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The AIM command allows you to improve your next shot at something with a ranged weapon, such as a long bow. It will not function with thrown weapons.


  • AIM
Begins targeting whatever is currently FACEd.
  • AIM <target>
Will target a specific creature, or character.
  • AIM <body part>
Will target a specific body part of whatever you are facing.
  • AIM <target> <body part>
Will target both a specific creature, or character, and a specific body part.


Using this command will begin the process of aiming. During this process, the amount of skill used in the shot begins at approximately 75% (needs exact verification) and, upon receiving the message that further aiming will do no good, will use approximately 125%. Shots that are not AIMed at all use the base 75%.

Shields and bows

If using a Long Bow, Composite Bow, or Short Bow, a worn shield will increase the load time of the arrow, as well as apply a penalty to hit.

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