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The ADVANCE command is used to close the combat distance between a character and the target.


This will close with target currently being faced.
  • ADVANCE <target>
This will attempt to close with the specified target.


This command is used to move within melee range with a target. There are three ranges:

  • Missile, where only ranged weapons and spells may hit.
  • Pole, where only extended length weapons such as polearms may hit.
  • Melee where all weapons may hit.

Normally, combatants start at missile range and move closer, though within buildings and enclosed areas, combat begins at pole range.

Advancing speed

Recently, several Barbarian Dances have been updated to include bonuses to engaging speed, including Swan Dance, Cobra Dance, and Wolverine Dance, though no Berserks has been updated.


When moving from pole range to melee range, if an attack is made it becomes a charge attack. This attack always results in loss of fatigue sufficient to reach tired, as well as increased roundtimes dependent upon the weapon type used.

This will happen even if the weapon is long enough to strike at pole range. To prevent this, the RETREAT command must be used to halt the advance before attacking.


When using ADVANCE while hiding, a Stealth skill challenge must be made to remain unseen. Khri Shadowstep allows a Thief to advance quicker when initiating the ADVANCE while in hiding.

Avoiding advances

If the target is using the HANGBACK command, they may be able to retreat at the same rate as the advance. It is a contest that appears to use the combatants Agility, Reflex, and Evasion skill to determine the effectiveness, but all appearances point to the fact that it is heavily weighted in favor of the advancer.

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