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Town Hall Meeting 11/21/2010 · on 11/22/2010 3:31:21 AM 5155
At tonight's meeting we discussed the relative quiet seen since Morlaena's attack on the Crossing. A ruffian was spotted near Arthe Dale and skeletons have also been seen near there as well. Just something to look out for.

Alexsei proposed holding a vigil to Elyhaar in response to the deception of Morlaena and to show proper respect and redirect some of the misguided praise that were uttered during the Priestess' plot. No set timeframe for this, interested parties should seek out Alexsei for more information.
Mystiri proposed a history challenge co-sponsored by some of the provincial Orders.
It was announced that Mystiri and Itala will be acting as representatives for the White Rose in Therengia and that they can be approached for diplomatic relations and getting involved in events.

Alexsei says, "First of all, as always, let me bid welcome to everyone who decided to attend today. On behalf of the Order of the White Rose, I want to pass my thanks to you all."
Alexsei smiles.
Alexsei says, "First, let me introduce myself. I am Alexsei Krauser, Vice-Speaker of the Order of the White Rose."
Alexsei nods politely.
Alexsei says, "For those who are here for the first time, I would like to quickly go over what the Zoluren Town Meetings consist of."
Alexsei smiles.
Alexsei pushes his spectacles up the bridge of his nose.
Alexsei says, "The Zoluren Town Meetings are, in a nutshell, a hub for information and collaboration between citizens and visitors to Zoluren."
Alexsei says, "While hosted and organized by the Order of the White Rose, these sessions allow for people to come and share their thoughts, opinions and information on current happenings in our province and the rest of Kermoria."
Alexsei says, "As such, while we do hold these events, they are very much community oriented. Do not be shy to let us know if you wish to speak, share information, or bring something to the meeting at any given time."
Alexsei smiles.
Alexsei says, "Now, before we move on to current events and happenings, let me reiterate our recurring topic - that of communication during invasions and emergency situations."
Alexsei says, "Those present in previous Town Meetings will recall that concern had been raised as to sensitive information being broadcasted on the gweths during emergency situations."
Alexsei says, "Many feel that certain things like triage location and other such information should be passed on in a more secure manner."
Alexsei says, "Multiple solutions were ventured, one of which being the adoption of a color of abredine ring to be used as an 'Emergency Channel' of sorts for Zoluren."
Alexsei says, "At previous meetings, it was decided that banded cobalt would be the color of choice. As thus, those possessing banded cobalt rings will be able to share information with other citizens and visitors at their leisure during emergencies."
Redeth gives a slight nod.
Alexsei says, "For those interested, the White Rose offers free rings, already attuned to the Banded Cobalt color."
Alexsei says, "If you would like to receive one, please whisper to me and I will hand them to you."
Alexsei smiles.
Alexsei nods amiably.
Alexsei asks, "Did anyone have something to bring up on what has been discussed so far?"
Alexsei says, "If not, then I will stop my incessant chatter for a moment, and pass the floor to Talliska and her more pleasant voice."
Alexsei winks at Talliska.
Talliska scratches one ear, looking bemused.
Talliska says, "I'm not sure about that, but here goes in any case."
Talliska chuckles.
Talliska says, "Hello all, I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to bring you the current events update."
Talliska says, "I usually cover invasions and threats to the provinces. As usual, peacetime events will be covered by Mialeigh in just a moment."
Talliska smiles at you.
Talliska says, "One can say no news is good news. I, personally, have not heard any recent reports ot attacks in Zoluren since the defeat of Morlaena, false priestess of Eylhaar."
Talliska says, "I will also admit though, that various worries and obligations have kept me from being fully active in my usual duties, again."
Talliska says, "So it's quite possible I may have missed some recent news of that sort."
Talliska asks, "That said, is there anyone here with some news of invasions of threats to Zoluren in recent times?"
Skullbag says, "I have question."
Talliska says, "As far as I know... Most of the threat since then has been from necromancers making trouble in the city."
Talliska says, "Sure, Skullbag."
Talliska smiles at Skullbag.
Skullbag asks, "I am Skullbag and travel much thru the lands and have seen an increase of necro practices and rituals about, is there any threat from them?"
The field of silver-blue light dissipates from around Arourra.
Tiakim's crystal armband glows briefly with a thin nimbus of swirling shadowy-grey moonlight orbited by a miniature luminescent version of the moon Yavash.
Talliska says, "I have not heard of any concentrated efforts from necromancers attempting to do harm to the city. Though we do get a construct or zombie at the gate now and then."
Talliska says, "To the province, I should say."
You say, "It seems to me...they plague Therengia more often then Zoluren."
Talliska says, "That certainly seems to be the case though that doesn't mean we shouldn't be vigilant in any case."
Skullbag says, "Thank you."
Alexsei says, "Do remember, however, that while we do not have any concrete information in that direction, necromancers are a secretive lot by nature. Their plots are often well concealed until they are hatched, so as Talliska mentioned, vigilance is always key."
Talliska nods to Skullbag.
Azaerul says, "Should one catch wind of their plans, who here should be informed, might I be askin'..."
Talliska says, "Alexsei here is currently organizing the White Rose's Emergency Response Group so I would say he would be a good person to inform."
Talliska says, "Though myself, our speaker Manze or really any Rose would be a good contact. It will get to us one way or another."
Alexsei gives a slight nod.
Talliska asks, "Any other comments about Zoluren invasions or threats?"
Alexsei says, "If one comes across such information, one should try to spread it among the citizens as well. The better informed we all are, the greater chance we have of being ready in times of strife."
Talliska nods in agreement.
Talliska says, "That's what we've been distributing the rings for too."
Talliska says, "So if you do have any news you can use the cobalt rings if you can't find one of us to inform."
Talliska says, "Okay, now... as far as other provinces are concerned, the only recent invasion I have read about is a pirate invasion in Riverhaven."
Tiakim acquaints you with some more tricks of the trade by means of droll commentary Azaerul asks, "Minor raiding party from which ship?"
Talliska says, "This occurred roughly 12 andaen ago? I'm not sure on my counting here, so that's approximate."
Talliska ponders.
Talliska says, "My information is fairly limited, unfortunately."
Meara pats Manze on the back.
Talliska says, "It would help if someone present here was actually at the invasion."
Talliska says, "If you were I'd love to hear your point of view."
Talliska smiles.
Talliska says, "What I do know is that it was a fairly short invasion. There were crossbowmen, bosun, riggers, longbowmen and others. The crossbowmen are known for their accuracy and the bosun for their magic resistance."
Talliska says, "I will make efforts to contact ODS or others in Riverhaven area for more info if you like."
Talliska smiles at Azaerul.
Azaerul shakes his head.
Azaerul smiles at Talliska.
Talliska says, "All right. Well, have to say this is possibly one of the shortest current event updates I've ever had to give."
Talliska chuckles.
Azaerul says, "Jes the ponderin's of a curious Rakash at all."
Alexsei chuckles.
Tiakim says, "I noticed one small thing."
Talliska says, "Sure, Tiakim, go ahead."
Tiakim says, "Might be of no concern ..."
Tiakim says, "Just a ruffian out on the nothern trade route, probally trying to steal from traders."
Azaerul peers quizzically at Tiakim.
Talliska asks, "Interesting, just a nameless ruffian?"
Tiakim says, "I killed him as he was about to enter arte."
Tiakim says, "Arthe even."
Talliska nods to Tiakim.
Cyiarriah asks, "When was this?"
Tiakim says, "About 1 day ago."
Tiakim says, "Was very recent."
Altras says, "I also noticed some undead around Arthe Dale."
Talliska says, "Something to watch out for, then. Thanks for bringing it to our attention."
Azaerul asks, "Where?"
Tiakim nods politely.
Talliska asks Altras, "What sort of undead?"
Altras says, "Minor creatures."
Azaerul says, "I been there almost everyday....if'n yer talkin about the squirrels they're always there."
Altras says, "A few days back."
Talliska nods to Azaerul.
Altras says, "Nope ... outside the gate."
Kraggur ponders.
Azaerul says, "Pale grey death squirrels? A joke of Huldah er somesuch."
Alexsei gives a slight nod.
Altras says, "Skeletons."
Alexsei says, "That is certainly disconcerting."
Talliska says, "I see. We do have a few Roses that make their homes in Arthe. I'm sure they'll take this news and be vigilant."
Talliska smiles.
Tiakim nods in agreement.
Alexsei asks, "They were not part of an organized attack force that you could discern, then?"
Altras says, "There were several ... nothing organized that I could se."
Talliska says, "Thank you for the news."
Talliska smiles at Altras.
Alexsei says, "Well, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sure we will all be vigilant and keep an ear to the ground."
Skullbag says, "I have one bit of news from Sortny about the TRADERS day in Shard next week you can check with here on date and times."
You nod to Skullbag.
Talliska asks, "Is there anyone else with a report?"
Alexsei nods to Altras.
You say, "I was going to cover that briefly."
You grin at Skullbag.
Talliska says, "As far as other non-threatening events are concerned, yes, Mia's going to speak about that soon."
Skullbag says, "Ah sorry."
Talliska exclaims, "No worries!"
Talliska smiles at Skullbag.
Talliska says, "In fact that can be now, if there are no other comments for my portion."
Talliska flicks one ear back as though listening for something.
You grin.
Talliska says, "Okay then, I'll give the floor to Mia."
You grin.
Alexsei smiles.
You wave.
You say, "I'm Mialeigh Arekher, Recruiting Director for the White Rose. I'll be short and sweet while covering social and peacetime events. If you want more information about any of the events mentioned, just whisper to me after the meeting."
You say, "For Zoluren events, Wyvern's Trials will be held in two days at the Hilltop Cemetery. The next Town Hall Meeting will be in two and a half weeks."
Azaerul asks, "Whats that?"
You say, "In Therengia, we have the ODS Strike Force gathering in one day, their Herb Lore and Triage in two and a novice auction in seven. The Theren Theatre Players will be hosting a "Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre" in six days at the Trigomas Residence."
You say, "The Trials."
You ask, "?"
Azaerul nods.
You giggle.
Talliska grins at you.
Azaerul chuckles.
You say, "It's one on one combat from what I've gathered."
You say, "A tournament of sorts."
Azaerul says, "Oh I thought someone might've been put on public trial."
You say, "'In Ilithi, as Skullbag had mentioned The Lorethew Mentor Society, the Apostles, the Ilithi Theater and the Trader Consortium will host a day of festivities in honor of Lanival the Redeemer's Victory in seven days."
You ask, "And that's all I have, does anyone have an event they'd like to announce?"
You smile.
Mystiri asks, "What about a proposal?"
You tilt your head with a curious expression.
Mystiri smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Azaerul peers quizzically at Mystiri.
You ask, "Proposal for an event or a marriage proposal?"
Mystiri says, "Itala and I have been spending some time in Haven lately.."
Mystiri says, "Proposal for an event."
You ask, "What would you like to see?"
You smile at Mystiri.
Mystiri says, "We attended the ODS Strike Force event, which was very informative and fun, and then we tried to attend the Haven Living event the next day."
Mystiri says, "We missed it...but not really out fault."
One of the onyx ravens orbiting Skullbag's waist suddenly halts, causing those behind it to slam into it! The impact jumpstarts the first back into motion.
Mystiri says, "More of a mix up in communication."
Mystiri chuckles.
Itala nods.
Mystiri says, "However, while there, Arourra had an interesting suggestion."
Talliska smiles.
Mystiri says, "A history challenge co-sponsored by a few provincial groups."
Alexsei tilts his head to one side.
Mystiri grins at Arourra, her dimples flashing into view.
Mystiri says, "She had asked if members of the Order of the White Rose were interested in history."
Talliska says, "That sounds like it could be great fun."
Redeth says, "That would be fun."
Mystiri says, "I assured her we most certainly are."
Alexsei says, "Nesra is not with us today, but I am certain she would very much like the idea."
You say, "We'll have to get together with some of the other leaders and see if we can't get that going."
Talliska says, "Spreading knowledge and lore are a part of our charter, naturally."
Mystiri says, "If it's an idea that's approved, I would like to help with the planning from our Order."
Arourra says, "Each group could even craft questions about their Provincial history to challenge the other representatives. It would be a learning experience and a way to bring several groups together."
Mystiri says, "I'm working on getting the reports to Talli, but I'm having some, um, technical problems."
Mystiri grumbles.
Mystiri smiles at Arourra, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Alexsei nods at Arourra, obviously agreeing with her views.
Mystiri nods.
Talliska says, "Nesra has recently become our event coodinator, so you'll want to speak to her about it too. But as far as I'm concerned I think it'd be great."
The snow slacks off to a moderate flurry.
Mystiri nods to Talliska.
Mystiri says, "Of course."
Alexsei nods to Talliska.
Mystiri says, "I just wanted to bring it up while most of us were together and Arourra was here."
Mystiri smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Talliska says, "While we've got the spotlight on Mysti a bit..."
Talliska grins.
Alexsei says, "I think this could be a very interesting and informative idea. Thank you for sharing it."
Alexsei smiles.
You grin at Talliska.
Talliska says, "I did want to say one thing."
Talliska says, "The reason she and her husband Itala have been spending more time up north is because I've asked her to help represent the White Rose diplomatically in Theren."
Talliska says, "She is officially assisting me in that respect. So, if you are a Therengian or know a Therengian, you can speak to them."
Talliska says, "You'll probalby see plenty of them at your events."
Talliska grins.
Talliska says, "And it isn't that and you know it."
Mystiri says, "Anyway, I will be sharing the Strike Force report as soon as I can, but it was great fun and I recommend it to anyone."
Mystiri nods.
Mystiri says, "And that's all I have."
Talliska says, "Thank you very much."
Alexsei says, "Well, if no one else has anything to announce, I would speak a bit informally about something of my own, if you would."
Talliska says, "My sentence was a bit confusing, so let me clarify, if you are a Therengian or know one, you can tell them to speak to Mystiri and Itala about diplomatic relations with the Rose, getting involved in events with us and so on."
Talliska says, "And now I'm done."
Mystiri giggles at Talliska.
Alexsei says, "Well... As many of you I believe are aware, I am a long time servant of Eylhaar."
Alexsei says, "Recently, Her name was used in a ploy, her likeness and purviews abused to gain the trust of the people."
Alexsei says, "As such, I wanted to hold a short vigil in Her name, to help show Her proper respect and redirect some of the misguided praise that were uttered during Morlaena's plot."
Alexsei says, "I have not yet established a timeframe for it, although I will have it announced as soon as it is decided. I am not the evangelist type and will not force anyone, but if this would catch your interest, then I hope to see you there."
You blush a bright red color.
You say, "I forgot about an event."
You say, "The Ilithi Court will be hosting a game of 'Puce Assassins' in five days. Last I knew, Leucius was looking for people to play assassins. If you're interested, you could contact him."
You say, "It sounds like a fun game of havoc and chaos."
You grin impishly.
Alexsei asks, "Did anyone have anything else to add and announce, then?"
Kraggur says, "Aye."
Alexsei nods to Kraggur.
Alexsei says to Kraggur, "Oh, go right ahead, in that case."
Kraggur says, "Vansiil an' I hae received word that there might be some activity related ta tha Y'Shai guardian o'er tha Dor'na'torna shard in tha next few months."
Kraggur says, "I'll let ya all know as we hear mer."
Alexsei says, "Well, if that is all, then I believe this concludes this Zoluren Town Meeting. Once again, I want to express the thanks of everyone in the Order of the White Rose to all those who came to attend."

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