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Delani Gray
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives Silvwyn, Alacron, Althou


You see Delani Gray, a Human.
She has an angular face, unflinching and hardened wine-red eyes and an upturned nose. Her void black hair is hip length and straight, and is worn braided. She has pale skin and a sleek, sylphlike figure.
She is captivatingly compact for a Human.
She has a tattoo of Dergati's all-seeing eye inked in blood red on the neck. Tears the same vivid hue fall from the inner corner of the eye, each tear morphing slightly until they seamlessly transform into a flurry of negeri petals swirling across the left clavicle and down the arm before fading gradually into ghostly outlines on her left palm.

Brief Background

Having been gone nearly two decades dealing with business in other lands, the Grays have finally returned to their home province of Zoluren. Delani now serves as head of the family, with Silvwyn and Alacron enjoying their semi-retirement and her now ex-wife still missing. Not much is known about this mysterious member of the family, though she claims to be high- or noble-born and simply bored with the entitled life. Whether these claims are false or not is unknown, much like everything else about her.

Gray Family Crest Ring (Delani's Unique Version)

an elegant animite ring lavishly inlaid with the Gray family crest

Seamlessly inlaid into the lustrous silvery-black metal is a single ivory gladiolus blossom, the symbol of Zoluren. Nestled within the bloom is a scorpion fashioned from a shrike's eye sapphire, poised to strike any that would harm its home. When viewed precisely at midnight beneath the stars, an ice-green pinpoint is visible within its stinger, giving the illusion of a single glistening drop of venom.

(all other crests feature a tyrium scorpion)

Random Facts

  • Was lectured and then murdered by Sebastienne Dane shortly after taking up the adventurer's life, to teach her about trust and the cruelties of the world. This moment was fundamentally life-changing in her perspective of people
  • Formerly bonded to Althou Gray as part of an arranged marriage
  • Holy crap, not an orphan. Her parents are both very much alive and well (and not adventurers themselves)
  • Prefers the company of animals over people.
  • Follower of Dergati, but seeks favors from Urrem'tier as is Gray tradition. Has broken tradition and now follows her goddess with near zealous fervor once more
  • Gender fluid, though usually prefers a female form
  • Is a vegetarian

RP Profile

Name: Delani Gray
Spouse: No Info
Preferred Location: Zoluren
Roleplay Stance: Heavy
PvP Stance: Open