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Log of First FECT Meeting · on 03/20/2013 10:52 PM CDT 15
Location: Shard (Marssi's Home)

Date: 6 Uthmor 408 (March 20, 2013)

Empaths in attendance: Acerbity, Acynarian, Annalyse, Arianah, Dianelle, Doherty, Haileyann, Marssi, Naeya, Nithhogr, Rairken, Sarkranis, Synamon, and Zamara.

[Marssi's Home] A white marble floor spreads across this small room into surrounding walls of black-veined white marble. A gorgeous riverstone fireplace, with a silver-edged parchment playbill hanging above it, stands guard over the massive black oak canopy bed and glass-topped dragonwood table that rest upon a large bearskin rug with the head set in a snarling pose covering the floor. A mild scent of fresh coffee fills the air. You also see a sedate alfar warrior, a wiry-haired tricolor puppy, a star-shaped ebonwood door, a gold-trimmed red oak coffer embossed with a rampant dragon and a bronze-inlaid ebonwood armor stand with a Gnome-sized set of full plate armor fashioned from blackened steel decorated with small silver lightning bolts on it. Obvious exits: none.

[22:14] Marssi exclaims, "Thank you all for coming!"

[22:15] Marssi says, "I want to say that I know that there are a lot of different personalities here, and although not all of us might be best friends, I hope we can put that aside and work together."

[22:16] Marssi says, "I know that there are many things that we can discuss, and I'd like for us to decide what we should focus on, and perhaps how to go about reaching these goals."

[22:18] Marssi says, "I think that we if we all were to give our reasons for becoming an empath, there probably wouldn't be the same story. We each have our own reasons, and also our own definition of what makes an empath."

[22:18] Marssi says, "Some may wish to do nothing except heal all the time, in the safety of the guild, while someone else might want to be in the middle of combat defending themselves and healing other, and yet someone else might want to be involved in the actual fight."

[22:19] Zamara exclaims, "Oh. Tree!"

[22:19] Marssi says, "All of these are fine, and I think we should be allowed to choose our path."

[22:20] Zamara mutters something into the air about needs more tree.

[22:22] Marssi says, "I'm sure you're aware of the bans that have been put into place regarding shifting. I think it's one way that the Khalo wishes to keep us held back, and have us all sort of in the same mold."

[22:22] Marssi says, "They do not like to be questioned, and I'm not sure how they'll react to us forming a group to question their tactics."

[22:23] Marssi says, "I haven't heard from them at all yet, and they could just be ignoring it, or watching and waiting."

[22:23] Marssi says, "If we continue to do anything, however, they may very well decide to do something."

[22:24] Marssi says, "Asrea was banned from the guild after her meeting in Therengia."

[22:24] Sarkranis says, "And Eksharo was looking to round up and punish those present."

[22:24] Zamara says, "Asking about the connection between Empathy and Necromancy was enough to get several of us banned from the guildhalls during the Lyras War."

[22:24] Nithhogr asks Marssi, "Forgive my ignorance, what meeting was that?"

[22:24] Zamara says, "Questions in and of themselves can be dangerous."

[22:25] Nithhogr says to Zamara, "You hit it in the head, that's one of the things they're afraid of."

[22:25] Zamara says to Nithhogr, "Of course it is."

[22:25] Marssi says, "Asrea had a meeting some time ago now, where her and another empath said that answers to questions would be given."

[22:26] Marssi says, "They had taken the Martyr, who is a former Khalo, and were going to have her answer questions, but things went bad right away."

[22:26] Acynarian asks, "When and How will we receive these answers?"

[22:27] Synamon says, "I think the banning of shifting is the answer."

[22:27] Synamon says, "Instead of more information, they want to take away what we already know."

[22:27] Marssi says, "I don't have an answer for that yet. We need to push to get anywhere, I feel. The answers won't be given to us freely."

[22:28] Marssi says, "What I wanted to form this group for is to gather like minded empaths, and figure how we should go about getting this."

[22:28] Marssi says, "I want for us to make sure the newer empaths learn how to shift, and manipulate, since the guild won't teach this to them."

[22:28] Dianelle says, "I was hoping Asrea would be here."

[22:28] Nithhogr says, "Fear of common knowledge that Thanatology is a corruption of Empathy is what they want to stop more than anything. At least in my view."

[22:28] Acynarian asks, "Who is the one we should be requesting an audience with?"

[22:28] Marssi says, "She had said she would be, but she must have been held up."

[22:29] Arianah asks, "What about Mizehra?"

[22:29] Dianelle asks, "Actually, what about Annael?"

[22:29] Marssi says, "I sent an invitation to the kick off party to her, with a note, but I don't know if she received it."

[22:30] Sarkranis says, "Annael expressed sympathy with our position at the time of her 'resignation.'."

[22:30] Synamon says, "Some one said that annael had stopped in crossing and claimed to be enjoying her "retirement."

[22:30] Arianah asks Synamon, "I heard she had fallen ill..?"

[22:30] Sarkranis says, "I have not seen or heard from her since Eksharo forced her out."

[22:30] Acynarian says, "Kaelie saw Annael recently."

[22:31] Synamon says, "I don't know more than that."

[22:31] Synamon asks, "I think maybe that is who was talking about it?"

[22:32] Marssi says, "It would be nice if we were able to contact her, but I guess we can't really plan on that."

[22:32] Sarkranis says, "It would be pretty daring of her to show up at this meeting, even if she is no longer a Khalo."

[22:32] Zamara says, "WHile she has always put her students first, she has never been particularly enthusiastic about shifting."

[22:33] Sarkranis says, "Eksharo has not been ambiguous about the fate of Empaths who stray after forbidden knowledge."

[22:33] Synamon says, "'if she is not ill, she likely would be after openly going against the guild."

[22:34] Marssi says, "Yes, Eksharo is pretty threatening still."

[22:34] Zamara says, "There may still be hope in finding an ally in Salvur. He is spineless, but he drinks heavily. He was drunkenly wandering around yesterday."

[22:34] Synamon says, "I like him."

[22:34] Zamara says, "It may be easy to get information out of him in that state, if he were prompted with the right questions."

[22:35] Sarkranis says, "He's afraid of being banished to the wilderness again."

[22:35] Naeya says, "He might not be trusted with much, considering it's widely known how he likes to drink."

[22:35] Marssi asks, "I don't know him well, at all. He seemed really scared to say anything against Eksharo at all. Do you think he would, if drunk enough?"

[22:35] Acynarian says, "Finding the correct wording is quite the challenge."

[22:35] Zamara asks you, "Halfrida herself has had trouble controling him when intoxicated. Recall his lovely dance?"

[22:36] Acynarian asks, "Would we trust him, while drunk, to actually do any good in talking to superior's?"

[22:36] Sarkranis says, "Who knows what he could be compelled to do."

[22:36] Synamon says, "He told allye that she asked to many questions and rapped her on the nose. she was asking him about annael and why he was exciled. he was pretty sober at the time but almost said something he seemed to regret."

[22:37] Naeya says, "Something to consider."

[22:37] Marssi says, "I think that attention is kind of needed."

[22:37] Zamara says, "Oh, no, not on our behalf. But he may be able to share information the guild does not want us to have. He did something to get himself punished. Something worthy of the guilds notice."

[22:38] Zamara asks, "However, those are plans that involve ranking guild members we likely be not be able to involve. Any thoughts as to holding something like a 'Public Shifting Awareness' day?"

[22:39] Zamara asks, "Free shifting, and educate the public on how uh, harmless it is?"

[22:39] Marssi says, "I was thinking of things that we can do, and right now I think we need to make our presence known. The Khalo doesn't like unpleasant attention, and I think that they might feel some pressure."

[22:39] Marssi says, "That's what I was about to bring up."

[22:39] Naeya asks Marssi, "Have you given any thought about organization within the group?"

[22:39] Dianelle says, "It's not harmless. We just don't know how to use it in a harmful manner."

[22:39] Nithhogr says to Zamara, "Shifting isn't completely harmless."

[22:39] Arianah says, "Espcially now since the person being shifted has to consent.."

[22:39] Nithhogr says to Dianelle, "Beat me to it."

[22:39] Marssi says, "I was hoping to have a Day of Shifting, here in Shard to start with."

[22:39] Zamara says to Nithhogr, "When you figure out how to harm someone with it, let us know."

[22:40] Dianelle says, "But see that's part of the point here. They're withholding that information from us."

[22:40] Sarkranis mutters something into the air about dimples.

[22:40] Haileyann says, "I am in, I can not shift very much yet, However I will do what I can."

[22:40] Acynarian says, "If ye doin many shifts, ye can sneak in a missing tooth, bloodshot eyes or something like that."

[22:40] Marssi says, "And witholding the information doesn't make it not exist, or make people not want to figure it out."

[22:40] Nithhogr says, "Just because none of us have figured out how, doesn't mean it isn't possible."

[22:40] Zamara asks, "And that is why we are here, is it not?"

[22:40] Dianelle says, "We know it's possible."

[22:41] Dianelle says, "Some of us have met Jomay in person."

[22:41] Marssi says, "Ignorance is never a good option, I don't think."

[22:41] Synamon says, "Jomay can force shift with out consent."

[22:41] Acynarian asks, "Jomay is still around?"

[22:41] Dianelle says, "Unknown."

[22:41] Zamara says, "She is still alive, supposedly."

[22:41] Dianelle says, "And she's not the only one."

[22:41] Marssi says, "There was another empath that I met that could do that."

[22:41] Acynarian says, "See that would be why people are afraid, the forced shifting."

[22:42] Synamon says, "But just think of the benefits of it."

[22:42] Arianah says to Acynarian, "That was the main reason for being afraid of it.."

[22:42] Synamon says, "This is something you can use in battle, or even do some one a favor and trim up the eyelashes."

[22:42] Naeya says, "That's the problem with a lot of things. They can have many wonderful benefits, but in the hands of the wrong person, they can be quite harmful."

[22:43] Nithhogr says to Marssi, "I wouldn't be surprised if Trylaine could but from the stories, it wasn't something that it ever showed the ability to do."

[22:43] Sarkranis says, "The guild's ban on shifting is good in a way, because it makes even apathetic, humble Empaths curious."

[22:43] Arianah says, "But that doesn't mean the knowledge should be withheld."

[22:43] Marssi says, "Shifting could be used for good, or for evil, but so can many thing."

[22:43] Marssi says, "Should mages not be allowed to use fire? That's dangerous. Clerics are able to do things with our souls, and that could also go terrible."

[22:44] Acynarian says, "A soul bonding rune can give us shock."

[22:44] Zamara says, "Empathy is the same as blade. A weapon is not good or evil, it is how it is wielded, the act, that makes it good or evil."

[22:44] Marssi says, "We don't allow a child to use a knife, but we don't pretend that they don't exist and hope the child never uses one."

[22:45] Sarkranis says, "Salvur once said that 'we can hold more power than any other guild could care to imagine, even the Warrior Mages.' That scares people."

[22:45] Marssi asks, "Other guilds have abilities that are dangerous, and when they are misused, there are consequences, right?"

[22:45] Dianelle says, "It took an empath to put Lyras down finally."

[22:45] Synamon says, "The idea that empaths are passive healers is one that has been forced upon us. withholding the reality of what we can do is a disservice to everyone."

[22:45] Nithhogr says to you, "I think that's why the story of Trylaine needs to be told more often."

[22:46] Nithhogr says, "The things it could do were astounding."

[22:46] Synamon says, "The guild also turned its back on those of us that got too close and were tainted in that war, there is a precident there."

[22:47] Sarkranis says, "The guild has definitely not been forthcoming about how empathy was used to break the link of unlife that tethered Lyras to this plane."

[22:47] Arianah says to you, "It is not wellknown, especially among younger empaths."

[22:47] Nithhogr asks, "Just to ask the question, have any of you not heard about Jomay or Trylaine before?"

[22:47] Zamara says, "That is also not the only time a link between necromancers and empaths has been used in an... interesting way."

[22:47] Acynarian says, "I'm nae as familiar with Trylaine as I am of Jomay."

[22:48] Sarkranis says to Arianah, "When you talk about it, the guild denounces you as a madwoman."

[22:48] Zamara asks you, "Remember that old S'Kra? Ahspia? That they used to cause the consumption plague?"

[22:48] Sarkranis says to Zamara, "I am not familiar with that."

[22:48] Arianah says to you, "All knowledge is worth having, it's how you wield it - as Marssi said."

[22:48] Nithhogr says to Zamara, "I was young and not yet an adventurer when Lyras was defeated, I've only ever heard bits and pieces about it."

[22:49] Zamara says, "This was long before even that."

[22:49] Zamara says, "Few decades."

[22:49] Zamara says to you, "This might have been a few years before you joined the guild, come to think of it."

[22:49] Dianelle says, "I remember."

[22:49] Sarkranis says to Zamara, "I am only 40."

[22:49] Zamara says, "Time is hard."

[22:50] Marssi says, "So, getting back to the shifting ideas..."

[22:50] Zamara says, "The then Adan'f Xerasyth kidnapped that S'Kra and used some ritual to release the consumption plague."

[22:50] Zamara says, "For those who may not know, he is a well known necromancer. He is very dangerous."

[22:51] Zamara says, "Empaths at the time heard some sort of... magical singing almost."

[22:51] Zamara says, "The plague was very bad. Very annoying."

[22:51] Synamon says, "It was heart linking xerasyth that caused the taint to be transferred. some how the empathic link was used to transfer it back onto us."

[22:52] Zamara says to Synamon, "Second time he has somehow used empathy and necromancy together."

[22:52] Zamara says, "He is very dangerous."

[22:52] Marssi asks, "So, should we go forward with making plans for a Shifting campaign?"

[22:52] Synamon says, "There is a link between the two. i feel that is what they do not want us to know."

[22:53] Synamon says, "Oh sorry."

[22:53] Arianah says to Marssi, "I think educatin' folk on it is a big priority."

[22:53] Arianah says, "A lot of people fear what they don't understand."

[22:53] Marssi says, "I think that a place to start is a Day of Shifting here, and we can do the offering free shifting services, and educating people."

[22:54] Marssi says, "It is not a forbidden practice here, so there won't be arrests."

[22:54] Marssi says, "It is, as someone pointed out, a "spit in the eye from afar" to the khalo."

[22:54] Zamara says, "That does not mean the guild might not react though."

[22:54] Sarkranis says, "Though I wouldn't be surprised if the heavy-handed Therengians took notice and added some of us to the list of undesirables."

[22:54] Zamara says, "Something to keep in mind."

[22:54] Zamara says to you, "Have a big list of Theren Guard who have recieved shifting."

[22:55] Synamon says, "It is because the baron is marrying his cousin, they just try to draw attention away from that."

[22:55] Marssi says, "It will get their attention, but I'm not sure how they will react."

[22:55] Arianah says, "It's not like most of us haven't been booted out of Therengia before.."

[22:55] Marssi says, "We can continue on and have other shifting events closer to home where the consequences will be worse."

[22:55] Arianah says, "Healin' who we weren't 'supposed' to."

[22:56] Synamon says, "I have a knoll in arthe dale that would work well as an office."

[22:56] Nithhogr says, "It is interesting that not a single member of the Guard is here."

[22:56] Arianah says, "There will be consequences.. the severity.. I'm sure we'll find out, but we won't gain anythin' if we don't stand our ground."

[22:56] Naeya says, "As a former Theren Guard council member, I approve of this group."

[22:56] Acynarian asks, "There are hunters in Theren that we shouldn't heal? How are we supposed to know who they are?"

[22:56] Synamon says, "Not in the middle of things but close."

[22:56] Sarkranis says, "They are not the most inquiring lot, the Guard."

[22:56] Zamara says, "Mordibar did mention an interest in attenting possibly."

[22:56] Marssi says, "He'd be welcome."

[22:56] Naeya says, "Well he's Watch, not Guard."

[22:56] Naeya says, "Huge difference."

[22:56] Arianah says, "First step is just to get out there, and tell the realm what we're about.. let them know their friendly neighborhood empath that's healed 'em since they were young don't bite."

[22:57] Dianelle says, "He'll be ordered not to. Watch."

[22:57] Sarkranis says, "I don't think that the government of Muspar'i has come down on shifting, but many people consider that to be part of Therengia."

[22:57] Nithhogr says to Dianelle, "Let them try to order me."

[22:57] Zamara says to Naeya, "Do not pay close enough attention to politics to know the difference. Apologies."

[22:57] Dianelle says to Nithhogr, "I like ODS people."

[22:57] Naeya says to Zamara, "I don't anymore. Just have known him forever."

[22:57] Marssi says, "I know that Therengia has it's own host of problems, but we can't really fix them."

[22:57] Arianah says, "Course, my home in Crossings is open to anyone here that needs it."

[22:58] Zamara says to Naeya, "Punched him at a spar the other day. It was fun."

[22:58] Dianelle says, "I .. hm. I don't think it's the general public that fears us anyway. Consider how they reacted to how empaths stand in front of the guild, most of them just think we're silly."

[22:58] Marssi says, "I think we can start here, and get some attention, and begin to apply pressure."

[22:58] Zamara sadly says, "He did not punch back."

[22:58] Acerbity says, "I've been offering free shifts opening in the Crossings. Had a few takers."

[22:58] Nithhogr says, "I think a lot of what Empaths can do just isn't common knowledge."

[22:58] Arianah says, "Aye, but if we get the realm behind us..."

[22:58] Arianah says, "Might sway the higher ups."

[22:58] Nithhogr says, "There's likely a lot of people who have never heard of Jomay or Trylaine or that other one, I hadn't heard of the one spreading the disease."

[22:59] Marssi says, "I think we can do the Shifting Days, as well as possibly just have some things like holding hunting parties, or the like."

[22:59] Marssi says, "Stuff that makes us visible."

[22:59] Dianelle says, "The irony is that some of us here do that on a near daily basis here anyway."

[22:59] Arianah says to Marssi, "I like the huntin' party idea. So many folk are surprised when they hunt with an empath.. they realize we aren't just bumps on a log."

[22:59] Dianelle says, "The free shifting I mean."

[22:59] Nithhogr says, "I hunt much more than I heal."

[23:00] Marssi says, "We do, but if we make it an Event, it will draw attention."

[23:00] Dianelle asks, "Marssi shall I get Rairken?"

[23:00] Marssi asks, "I can set up a time for that, and make the information about when available shortly. Would you all be wiling to participate?"

[23:00] Marssi says, "Oh, thank you."

[23:00] Zamara says, "Oh. Like that one. Seems nice."

[23:01] Haileyann says, "I will do what I can."

[23:01] Doherty says to Marssi, "I'm in."

[23:01] Sarkranis says, "The public has been conditioned for centuries to think we're harmless healers, and many Empaths see themselves that way, so it's no surprise that they don't fear us or treat us with respect. Not to mention the Empaths who publicly beg for 'owwies.'."

[23:01] Arianah says to Marssi, "If ya give me flyers I'll pass 'em out."

[23:01] Arianah says to Marssi, "I'll be sure to be super obnoxious about it."

[23:01] Nithhogr asks you, "Why heal when I can make gryphons fight for my amusement?"

[23:01] Marssi says, "I'll make some up as soon as I nail down a time."

[23:02] Zamara says, "Or Togs. Klurn makes an excellent pet."

[23:02] Arianah says to Marssi, "Let me know if ya need help."

[23:02] Nithhogr says, "I would come down for a Shift Day, yes."

[23:02] Marssi says, "I think it's a good first step for us, and we can plan the next afterwards."

[23:02] Arianah says, "Probably could rope a moon mage or two into opening gates in different provinces to help transport folk."

[23:03] Dianelle says, "Marssi would you like to use my office for this? It's public without being right on the street."

[23:03] Rairken says, "I'd love to learn how to."

[23:03] Nithhogr says, "I'm willing to help teach empaths to hunt as well though down here or north of Crossing is going to be far easier for those that have never used a weapon."

[23:03] Synamon says, "I will teach you."

[23:03] Arianah says, "Aye, I myself taught a youngin' how to manipulate today."

[23:03] Dianelle says, "I can't help with the hunt thing, getting me into armor is just so not happening."

[23:04] Arianah says, "Reminded me of how excited I was when I first learned."

[23:04] Nithhogr says, "Not that I'm anywhere near the skill level of Mordibar though."

[23:04] Arianah asks Marssi, "How often are we goin' to hold meetings?"

[23:04] Arianah says to Marssi, "Roughly, that is."

[23:05] Rairken says, "I've trained so hard and i've wanted to learn but do not know the ways to go about it.. i just hear it's a long process."

[23:05] Marssi says, "Would monthly work for everyone? We can call an emergency meeting if need be."

[23:05] Nithhogr asks Rairken, "I'm sorry, I missed something. Learn what?"

[23:06] Rairken says, "How to shift."

[23:06] Nithhogr says, "Ahh."

[23:06] Sarkranis says, "Monthly is fine."

[23:06] Synamon says, "You just focus on the person's innards and smoosh them with your mind."

[23:06] Sarkranis asks, "Field trip for naughty Empaths?"

[23:06] Rairken says, "I try all i can get them to do is bonk eachother on the head."

[23:06] Synamon says, "You can test it on me if you want."

[23:07] Marssi says, "Then we can make them monthly for now. We can make any adjustments after we see what happens."

[23:07] Sarkranis says, "I think we should do some teaching events every now and then too for the abilities that the Khalo won't teach."

[23:07] Naeya says, "As well as tails for those younger empaths who don't know."

[23:07] Naeya asks, "Tails?"

[23:07] Naeya says, "Tales."

[23:07] Naeya says, "The stuff the Mentor meetings leave out."

[23:08] Zamara says, "Which is, mostly everything."

[23:08] Arianah says, "And the books in the libraries.."

[23:08] Acynarian says, "Perhaps we should attend mentor meetings and bring the subjects up."

[23:08] Marssi asks, "We can all think of ideas, and the next time we meet we can discuss them?"

[23:08] Zamara says, "That tends to get you banned from the guildhall for awhile..."

[23:09] Arianah says to Marssi, "Sounds good to me."

[23:09] Sarkranis says, "Mentors do not like to have their events disrupted."

[23:09] Acerbity says, "I never got my tail."

[23:09] Marssi says, "I know there is a lot that we can do, and we can all think of something for the next time we meet."

[23:09] Zamara says, "Warrior battle."

[23:10] Zamara says, "Go to rats or something and just destroy them with warriors."

[23:10] Nithhogr says, "If there are any empaths interested in hunting, I'd be happy to provide some armor as well, if they don't already use some. It won't be great but it's nice and light."

[23:10] Arianah asks Marssi, "Do you plan on having a meeting before our Shard Shiftin' day?"

[23:10] Synamon says, "My warrior might get eaten by a rat."

[23:10] Acynarian says, "Manipulate them to kill eachother."

[23:10] Dianelle says, "So we have at least one person that needs help gaining the ability to shift."

[23:11] Sarkranis says, "And probably some who would like hunting or manipulation advice."

[23:11] Haileyann asks, "Is it mech lore skills that allow you to shift more things?"

[23:11] Marssi says, "I think we have a good start. We won't really need to meet again officially before Shifting Day, I don't think."

[23:11] Acynarian says, "I've found there are shifts I lack the skills to do."

[23:11] Sarkranis says to Haileyann, "Not anymore. It's primarily empathy."

[23:11] Haileyann says, "Oh."

[23:11] Nithhogr says to Acynarian, "Aye, there are many I can't do either."

[23:11] Sarkranis says to Haileyann, "Though appraisal and scholarship play a role."

[23:11] Marssi says, "I'll get the information out well in advance, and you can always contact me, anytime."

[23:12] Haileyann says, "Ok well I guess I should get working on my skills so I can shift more things."

[23:12] Acerbity says to Acynarian, "If you find anyone needing a shift you can't do, let me know. I believe I can do all of them and would do it free of charge."

[23:12] Dianelle asks, "Is there anyone here that's been through the journey to learn to shift recently?"

[23:12] Synamon says, "Me too."

[23:12] Sarkranis says, "Not recently, but I remember the way."

[23:12] Acynarian says, "Nae recently, but I've been thru the quest."

[23:12] Dianelle asks, "Are you willing to help Rairken?"

[23:12] Arianah says, "A moon mage would be helpful.."

[23:12] Sarkranis says, "I don't mind helping."

[23:13] Acerbity asks, "Anyone know a moonie?"

[23:13] Naeya says, "I would help but I need to rest if we're parting ways here."

[23:13] Rairken says, "Would be wonderfull... i don't know many adventurers."

[23:13] Sarkranis says, "It's even doable without a Moon Mage, since the people you absolutely need to talk to are on the mainland."

[23:13] Arianah says, "Alrighty then, Shiftin' Day it is."

[23:14] Naeya asks, "I was spacing out and having private conversations. Did we decide on a day?"

[23:14] Marssi says, "I think we can wrap it up for now. Shifting Day to come, and more ideas for our next meeting."

[23:14] Nithhogr says, "I can barely remember the shifting quest."

[23:14] Arianah says to Naeya, "Marssi will keep us apprised of the date."

[23:14] Marssi says, "I will figure out a day, and get the information to you."

[23:14] Arianah says, "What she said.."

[23:15] Arianah says, "I'm really excited."

[23:15] Sarkranis asks, "So is it safe to say that all of the Empaths who showed up today are joining?"

[23:15] Dianelle says, "I'm defnitely in, trouble or not."

[23:15] Marssi says, "There will be, I'm sure."

[23:15] Rairken says, "Aye... I like some trouble."

[23:16] Synamon says, "I don't really like marssi so much so... eh."

[23:16] Naeya says, "I'm in. Let them try to remove me from the bin in Lang."

[23:16] Haileyann says, "I am in, I will do what I can."

[23:16] Nithhogr says to you, "I will be joining, regardless of what the baron thinks."

[23:16] Marssi says to Doherty, "Thank you for coming."

[23:17] Arianah says, "Danger it is then."

[23:17] Synamon says, "Science."

[23:17] Zamara exclaims, "For science!"

[23:17] Marssi exclaims, "As long as you're aware that there will be!"

[23:17] Arianah says, "Oh, I have no doubt there will be."

[23:17] Arianah asks, "That's half the fun, findin' out right?"

[23:18] Haileyann says, "I am ready for anything."

[23:18] Naeya says, "Thanks for the meeting."

[23:18] Haileyann says, "Thank you."

[23:18] Synamon says, "Some of us never get in trouble. it will be new."

[23:18] Acynarian says, "Thank ye fer the hospitality an use of yer home, Marssi."

[23:18] Arianah asks Acerbity, "Where is Addrius?"

[23:18] Acerbity says, "Hunting, probably."

[23:18] Haileyann says, "I have never been in trouble and I am kinda looking forward to it."

[23:18] Rairken says, "We better practice."

[23:18] Marssi exclaims, "Thank you for coming!"

[23:19] Dianelle says, "I can't tell you how many times I've skirted trouble and never fell into it, even with my mouth."

[23:19] Nithhogr says to Dianelle, "Even during invasions I don't see this many empaths at once."

[23:19] Marssi asks, "Do any of you need help getting back to the streets?"

[23:19] Haileyann says, "Yes please."

[23:19] Synamon says, "You need to try harder."

[23:19] Zamara says, "Left the pet tog in Giants."

[23:19] Dianelle says to Synamon, "I can't try much harder than this."

[23:20] Zamara asks Rairken, "So, quest?"

[23:20] Rairken says, "If your willing."

[23:21] Rairken says, "Oops."

[23:21] Marssi asks, "Do i have everyone?"

[23:21] Dianelle asks, "Bradley?"

[23:21] Marssi says, "I think he'll follow you."

[23:22] Acynarian says, "I got a Fred once."

You feel your Heart Link with a mug of zombie's revenge fade away.
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