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The AMBUSH command is used to initiate an attack from hiding.

Note: It is no longer necessary to use the AMBUSH verb for most common attacks. Simply initiate the attack as you normally would and the combat system will automatically setup the ambush attempt.


  • AMBUSH <target>


Ambush is a stealth contest based on attacker's hiding skill vs. defender's Perception skill. Ambush will add a hit bonus to your attack based on the success of the stealth contest. This will teach backstab skill as well if you are a Thief.

Thief ambushes

Thieves have a number of special ambushes of their own. Most, however, don't work on flying targets. Ambush commands are listed with AMBUSH HELP. Thief ambushes check the Stealth skill, the Backstab skill, the Debilitation skill, a weapon skill, and a stat contest.

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