a single dangling bloodgem rosebud, some dangling gold earrings which drip with bloodgems and black opals, a delicate onyx necklace shaped like a raven with wings outstretched to wrap around the neck, a full-length cloak of creamy velvet with filigreed pearl clasps, a glass hand trinket, a cyan-headed umber lizard, a worked leather staff harness bearing the Blackmore-RavenShroud family crest, a black leather backpack trimmed with dangling silver-gilt raven feathers, a sweeping gown of rich ivory brocade with full velvet sleeves, a wide gold ring set with a large cambrinth raven, a cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with sunstone mongooses to spell RUTILOR, and a pair of creamy velvet slippers couched in gold.

Armorial Ring

a bloodgem intaglio armorial ring bearing the Blackmore-RavenShroud family crest

The exquisite stone is intricately engraved with a full coat of arms, comprised of a central shield surrounded by an ornate laurelled mantle and supported by two armed and armored knights. Chevroned in gold, the shield bears five wing-swept ravens over a vast keep on a black field and topped with a plumed golden helm. Below the crest is a furled banner.

There appears to be something written on it.

Service Record

Lady Wyndz RavenShroud. Court Advisor to His Grace, Baron Gyfford Theren.

My military service began in Zoluren, under Commander Nirveli, in addition to being her escort to the Prince's Court. My service was during the time of Prince Vorclaf's coronation and continued through the onset of the Outcast War until my training took me north to Therengia.

I was brought to Therengia and continued my training, being mentored by Vetokend and Trebber, both Warrior Mages that helped me refine my skills and be as much Warrior as I was Mage.

In the following months, I was sponsored by Thoumas into the Theren Guard, under Commander Andragon, where I continued the bulk of my military service over several years. Through Trebber, I was brought into House Hedeon and eventually married Deliber, son of Rayac and Meidori, and heir to the House.

Unfortunately, during my service with the Theren Guard under Commander Catamina, I had felt that the Guard had lost their direction and I stepped down. Some time after that, Deliber and I divorced and he left on a long journey, Lord Rayac lost himself in his madness and the overseeing of the House's affairs was taken by Baron Gyfford and Rayac's title was stripped.

During this time, I also began service under Ambassador Drexella as her personal secretary, learning more of the Court protocol and offered my personal oath of service to the Throne of Therengia.

Some time following, I met with Ragad and Ternith and met Commander Bilgrath of the Royal Court and joined the Knighthawks, a personal unit at the hand of Baron Gyfford. During my service to the Knighthawks, I applied for the position of Court Emissary and was granted that position after the Baron heard applications during his audience that also appointed Frodes as equal Emissary, Ambassador Marrkie to Shard, Ambassador Meidori to Zoluren, and Ambassador Urwin to the Islands. It was shortly following this time when Frodes took the Command of the Northern Watch following Jayrbee's retirement and his subsequent promotion to Senior Commander of all military units within Therengia.

I believe it was also during this time that House Hedeon was returned by Baron Gyfford under the direction of Lady Meidori, Rayac's former wife.

Commander Bilgrath was promoted to another area of the Baron's service and the Knighthawks were decommissioned while I still continued my service as Emissary, often being the messenger between Ambassador Marrkie in Shard and the Royal Court.

In the years that followed, Ambassador Drexella was promoted to Court Advisor and given 'nobility by service' and Baron Gyfford called me to his Court to appoint me the new Ambassador to Outcast King Raenilar, King Arhhdan of Muspar'i and Gypsy King Talorc. I served in that capacity for many years, well after Advisor Drexella stepped down from her position.

During those years, Ambassador Meidori became disillusioned about her service in Zoluren and asked to be removed from ambassadorial duties, where she was subsequently named Court Cleric. In addition, the Baron changed Ambassador Urwin's venue and moved him into the position as Ambassador to Zoluren where he served honorably until his untimely death several years ago.

Several month passed and during one of the Baron's royal audiences, I was named the new Court Advisor, which is a position I have been proud to serve in for several years now. Overall, I have served in the Baron's royal Court for well near two decades.

As Court Advisor, it's been my policy to have an open door to anyone who wishes information about the Court or anyone who wishes to ask for a petition to the Court for an audience. In addition, I have taken formal matters of information or complaints to the royal Court on behalf of many, many people...most of which were shared in confidence.

Following a lifetime of service, I retired during a baronial audience and Baron Gyfford granted me 'nobility by service' and allowed me rights to form my own House. My travels have taken me to the north, where I've worked closely with those in Houses Ananthor, Rethlon and Avshotin.

The Blackmore-RavenShroud Bloodline

My mother and father met during a time of war and fell madly in love. She, from a very wealthy Elven merchant family, and he from a noble Human family, rich with Paladin history. While attempting to give respect to each of their bloodlines, they never married, yet they also refused to be apart.

My mother, Marishaina RavenShroud, was a beautiful woman, rather delicate in nature. She dealt in fine silks and precious metals and made quite a fine living for herself. When my mother became with child, my father, Sir Miles Blackmore, and a small entourage escorted her to the hills in the south, setting up a small but lavish home for her protection in his absence.

I often wondered, as a child, who the man was who claimed to be "father" when he seemed to come and go as he pleased. As I grew, learning the skills and appreciating the finer things my mother brought to me, I came to understand war and his position. He was military brass and while being on the front lines kept him from us, he would return often and share tales of his battles, honor, and duty...often making me yearn for adventure, even as a child. My father and I would sneak away some days, while mother was out on one of her purchasing ventures, and he taught me about armors and the art of being a swordsman, as well as a Paladins magic...but, more importantly, about honor, consequence, and carrying one's name, regardless of the background.

One winter, during dinner, my mother shared the joyous news that she was with child yet again. I remember the joy and love in their eyes as they looked at each other. I could only wonder...a sister...perhaps a brother. Most of the following months were spent in preparation for the coming young one, including our moving to a larger home not far from where we were. Mother would tease father about how she would cloth her new daughter in the finest silks, while father would just smile and remind her she needed to prepare herself for his son, a noble Paladin heir to carry on his legacy.

The following year, when mother was in childbirth, we all gathered along with the midwife in eager anticipation of our newest arrival to our family. I paced with my father as the grueling hours went by. At last, the midwife appeared from the bedroom but the look on her face was not of one bearing good news. There were complications and, to my father's and my sadness, the Gods were unable to spare my mother's life...nor the life of my would be brother.

My father and myself were both devistated. Weeks went by and the only thing I could see in my father's eyes was sadness and the vacancy left by the death of my mother and the son he wanted so badly.

In the course of year that followed, my father and I became very close. With only the two of us to support each other after the death of my mother, I learned many things about him and he instilled beliefs in me that I carry very close to my heart even to this day. He would speak to me endlessly about his position, his military service, what it meant for him to be a Paladin, and about being the best you can be, no matter what your lot in life.

As my father's rank and position grew, he became more immersed and we spoke in front of the fire in my his study one night. It was then that I told him I wanted to leave to seek my fortune. As he sipped on his homemade brandy, he poured a second glass, offering it to me. I sat quietly with him for hours as he reminded me of who and what am I...and to never let anything or anyone make me think anything less. He apologized for not always being there when we needed him and that he may not always be present, but that he would always be watching.....

After my near 20 years of service to the Therengian throne...

My father, Sir Miles Blackmore, has come to Therengia to retire. Upon his arrival, I also had the pleasure of meeting a young man that he adopted on one of his ferloughs to Mer'Kresh. My adopted brother, Laethan Blackmore, a clerical man.

Personal Journal Notes and Service Records

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