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Re: [Request] 3.0 Circle Reqs: Hard or Soft · on 12/05/2012 02:01 AM CST 658
Working from Kaeta's original list:


Barbarian Tactics, Evasion
Bard Performing
Cleric Theurgy, Shield
Empath First Aid, Scholarship, Empathy
Moon Mage Scholarship, Astrology
Necromancer Thanatology, Small Edge (Technically, since there are no Nth weapon reqs for necros, this is only sort of true)
Paladin Evasion
Trader Appraisal, Trading
WM Summoning

In addition, the following skills are never allowed as 'Nth req' skills:

Melee Mastery
Missile Mastery
Primary Magic


Bard Tactics
Cleric Augmentation
Empath Outdoorsmanship
Necromancer TM
Paladin Shield Use
Ranger Scouting
Thief Stealth, Thievery
WM Scholarship, TM
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