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Magic 3.0 FAQ · on 10/7/2010 2:54:00 PM 4
Wow! A FAQ post after 8.5 years!


Q: What does "the new casting subskills" mean?
A: They are Warding, Augmentation, Debilitation, Utility and Targeted Magic. They are going to act largely as Primary Magic currently does, but for relevant types of spells only.
Q: What will each set of bonuses/penalties look like?
A: Each god will 'favor' two skills and 'disfavor' three skills. Each bonus and penalty will be equivalent, static, and minor -- below the magnitude of the Ranger Bonus.
Q: What if I don't like the bonuses/penalties that my god provides?
A: You could entertain the idea that your god has nuances you didn't know before; there is a lot of potential for theological discussions here. Otherwise, I will point out that this isn't necessarily the definitive "choosing a god" paradigm -- at least not yet. You are just as welcome to pay homage to whichever divinity is appropriate for your situation.
Q: Can't I stay 'unaligned'?
A: No.
Q: Will this affect the appearances of some spells like my last favor currently does?
A: Yes. The plan is to base all such magic-related things on this new system. Last favor will probably continue to affect a few other things for now.
Q: Will you post the list of what each god modifies?
A: Probably not, but that information will be given to you when you dedicate to a god.
Q: How will we dedicate to a god?
A: The plan is to use the ALIGN command along with a small ritual.
Q: Will we be unable to cast spells until we dedicate?
A: If you cast a spell while unaligned, you will automatically be aligned to the god of your last favor. New clerics will start out with Faenella. This is both due to the fact that she is who welcomes you to Elanthia and that a first-circle cleric will be guaranteed to have the spell types she favors.
Q: Will we be allowed to dedicate to the non-39 gods?
A: The Prydaen and Rakash gods might be allowed. However, they would bonus one skill instead of two. You are free to interpret this as (1) they are simply lesser gods, (2) their influences don't reach Kermoria that well, or (3) they are misrepresentations of the 39.
Q: Why not the Albarian gods?
A: Same general caveat as above, but weightier enough to preclude them entirely.
Q: What about the World Dragon, the All-God, Maelshyve, the Hunger, the Heralds, or the Great Spirits of the Plane of Probability?
A: No.
Q: Will we get alignment-specific titles, shops and the like as was planned?
A: No, this will be a magic-only system for the time being. There may be aligned spell preps, but the rest of those goodies would fall under subguilds/sects, which are tentatively planned to be based on temples/organizations rather than alignments.


Q: Why is Centering's anti-stun being removed?
A: The intention is to put an end to the arms race between disablers and anti-disablers. Just as chain-stuns are going away, anti-stuns in general will also be reined in.
Q: Why is the innate Cleric bonus to mana regeneration being removed?
A: With the "Masters of X" design philosophy gone, many passive guild bonuses (aka "bigger numbers") are being phased out.
Q: Why is Revelation's spot-effect being removed?
A: Passive spot-effect is now considered a high-end Survival ability, and thus no longer appropriate for a Survival Tertiary guild.
Q: Why will Fire of Ushnish no longer be "Death From Below"?
A: While this quirky spell has been a fine experiment, it is our belief that it will serve the guild better in the form of a regular AoE TM spell. If the shield-ignoring remains a desirable mechanic in Magic 3.0, we can still explore it with spiritual combat spells.
Q: How many slots will spell X cost?
A: We aren't discussing the slot costs yet.

GM Grejuva

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