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Of Politics and Empaths · on 09/05/2012 02:24 PM CDT 1831
Leucius has been chit chatting with various local Empaths regarding events with thier Guild and thought it might be handy to seek out some clarity regarding the Empath Guild and Ilithi:

[The Great Tower, Antechamber]

Large cushions of plush, deep purple pile in the corners of this small room, ready to provide seating should the wait for admittance to the Ferdahl's inner chambers be a long one. Twin gaethzen orbs frame both entrances, the pale, steady light lending a feeling of warmth to the red-violet walls that enclose the chamber. A small indigo rug sits to the side of the door, hosting an array of soft slippers. You also see a small plaque, a door leading back to the stairwell and a curtained arch.
Obvious exits: none.
Halfrida followed.
> You say, "This should do."
> You smile.
Halfrida nods.
Halfrida closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.
> You say, "We keep the riff raff out."
Halfrida says, "I know you may have been wanting a more open audience, but the Modien do not really wish to open a referendum on Empaths' Guild internal affairs. I hope I shall do, for the time being at least."
Halfrida frowns sourly.
> You say, "Perfectly fine."
> You say, "I prefer a few extra folks just so I do not seem as talking from the high."
> You chuckle.
Halfrida says, "I am a bit surprised to have been contacted by you, in truth."
Halfrida nods.
> You say, "But I can relay perfectly fine."
> You ask, "Oh?"
Halfrida says, "We asked the Ferdahl's government for their aid in this matter, just as we asked elsewhere."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "But Ilithi, what did they say..."
Halfrida says, "'Declines to involve itself in Empaths' Guild internal disputes.'."
> Halfrida folds her arms across her chest.
You say, "That sounds.."
> You say, "Us."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "It is ..."
Halfrida says, "Still as forbidden as ever, as far as the Guild is concerned."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "But we do not have the help of your government in enforcing that rule."
> You say, "Ah ha."
Halfrida says, "It will be up to the Aev and other Khalaen in Ilithi, I suppose."
Halfrida says, "Which, of course, is not nearly sufficient to properly enforce anything."
Halfrida sighs.
> You say, "We have resident Empaths who fear they will be asked to leave."
> You say, "Just in principle."
Halfrida says, "The Modien are ... hmm."
Halfrida says, "There is a schism."
Halfrida's mouth twists, as if in distaste.
You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.
> You ask, "Is that good or bad?"
Halfrida says, "The sane majority are for rooting out this perversity as violently as might be neccessary, just as lancing a wound can be painful, but utterly required for healing of the whole."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "The Moda in Ilithi feels that a subtler approach would be useful, and it seems the government here... faugh."
> You nod.
> You say, "They do appreciate subtle here."
Halfrida says, "Does that make any sense? I have been running myself ragged the last few weeks, I'm not sure I am coming across properly."
> You say, "Oh yes, I understand Ilithi perfectly."
Halfrida says, "So your government and the Moda here seem to accord, as far as it goes."
Halfrida says, "Whatever the other Modien feel."
Halfrida says, "There was a lot of talk about Dragons and Dragon Priests and Adan'f and so on, and priorities, if I recall."
> You nod.
Halfrida asks, "Well, I am running on. Does that answer your questions?"
> You say, "All things we are handleing."
Halfrida nods curtly.
> You say, "It does, I thought at first it might have been some sort of oversight."
> You say, "Then I wanted to curtail the folks that thought they need flee."
Halfrida says, "No. It just seemed best not to draw undue attention to the dissension."
> You say, "And lastly, I wanted to quell the ones that thought this meant they should open up a shop."
Halfrida says, "Nor seem to be accusing the government of Ilithi with, well, I'm not sure, but nevertheless seeming to put ourselves at odds with it. You."
Halfrida casually observes the area.
> You nod.
> You say, "Understandable."
Halfrida says, "No, even K'Xonei could not look aside if there were... a shop."
> You say, "That was my thought as well."
> You chuckle.
Halfrida looks as if she has bitten into an unripe plum.
Halfrida says, "I would be happy to relay this once more, to some trusted deputies, if it seems to be required. But again, I would rather avoid a town hall meeting sort of ... situation."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "When I brought the news to Zoluren, I was nearly driven out of the guildhall by angry masses, for all that their Moda is the most conservative of all."
Halfrida dusts herself off.
> You ponder.
> You ask, "Conservative is bad?"
Halfrida says, "I quite agree with K'Eksharo, but he sometimes has all the subtlety of a rampaging ox in a tea shop."
> You say, "Oh I see, as in lets not break outthe lances."
> You ask, "That sort of conservative?"
Halfrida says, "He would rather more heroic measures."
Halfrida says, "He very much regrets having to involve governments at all."
> You say, "I doubt such would actually work."
> You say, "People tend to very much rebel on that sort of thing."
Halfrida says, "This outcome is...rather blunted, compared to what K'Eksharo originally had in mind."
Halfrida says, "Wyllen and K'Xonei's influence, you can be sure."
> You say, "Prolly wise."
Halfrida says, "K'Wyllen I should say."
> You say, "You can at least gauge it some."
> You say, "Then adjust if need be."
Halfrida says, "Thankfully, such decisions are not mine to make."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "I am simply to see them enforced."
Halfrida chuckles.
Halfrida says, "Such as I can, anyway."
> You say, "And just to sooth my feelings.."
> You ask, "Your thoughts on our lovely Asrea?"
> You smile.
Halfrida glowers.
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "She had best hope I never catch up with her."
Halfrida says, "Mirinn is one of our most valued members."
Halfrida says, "To have her killed in such a way is ... utterly beyond the pale."
> You say, "That seemed quite messy."
Halfrida says, "The cleaning up is not yet complete."
Halfrida says, "We mean to have the heads of every Empath who was involved. Figuratively speaking, of course."
> You say, "I'm unsure what logic was invlved in meeting in Langenfirth."
> You say, "Ah ha."
> You say, "It was quite out of hand."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "Mirinn thus far is not being terribly cooperative as far as giving up all the names, but we hope that Annael may be prevailed upon, or compelled, to give up the information in time."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "She and Annael are incredibly close."
> You say, "To be expected I'd say."
Halfrida says, "Yes, all those who were there are implicated."
Halfrida shakes her head.
Halfrida says, "They had to have known something was going to happen."
> You say, "Hrm."
> You say, "From the reports I got it was.."
> You say, "Sketchy."
Halfrida says, "And then several of them offered to..."
> You say, "Which sums up Asrea really."
Halfrida says, "Annael has until now been trying to protect the chit. But no more, this is just too much."
> You ponder.
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "Ah well, I do go on."
Halfrida says, "I am getting almost as bad as Salvur."
Halfrida says, "Gods preserve me."
> You say, "Well, carefull with the baby and the bathwater deal I suppose."
> You smile.
> You say, "It can get messy."
Halfrida says, "There cannot be many innocents left in this matter."
Halfrida says, "They are all idiots playing with things that they do not understand."
> You say, "I might lean the opposite way."
> You say, "Mostly because of Asrea's style, really."
Halfrida says, "Yvei could be another Jomay, I do not think we can be too exuberent in dealing with her before she can get further out of hand."
Halfrida says, "And Asrea..."
Halfrida says, "I could just spit."
> You nod.
Halfrida shakes her head.
> You say, "Jomay was no fun at all."
> You squint.
Halfrida says, "It's incredibly embarassing for our guild to have had to appeal to outside sources for aid in dealing with this."
Halfrida sighs.
You say, "This sounded different though frankly."
> You say, "I dealt with Jomay some myself."
Halfrida says, "Yvei is not perhaps so, hmm... deliberate."
Halfrida says, "But it seems the results might be the same."
> You ask, "Perhaps it's progressed?"
Halfrida says, "Yvei is a mistake. The guild should have dealt with her long ago."
> You say, "Jomay seemed to need time to do her deeds."
Halfrida says, "Another of K'Xonei's foolish ..."
Halfrida shakes her head.
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "I should go."
> You say, "It sounds like you will have a busy time."
Halfrida says, "Good morning to you, General."
> You nod.
Halfrida says, "Have, and have had."
Halfrida chuckles.
> You ask, "Do you know the way out?"
Halfrida gives a slight curtsy, barely worth the effort.
Halfrida says, "I will find my way."
> You say, "Perfect, good day."
Halfrida just went through a door leading back to the stairwell.


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