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Zoluren Town Meeting 02/09/11 · on 2/9/2011 10:48:58 PM 5195

-Tonight we talked about the origami invasion that lead to the discovery of the Paper Mill up in the grove near Dirge. This appears to be a low level construct hunting ground perfect for novice empaths and young adventurers.
-There was a brief discussion of a red bear orc invasion of Langenfirth.
-Talliska reported the demise of Hhrsaraa, Empress of the Dragon Priest Empire. The death was preceded by a Moon Mage vision that is logged below.

We discussed some upcoming events before being interrupted by a gang of Olvi fan club members. These Olvi wish to resurrect Tachid and apparently appear to worship him. I eventually cut the log because their uh...antics continued for quite a while.


Alexsei says, "First of all - let me bit you all welcome to this Town Hall Meeting. On behalf of the Order of the White Rose, I want to thank you all for taking the time to attend."
Skamble asks, "Anyone care to teach target?"
Skamble says, "Thanks."
Alexsei says, "I am Alexsei Krauser, Vice Speaker of the Order of the White Rose. If you would, let me speak a bit about the Town Meetings themselves, for those of you who are with us for the first time."
Alexsei says, "The Zoluren Town Meeting are, at the core, meant to be a community event. They are meant for citizens and visitors to Zoluren as a mean to exchange information about Zoluren and outside provinces, as well as ideas on how to protect our lands better."
Alexsei says, "In a way, they are a forum to help us all communicate and organize, as well as keep abreast of current happenings."
Alexsei says, "Thus, if you find anything to share or add to the conversation, please, let us know."
Alexsei says, "After all, atteendees are what make these meetings what they are."
Alexsei says, "Now, let me quickly address the running topic of the adoption of a Zoluren Emergency Channel meant for communication of sensitive information."
Alexsei says, "In Order to help with communication in times of Emergency, citizens of Zoluren have chosen colored albredine rings as a means of communicating in a more secure manner."
Alexsei says, "Previous meetings have decided the color of albredine Zoluren would use would be Banded Cobalt. If you have a ring, you can attune it to this color to hear the Emergency Channel."
Alexsei says, "If you do not have one of these rings, we will be happy to provide one for you for free. Let me know before the end of the meeting if that interests you, and I will hand you one."
Alexsei asks, "Now, while I handle the requests, let me stop boring you and pass the floor to Talliska, who will handle the current events. Talliska?"
Talliska says, "Hello, I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to give the current events update concerning invasions and potential threats to the realms."
Talliska says, "The month of Moliko was more eventful than most since the turn of the century, so I've a few topics prepared to cover for today."
Talliska says, "These include a recent origami invasion in Crossing, the related discovery of a paper mill near the Caravansary, a recent red bear orc invasion in Langenfirth, and finally the death of Empress Hhrsaraa of the Dragon Priest Empire."
Talliska says, "Let's begin with the origami invasion."
Talliska says, "On the 10th of Moliko, Zoluren was attacked by the same animated origami critters we've fought numerous times by now."
Mystiri says, "Paper duck."
Ariya says, "That isnt waht you saud."
Mystiri says, "Shhh."
Healfdene quietly says, "Sorry i'm late."
Talliska says, "These colorful invaders were folded into various shapes such as... ducks for example! And dragons, mice and hats. Regardless of the shape, they are not particularly dangerous except to novices."
Talliska says to Healfdene, "No worries."
Talliska says, "Young empaths can even fight them, as they are not living creatures, but constructs. We previously discovered that mischievous boggles are responsible for folding and enchanting them to be hostile."
Talliska says, "The boggles accompanied their origami creations during the invasion, which came in several waves, all the way from Dirge down to Crossing. It took some time for us to find and slay all of them."
Talliska says, "While Manze led a group up to Dirge to do a final sweep of the NTR, he discovered a dismal grove two paces southeast of the North Road Caravansary. Inside is a paper mill, possibly the source of the paper the origami creatures are made of."
Talliska says, "The abandoned mill is swarming with animated origami, though I couldn't find any boggles in the vicinity. It looks to be a good place to hunt for young adventurers."
Talliska says, "Inside the mill there's also a set of stairs going up, but only Estate Holders can get inside. Since I don't own an estate, I'll have to leave it to others to report what is up there."
Jaleshia quietly says, "More of the same, I think."
Talliska says, "From what I'm hearing though it's... yeah, what Jaleshia said."
Manze says, "Nice place to take a novice empath though."
Talliska says, "Any other questions or comments about the origami? We're hoping that with the discovery of the mill they'll keep to their territory from now on."
Rozze says, "I always tear the paper."
Mystiri says, "I grab it and keep it to jot notes."
Talliska says, "Okay... next on my list of topics is a recent orc invasion in Therengia. I happened to be there for it so thought I'd speak on it a bit."
Talliska says, "I'll of course gladly let Therengians who were present give their comments and observations about it too, if they have any."
Talliska says, "On the 30th day of Moliko, about a week and a half ago, red bear orcs attacked the city of Langenfirth, including scouts, bandits, raiders, reivers, savages, slashers and marauders."
Addisyn says, "We actually weren't there for that."
Addisyn says, "We were honeymooning in Ratha."
Araine says to Addisyn, "Wise of you."
Talliska says, "Oh, how sweet! That's a good excuse not to be there."
Talliska says, "Anyway... Most of the orcs are well over expert in combat skill, so it was a dangerous invasion for all but seasoned combatants. The scouts and marauders are both ranged attackers, as well."
Addisyn says, "It sounds like Viggu."
Healfdene says, "Aye, sounds dead on for our old friend Viggu."
Talliska says, "Though Viggu himself didn't show up this time around."
Talliska says, "The invasion began at the bin near the deer trail, and spread out from there. Triage was set up by the Theren militia in the Langenfirth temple courtyard."
Talliska says, "There were several waves of attackers, starting with the less dangerous scouts, bandits and reivers. The marauders, slashers and savages arrived later, and the streets were overrun."
Talliska says, "The invasion lasted about two anlaen, with defenders from the Theren Guard and militia working together with volunteers. Finally the all clear was called. The attackers never made it to Therenborough, and the Keep remained safe."
Talliska says, "As I mentioned, Viggu never made an appearance, nor said a peep on the gweth as far as I know. So no idea if there was any particular motive beyond the usual raiding and pillaging."
Addisyn says, "Probably wanted more women. Or teeth."
Talliska says, "Or booze. Apparently Viggu likes the Langenfirth ale."
Talliska says, "Or all of the above."
Talliska says, "If anyone has more information or observations about this orc invasion or others, feel free to add them now."
Talliska says, "Nothing? All right then..."
Manze says, "L."
Talliska says, "The next event I will report for today is the demise of Hhrsaraa, Empress of the Dragon Priest Empire."
Talliska says, "Self-proclaimed Empress Hhrsaraa walked the Starry Road on the 18th day of Moliko, 400 years and 257 days since the victory of Lanival."
Talliska says, "Her death was preceded by a distubing Moon Mage vision. I received a recollection of this vision from Lieutenant Kougen Aensworth of the Ilithi Militia, via his wife the Court Bard Ruea."
Talliska says, "The vision began with a feeling of irrational terror. Kougen saw a S'kra Mur woman in shadow, clad in an elegant white robe that had turned to rags, her silver scales marred with blood."
Mystiri says, "Oh, the day we all checked our favors."
Talliska says, "Indeed."
Talliska says, "The perspective was an odd one, as if looking down on her from a dozen feet above. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she stared at a point somewhere beyond the perspective of the viewer, and hissed."
Talliska says, "The words she spoke were in the language of the S'kra so excuse my poor pronunciation. She said: "Esu shh'oi'pejek."
Talliska says, "Almost immediately afterward, a burst of fire erupted from behind the viewer and engulfed the S'kra woman. As she burned and screamed in agony, the sound of cheering rose up all around, and the vision ended."
Talliska says, "Some roisaen after that, I don't know exactly how long, we saw Hhrsaraa's meteor streaking across the sky, heralding the death of her soul."
Jaleshia says, "Soo...didn't die in her sleep? Very surprising.."
Talliska says, "At this point, there is no confirmation about exactly how and why the Empress died. We can't even say for sure the vision is related, though it's all but unanimous that this theory makes the most sense."
Talliska says, "While trying to find out more about the Empress and her demise, I decided to visit Ilithi, as the province has a long history of conflict with the Dragon Priests."
Talliska says, "In Shard I encountered Ysselt Ja'Haadraan of Ilithi speaking with several other prominent Ilithians including Arourra, Kougen and Traim. I stopped for a time to listen and contribute to their theories about Hhrsaraa's death."
Talliska says, "The consensus thus far is that there is some unrest among the Dragon Priests, caused either by a division in their ranks or an outsider's influence. The possibility of Xerasyth's involvement was also considered."
Talliska says, "The vision gives more the impression of an execution, rather than an assassination. From the ragged state of her robe, she could have been deposed and imprisoned for some time before her death."
Talliska says, "Ysselt's rough translation of Hhrsaraa's final words was "Go to the Great Wound". Another way to say could be, "Go and be in great pain." Basically, she was cursing whomever she was staring at so hatefully before she died."
Talliska says, "Whom could she have been cursing, that orchestrated her demise? Kougen's theory was Serzyn, her Grand Arbiter and right hand man. Serzyn is a practicing Necromancer, and is master of the korograths, giant reptiles the Dragon Priests ride into battle."
Talliska says, "While considering motives, we might also keep in mind the history of the Dragon Priest Empire. I'll review it briefly for those less familiar with the Dragon Priests."
Talliska says, "Feel free to chime in if you think I've got any facts wrong or have more to add. Dragon Priest lore isn't my strong suit either."
Talliska says, "The Empire began with the Dragon Priest religion, formed by Sh'kial as a means to worship and placate the World Dragon. Their worship was originally a peaceful one, inspired by the goddess Peri'el, who sings the World Dragon to sleep."
Talliska says, "Dzree, Sh'kial's student, was of a more violent bent. She ultimately murdered him and usurped his power, and formed the Dragon Priest Empire. Under her command the Empire conquered Shard and spread its rule of terror to Zoluren, Therengia and Qi."
Talliska says, "Dzree's death, prophecized by the mad mage Sithsia, brought about the end of the Empire after two centuries of conquest. Nearly four centuries later, Hhrsaraa laid claim to the title of Dragon Priest Empress, declaring that she is related to Dzree by blood."
Talliska says, "Not as much is well known of Hhrsaraa's rule or her actions as Empress. One incident that stands out is an attack the Empress led on Aesry Surlaenis'a several years ago, on the day the Ru'atin Peri'el made a public appearance."
Talliska says, "Her predecessor Dzree despised and persecuted Bards, and the Ru'atin in particular. They are a sisterhood of singers devoted to Peri'el, who perform ceremonial singing to aid their Goddess in easing the World Dragon's slumber."
Talliska says, "Hhrsaraa's actions that day were undoubtedly inspired by Dzree's beliefs. Her death could have been orchestrated by those Dragon Priests who no longer wish to follow those beliefs, or are opposed to the notion of Empire."
Talliska says, "Or Hhrsaraa could have been deposed by someone even more power-hungry than she, the same way Dzree murdered her teacher, Sh'kial, to take over the cult of the World Dragon for her own ends."
Talliska says, "Either way, I've spoken quite enough on this topic, and welcome anyone else with relevant thoughts or theories to share them now."
Talliska says, "I'm not sure whether the silence means I'm really good at informing people, or if I've just speeched people into a stupor."
Addisyn says, "Thank you for the information."
Azaerul says, "Missed half of what you said and still knew what in the Void you were talking about."
Talliska says, "Of course! I'm glad to provide it."
Mystiri says, "You're really good."
Ariya says, "You are wonderful."
Ariya says, "I think we were just taking it all in Talli."
Talliska says, "I do have one more topic before I turn things over to Mia for the peacetime events."
Talliska exclaims, "That's fine too!"
Azaerul says, "Peace."
Talliska says, "During the last Northern Watch Spars, retired Commander Madigan announced that a Gorbesh archer was sighted at the Gorbesh Fortress near Lang. The archer left behind an arrow, but no one could find out why he was there or where he'd gone."

Talliska says, "This is not an isolated occurrence. People have reported periodic Gorbesh sightings for at least a year now, in neighboring provinces and even in ours."
Talliska says, "I'm pretty sure a Gorbesh sighting occured sometime during the Naarg incident. It was even briefly speculated that old Naarg had some connections with the Gorbesh, though there's no proof of this that I know of."
Jaleshia asks, "They've flown the colors of the Gorbesh? Not just confused Kaldar?"
Talliska says, "Another report I read mentioned a sighting in Ilithi. And at least a couple occurences where Gorbesh arrows were found."
Talliska says, "Yeah, they identify as Gorbesh."
Talliska says, "The assumption is that the Gorbesh are still present in Kermoria, and the random appearances are evidence of scouting... though for what reason, we do not know."
Talliska says, "And that's all I had for you today."
Azaerul says, "And what of the elphazi scout that was spotted here in Crossings not too long ago? I don't mean to interrupt but I'm not sure if that was an isolated incident."
Rozze says, "It's time for me to go."
Talliska says, "Aww, see you later Rozze."
Rozze says, "Goodbye."
Talliska says, "I'm not sure about the Elpazi or if it was related. Or even if I said that right."
Talliska asks, "When was that abouts?"
Azaerul says, "About a tenday ago...a young paladin broadcast it over gweth's as soon as she spotted it."
Azaerul says to Mystiri, "Xerci decided to become a pally."
Talliska says, "That wasn't long ago at all. Interesting."
Talliska says, "Thanks for the information."
Azaerul says, "It was seen not far from this very spot actually."
Azaerul says, "Right outside of the pond."
Azaerul says, "Then it vanished."
Talliska says, "Hmm. Does sound a lot like the Gorbesh appearances, but I didn't think the Gorbesh were even related to Elpazi."
Talliska says, "Anyway, it's good to know. Anyone else have something to report? Or we can have lovely Mia here talk about the non-invasion stuff."
Ariya says, "Time for Mia."
Talliska says, "Time for me to drink."
You say, "Hello, I'm Mialeigh and I'm the Recruiting Director for the Rose."
You say, "Now, this month is absolutely jam-packed with fun events for everyone to enjoy."
You say, "So instead of boring you with a laundry list of them....I'll just tell you about a few."
You say, "The next town meeting will be coming up in two weeks."
You say, "Hopefully the guard will let us in the ampitheater, if not we'll let you know where to go."
Mystiri says, "We like telling people where to go."
You say, "A few days before that, I'll be hosting a scavenger hunt for the gods with a brief talk by Alexsei on the Bridge of Life."
You ask, "Now, we also have a great lore event coming up that Mystiri is helping to plan. Mysti, would you like to tell folks about it?"
Jaleshia says, "Looking forward to that."
Mystiri says, "Oh, I thought I was going to talk about the mud wrestling event."
Azaerul exclaims, "Yus!"
Mystiri says, "Whoops. Let me get out the other notes."
Azaerul says, "I'm there."
Azaerul says, "I'll be the prime contestant."
Mystiri says, "Alright, a few Orders have decided to come together for an inter-provincial Lore contest."
Mystiri says, "It will be open to all, with people competing on teams."
Azaerul asks, "A gathering of the nerds...err I mean minds?"
Mystiri says, "We will identify judges who will come up with questions and be the judge for a province other than their own to maintain fairness."
Azaerul says, "I trust Lanita would most certainly wish to be one of the judges."
Mystiri says, "We have identified Nesra and Talli as being two of our judges for certain."
Mystiri says, "Due to their impressive knowledge skills and desire to do so."
Azaerul says, "Seeing as Lore challenges are her speciality."
Talliska says, "Oh wait, I nodded too late. Now I sound arrogant."
Mystiri says, "And we are going to have gifts, prizes, and lots of food and drink."
Mystiri says, "It will be held in Jadewater."
Azaerul says to Talliska, "One day, you'll have to tell me how a nod can sound arrogant."
Mystiri says, "And assuming it goes well, we're going to have another one sponsored by even more Orders."
Mystiri says, "Right now we want to keep it small to make sure we work out the kinks first."
Arv quietly says to himself, "People."
Itala says, "Hi."
Itala asks Blinken, "Who's the club for?"
Lindle quietly asks Arv, "Do I look good enough. You know.. in case HE shows?"
Mystiri says, "And um.."
Blinken asks, "Who's in charge of this here gatherin'?"
Arv quietly says to himself, "The painted one is always pretty."
Healfdene says, "I have paint."
Itala says to Alexsei, "I think you have a fan club."
Mystiri quietly says, "Sorry, Alexsei."
Blinken says to Alexsei, "You...we wants to speak here."
Alexsei says, "Well, we hold these as a group, to be fair."
Mystiri says, "Wow, and I am completely derailed."
Jaleshia says, "I am incredibly curious."
Mystiri says, "Anyway, that was mostly what I was going to say anyway."
Lindle says, "Oh forgive us. We can wait our turn."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Lots of people."
Blinken exclaims to Lindle, "HE would never wait!"
Talliska says, "Anyone can speak here if they have something of importance to bring up to the people of Zoluren."
Alexsei says, "Mystiri will finish what she was saying, and then we can let you speak what you wish to say."
Meara, and Ariya, "they are cuuute"
Crinky nervously asks Blinken, "C-can we w-wait, sir?"
Talliska says, "Though you should finish Mysti."
Mystiri says, "Of course, any group is invited to attend our Lore competition. We want representation from all the provinces."
Arv quietly says to himself, "He would take us for snacks."
Blinken says, "Fine..we waits..a short while only."
Lindle says to Blinken, "No HE wouldn't but you know, we need some support for the THING."
Mystiri says, "Ok, I'm finished, and now gonna stare unabashedly."
Arv quietly asks himself, "Will the THING have snacks?"
You say, "Please, feel free to share what you came here to talk about."
Ariya asks, "Can I hug you?"
Ariya asks, "Please?"
Healfdene says, "They're....real...."
Blinken says, "Arr."
Talliska asks, "Okay so whatever is it your club wants to bring up to the meeting?"
Blinken asks, " you knows who we are?"
Mystiri says, "Fan club members."
Addisyn says, "Not a clue."
You say, "I am unfamiliar with you."
Azaerul says, "Not a clue."
Ariya says, "We have no clue who you are."
Mystiri exclaims, "I'm smart!"
Lindle asks, "How could you not have heard of us?"
Talliska says, "You're Olvi, but other than that I have no idea."
Lindle says, "I'm insulted."
Lindle asks Arv, "Are you and your friend insulted too?"
Blinken says, "We are the fan club of the greatest Olvi to have ever walked on Elanthian grounds."
Ariya says, "I don't know, but you all are sooo adorable."
Azaerul says, "Quick, someone grab an Ocular."
Addisyn says to Lindle, "Well, two of us aren't from this province."
Crinky nervously says to Lindle, "W-well, I c-can see why they m-might not know US...."
Itala asks, "Who's the greatest Olvi to walk on Elanthia?"
Lindle says to Addisyn, "That's understandable... you must be from that horrid Northern land."
Blinken exclaims to Crinky, "Gets yourself a backbone!"
Healfdene says, "I've eaten my fair share of Olvi."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Silly peoples. THE halfling."
Crinky nervously exclaims to Blinken, "S-sorry!"
Addisyn says, "Whoa now."
Mystiri asks, "How do you address THE halfling?"
Blinken exclaims, "There is one one HIM!"
Talliska says to Addisyn, "That's their opinion not ours of course."
Azaerul exclaims, "Mea-mea's THE halfling!"
You ask, "And who is he?"
Cyiarriah says, "Tanglefoot."
Blinken says, "And we all aspires to be like him."
Lindle says, "He promised to marry me."
Addisyn says, "Horrible Northern Land. Gyfford would like that."
Itala asks Blinken, "Who is he? What's his name?"
Ariya says, "So wait."
Blinken asks, "Tanglefoot? that pushover?"
Crinky nervously exclaims, "Y-yes! S-s-strong like him!"
Itala asks, "Does he wear a kilt?"
Arv quietly says to himself, "Aye, be like him we are."
Ariya asks, "Who are you talking about?"
Ysselt says, "I'm an Elf, please humour me."
Lindle asks, "Which Olvi had the dreamiest, most glowing umber eyes ever?"
Blinken exclaims, "And we wants a day of recognition for all of his greatness!"
Lindle asks Addisyn, "Perhaps this Gyfford would help us?"
Mystiri says, "Elves arne't known for their sense of humor."
Arv quietly asks himself, "Who shared snacks and little stabbers?"
Jaclu says, "Can we have lunch now? Im kinda hungry...."
Ariya asks Manze, "Can I keep this one?"
Blinken asks Lindle, "What's a Gyfford?"
Addisyn says to Lindle, "I doubt that sincerely."
Healfdene asks, "What's your point?"
Araine says to himself, "I will require more brandy for this."
Ariya says, "He is soo cute."
Lindle dreamily asks, "Who skin like fraying parchment?"
Delani says, "I'm so confused."
Blinken exclaims, "Are ye folks so daft! HIM!"
Healfdene says, "And we should get to the point."
Ariya exclaims, "Who is him!"
Azaerul exclaims, "Give us a name!"
Arv quietly says to himself, "Yummy."
Ysselt says, "Well I'm not really inclined to help with something I am unfamiliar with."
Azaerul asks, "Can I eat them?"
Jaleshia says to Blinken, "I'm very daft; please forgive my ignorance and enlighten me."
Lindle says, "HE had such a way with words. And such deft, nimble little fingers."
Mystiri says, "So anyway, we're also going to have a mud wrestling event."
Talliska says, "Are we supposed to guess? It's hard to give our support if we haven't an idea who you mean."
Blinken exclaims, "I can'ts believe you all don't know the greastest of all Olvi!"
Itala asks, "... Tachid?"
Addisyn says, "Oh gods it better not be Tachid."
Healfdene says, "He's gone."
Arv quietly exclaims to himself, "Oh, she knows him!"
Talliska says, "That's because greatness is relative."
Lindle exclaims, "A new recruit for our fan club!"
Ariya asks, "Tachid?"
Mystiri says to Itala, "Ohhhh."
Blinken exclaims, "Yes!!! The most fierce! the most brilliant!"
Arv quietly exclaims to himself, "She knows him!"
Talliska says, "Is it really Tachid? My gods."
Itala says, "Umm.."
Itala says, "I'm a guy."
Cyiarriah asks, "Tachid?"
Manze says, "He's dead.."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "T-t-the s-s-strongest!"
Talliska says, "Also Itala's a hi."
Mystiri asks, "She?"
Talliska says, "He."
Itala says, "And Tachid's dead."
Blinken exclaims, "The Olvi who was the toughest!"
Addisyn says, "I might have to kill them."
Lindle exclaims, "The dreamiest!"
Healfdene says, "Tachid is long gone."
Arv quietly exclaims to himself, "He knows him!"
Lindle says, "I have a piece of him here."
Ysselt says, "Well this is farcicle. Let's continue with the actual meeting."
Jaleshia says to Arv, "He gets that all the time."
Azaerul says, "Ooooh."
Lindle exclaims to Alexsei, "Will you raise him please!"
Mystiri says, "Wow, EVERYONE thinks you're a girl."
Blinken says, "The memory of the great Olvi remains. And we demands a day of recognitions for him."
Itala says to Mystiri, "Obviously..."
Jaclu says to Itala, "No wonder you lips are soft."
Talliska says, "I'm not sure what to say, except that Zoluren wouldn't endorse a day of appreciation for a guy that attacked the province and its people."
Alexsei says, "Well, in that case, I believe you are adressing the wrong crowd, unfortunately."
Healfdene asks, "Tachid was an olvi?"
Arv quietly says to himself, "Help us do the...."
Azaerul says, "I'm not gonna ask which part that goo came out of...or why you have it in your hand...."
Healfdene says, "I always thought he was a human..."
Talliska says, "So while you might have good intentions you're probably in the wrong place to ask for help with that."
Healfdene says, "Suppose everyone looks small when yer as tall as me."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "B-b-but halflings get no respect. W-w-we're so small and p-p-picked on!"
Nesra asks Ariya, "Do you still want one to keep?"
Itala asks Lindle, "Is that... slime?"
Lindle says, "We demand a statue be erected in his honor."
Blinken exclaims to Crinky, "Especially you!"
Ariya says to Nesra, "Im keeping this one."
Ysselt says, "I don't think you're in a position to demand anything."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "Ouch!"
Blinken says, "We wants a statue, a parade and a fest."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Statue, aye. Glorify him."
Itala says, "I am in favor of a fest."
Ariya says to Blinken, "You hit him again and ill scream your arm off."
Nesra says, "I don't think you'll find much sympathy here, I'm afraid."
Crinky nervously exclaims to Blinken, "S-s-stop it!"
You ask Addisyn, "Do you have any Theren events you would like to announce?"
Delani says, "Tachid did make things more lively around here."
Talliska says, "The best we can do is hear your request but I do not think it has a chance of being fulfilled, sorry."
Itala says, "The parade and statue will have to be discussed."
Azaerul says, "All on account of olvi spu...nevermind."
Lindle says, "A large statue. A huge statue to mirror his mighty stature and power."
Talliska says, "Definitely not on this province's soil."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Aye, lively. Dance to the little blades, dance."
Phii says, "That seems the exact opposite of Olvi."
Talliska says, "And not on any other represented here."
Blinken exclaims, "Us Olvi is done being overlooked! Tachid showed us the way to power!"
Crinky nervously exclaims, "He n-never t-took guff from anyone!"
Addisyn says to you, "Sorry, I'm at a loss for words. Let me think a moment."
Lindle asks, "Maybe the Gyfford up north will help us?"
Ysselt says, "Yeah, go see Baron Gyfford."
Blinken says, "We needs to find this Gyfford."
Azaerul says, "I need a drink."
Healfdene says, "Lord Baron Gyfford would never even grant an audience to people who wish to worship Tachid or anyone associated with Lyras."
Phii says, "He's that'away."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Aye, find the ONE."
Lindle asks, "Tachid deserves to be praised and honored for his fierceness. Who is with me?"
Healfdene says, "Don't waste your time."
Blinken asks Alexsei, "Are you supreme person for this areas?"
Lindle asks, "Lyras?"
You say, "It's time to move now guys."
Lindle asks, "Was he seeing another woman on the side?"
Ariya says, "I wanna keep him."
Lindle exclaims, "B-but he promised to marry me!"
Mystiri says to Ariya, "You can keep Manze."
Ysselt says, "This is ridiculous."
Alexsei says, "I am not. But either way, there is nothing here any of us can help you with, sadly. That is not something we can endorse."
Itala says to Lindle, "No... Lyras brought him back from the dead and made him fight for her."
Azaerul says, "Oh boy."
Healfdene says, "I highly suggest being prepared to be struck down by at LEAST Croegar for insolence and even the suggestion of worshipping such a fool."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "W-w-we just want to b-be heard!"
Manze says, "The fan club needs to be quiet or leave."
Lindle says to Ysselt, "I agree it is. They should build him a statue."
Blinken exclaims to Alexsei, "Then why ams I talkin' wit you?!"
Azaerul says to Ariya, "You'll just haveta glue hair to his feet from time to time."
Lindle asks, "Fool?"
Crinky nervously exclaims, "Why d-d-doesn't anyone ever r-respect the Olvi?!"
Blinken exclaims, "Where is the supreme persons for this area?!"
You say, "We have given you a chance to speak, now its time to move on."
Itala says to Blinken, "That'd be Vorclaf."
Ysselt says, "Except he's dead."
Phii says to Fintrial, "Guilty on ten counts of sass in the first degree."
Addisyn says, "We have Cane Fight Night approaching, as well as Theren Your Community, and the Baronial Armwrestling Challenge. Of course we also offer weekly spar lessons."
Lindle says to Healfdene, "He sir, was not fool. He was a great and mighty Olvi."
Healfdene says to Itala, "Ouch...Prince Vorclaf Walked awhile ago."
Alexsei says, "I explained, but you do not seem to be listening."
Blinken asks, "Then he's not so supremes is he?"
Itala says, "Oh. Yeah. I have my timeline messed up."
Lindle says to Ysselt, "Yes, yes that's why I brought a piece of him."
Ysselt says, "Princess Ariliana is Regent, presently."
Fintrial says, "I haven't said anything, yet."
You exclaim, "Sounds like a lot of fun!"
Itala says, "Yeah... don't listen to me."
Mystiri says, "Theren Your Community is awesome, and I won't be able to drag Itala away from the cane fighting."
Blinken says, "Go get's me this princess thing to talks to."
Ysselt says to Lindle, "I'm sorry, I don't think you have a "piece" of Prince Vorclaf."
Azaerul asks Lindle, "I gotta ask, the suspense is killing me, what part of him is that?"
Addisyn says, "Great! We love having visitors."
Phii says, "This elf travels through time."
You ask Ysselt, "Do you know of any events in Ilithi to be announced?"
Talliska says, "She is as likely to see you as the Baron is."
Itala says, "Ah, forward, at least."
Arv quietly says to himself, "All of him."
Azaerul says, "Whoa whoa whoa! Not too close with that."
Ysselt says to you, "There is an uncoming Gala, the theme is Heavenly Bodies."
Itala asks Lindle, "And can I have some of that slime?"
Ysselt says, "Upcoming, too."
Lindle says to Itala, "It's all I have of my lost love."
You ask, "Oh fun, is that similar to a ball?"
Mystiri says, "I have a heavenly body. I want to attend."
Itala says, "Ah."
Azaerul says, "Oh dear Gods."
Itala exclaims to Mystiri, "You do!"
Ysselt says to you, "Indeed."
You say, "That sounds like it will be a wonderful time."
Blinken asks, "Where do I finds this princess?"
Addisyn says, "I think what everyone is trying to say is you're asking the wrong groups for help."
Azaerul says to Mystiri, "And I thought I was bad with puns."
Arv quietly asks himself, "Peoples can help us?"
Lindle asks Alexsei, "Will you not consider our reasonable request? Was he not mighty?"
Azaerul says to Mystiri, "By the way I was so going to make that joke."
Ysselt says, "I'm liable to start shooting someone."
Crinky grumpily exclaims, "W-why is everyone ignoring us? This is j-j-just like b-being back at home!"
Jaclu says to Blinken, "Mystiri is the princess your looking for."
Addisyn says, "He brought shame to Elanthia."
Mystiri says, "I'm in another castle."
Araine quietly says, "Tachid once lodged a butcher's knife in my forearm. Your requests fall on deaf ears."
Healfdene says, "Go talk to the Dragon Priest Intercessors."
Healfdene says, "I'm sure they'll help."
Healfdene says, "Aye, Tachid once attempted to eat me."
Blinken says to Mystiri, "Then you can gets us what we wants to honor the noble Olvi."
Phii says to Fintrial, "No. You get dead Olvi on your boots. These are my stepping out shoes."
Arv quietly says to himself, "She was honored."
Lindle says to Addisyn, "But I don't understand. He was a mighty warrior."
Lindle dreamily says, "And so brave."
Itala says to Lindle, "... for Lyras."
Cyiarriah says to Blinken, "Tachid was nothing but a puppet for Lyras."
Blinken exclaims, "Puppet! Puppet!"
Ysselt asks, "Could we have some order?"
Blinken exclaims, "Arrrrr!!!!!"
Addisyn asks Lindle, "Mighty? Do you mean before we drove him out?"
Delani says, "So much hostility in one place."
Jaleshia says, "You seem to be glossing over that little fact."
Blinken exclaims, "I'll show you a puppet!!!"
Arv quietly says to himself, "Honored."
Healfdene says, "Whoa."
Talliska says, "I think that is a terrible idea."
Phii says, "Now now...little guy.."
Jaleshia says, "This won't end well."
Blinken exclaims, "Hey!"
Cyiarriah asks, "You sure you want to do that?"
Addisyn says, "Whoa."
You say, "This isn't going to be good..."
Healfdene says to Blinken, "Back up."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Uh oh, he's riled."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "That's n-not important! He was a p-p-powerful Olvi!"
Blinken exclaims, "I'll rip yer ankles from under your knees!"
Itala asks, "Can someone get a Banner of Truce up?"
Azaerul says, "To hell with the banner I wanna see this."
Lindle says to Arv, "I do enjoy the way his biceps flex when he's angry, but he has nothing on Tachid."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Not good to rile him."
Alexsei says, "Well, with that, I believe that marks the end of this meeting."
Crinky nervously exclaims to Blinken, "Y-y-yes sir!"
Cyiarriah says, "Perhaps its time for you and your Fan Club to move on. Tachid will get no love here."
Lindle exclaims, "Don't rile up Blinken! He once killed a mouse with his bare hands!"
Healfdene says, "Last chance blinken, back up."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Not good. Not good. Not good."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "D-d-don't make me c-c-cut you p-people!"
Lindle says, "Someone hold him back."
Blinken exclaims, "I squeezed the juice right outta it!"
Fintrial says, "Healfdene is going to regulate."
Ysselt says, "You've got to be kidding me."
Blinken exclaims, "Come on! who wants some?!"
Eilifure says to Ysselt, "It sure seems like a joke.."
Healfdene says, "Nobody needs to be engaging anyone, but you better believe i'll defend those who didn't do anything."
Itala asks Blinken, "Some what?"
Crinky nervously exclaims, "Y-y-you're all s-so big! B-b-bring it!"
Ysselt says to Eilifure, "This is ridiculous."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Ut oh."
Eilifure says, "Five Olvi walk into a town hall meeting..."
Lindle asks Fintrial, "You sir are a cleric. Will you try and see what you can do to bring him back from Urrem'tier's embrace?"
Crinky nervously exclaims, "I'm t-t-t-tired of b-being b-bullied!"
Ysselt says to Eilifure, "No Olvi walk out."
Fintrial says, "It's harmless, obviously. I'm sure Cyarriah can fend for herself if she chooses to do so."
Arv quietly says to himself, "Ut oh."
Blinken exclaims, "Harmless?!"
Healfdene says, "This little....Pip squeek still doesn't need to be doing it."
Delani says, "I've got money on the Tachid club. They're feisty."
Lindle asks, "Harmless?"
Phii says, "Makes your voice louder."
Azaerul exclaims, "Oh sit! He's got a shank yo!"
Lindle asks Delani, "Does that mean you will donate to our cause?"
Arv quietly says to himself, "Ut oh."
Crinky nervously exclaims, "Th-that's r-r-right!"
Blinken exclaims, "Purple wasn't Tachid's color!"

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