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Description: A property to hold the description of verbs, objects, etc.
Type: text

There are currently 48 items in this property, 6 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Action command +The ACTION command is used to perform freeform acts.  +
Applaud command +The applaud command is used to show appreciation of something, or lack of appreciation by tossing food.  +


Babble command +The babble command is to convey a sense of talking too much.  +
Bark command +Bark is an emotive command to make you bark like a dog/wolf/etc.  +
Bask command +The bask command is meant to convey a sense of enjoyment or awe of some sort of stimulus (e.g., the warmth of the sun on your skin.) S'kra Mur get special messaging.  +
Bawl command +The bawl command is an emotive command for crying your eyes out. If you specify a person, you cry on their shoulder.  +
Beam command +The beam command is an emotive command to express a high level of happiness.  +
Beckon command +The beckon command for calling someone over to you for further interaction. Or, if you use your own name, to amuse yourself.  +
Belch command +The belch command is used to expel gas up through the mouth in a loud and disgusting manner. Barbarians can belch at any time, everyone else must first GUZZLE a drink.  +
Blame command +The blame command is used to accuse someone of causing your problems.  +
Blanch command +The blanch command is used to show just how close to throwing up or freaking out something is making you feel. Rakash in moonskin and Prydaen cannot properly convey this info due to having too much fur.  +
Blink command +The blink command is used for blinking or crossing your eyes.  +
Blush command +The blush command is used to cause the character to blush or otherwise express embarassment. Gor'Tog turn deeper green instead of red, Prydaen have different messaging, and Rakash in moonskin cannot blush.  +
Boo command +An emotive verb expressing your dislike of something. Prydaen have special messaging.  +
Bop command +Emotive verb that allows you to jump around like when you were (much) younger. Can also be used to lightly smack someone on the head or to test the sturdiness of an inanimate object. Some items cannot be the target of this verb.  +
Bounce command +Emotive command allowing you to express your giddiness over something unexpected happening (think along the lines of teen girls noticing a popular boy band close by).  +
Bow command +The bow command is used to show respect, disdain, and everything in between. Elotheans have additional options.  +
Breathe command +Emotive command to allow you to show respiratory signs of various feelings.  +
Brush command +The brush command can be used to untangle hair and manes with a comb or brush of some sort in hand. The hair or mane must be untied.  +


Cackle command +Emotive command to laugh at yourself, other people, and various items in a different way.  +
Cheer command +An emotive command that lets you exuberantly display your approval for something done.  +
Chirr command +Emotive command available only to S'kra Mur that allows them to trill and whistle with contentment.  +
Choke command +The Choke command is both for roleplaying and also a Barbarian-only brawling attack.  +
Chortle command +Emotive command showing you found something or someone (or something they did) funny.  +
Chuckle command +Emotive command for when you find something funny.  +
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