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Estate Holder Meeting Log: 12/22/2016 · on 12/23/2016 02:05 AM CST 627
If you have ideas for Premium benefits, please post them here:!/view

Date: 12/22/2016 (18 Ka'len 422)

[Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune Lane]
The cobblestone-covered lane stops abruptly, as if those constructing it were reassigned to more pressing projects. Other than the limestone wall, the area's sand, sparse grasses and palm trees command the as yet unworked earth from the path's unfinished end. Pallets of planters are stacked in an effort to discourage exploration into the wilds between the small community and the towering Fang's Peak that shelters it.
You also see a heavy wooden door leading into the Fang Cove Crafting Society, a question list and some junk.
Obvious paths: west.

GMs present (4): Chakram, Lawlite, Nohn, and Seyalle

Players present (37): Aeduin, Alesea, Alymast, Anlise, Arandrowse, Aurayn, Azante, Camalita, Elec, Etherian, Hammerfist, Ikyth, Isharon, Janaetta, Lemb, Lilwea, Luff, Malign, Miskton, Morlen, Nebby, Nimthiriel, Nulak, Padhg, Rabba, Sanrisi, Serennade, Shadfire, Shanador, Starrprancer, Tahzuen, Talmoon, Thires, Uritel, Vyraen, Whechard, and Wilwrick

[20:56] Tweet: Portals are open to Fang Cove for the quarterly Premium subscriber meeting! Go portal, east x2 for the meeting spot. #premium #drprime

[21:02] Nohn says, "Hello there folks."

[21:02] Serennade tenderly says, "Evening."

[21:02] You hear the voice of Luff say, "Hello."

[21:02] You hear the voice of Luff say, "I'd wave, can't see me."

[21:02] Serennade tenderly says, "Forgive me for a roisen."

[21:02] Nebby says, "Dont be so sure."

[21:03] Nohn asks, "I can't eh?"

[21:03] Chakram says, "Sounds like a challenge to me."

[21:03] Talmoon quietly says, "I found her."

[21:03] Isharon says, "I'll post a log at the end of the meeting."

[21:03] Luff says, "For now."

[21:03] You hear the voice of Luff say, "Not for long though."

[21:04] Talmoon quietly says, "I found her again."

[21:04] Serennade tenderly says, "Okies, forgive me for another roisen plase."

[21:04] Isharon says, "A friendly reminder to put away pets and silence atmospheric items."

[21:04] Serennade tenderly says, "Please."

[21:04] Chakram says, "We'll consider it."

[21:04] Nohn says, "Alrighty, I'll give everybody a sec to settle in, arrange your classes, etcetera and yes, do away with atmospherics."

[21:05] Serennade tenderly says, "Oh.."

[21:05] Talmoon quietly says, "I have nowhere to put Luff, I'm afraid."

[21:05] Nohn says, "I really don't want to silence the room but if it comes to that... yeah."

[21:05] Chakram says, "Should delete all the noisy stuff."

[21:05] Serennade tenderly says, "Never mind then."

[21:05] Chakram says, "Or grab it and auction it off later on."

[21:05] You hear the voice of Luff say, "Ok think i got everything."

[21:05] Nulak says, "Oh ravens."

[21:05] Nulak says, "Oops."

[21:06] Nohn says, "Okay, seems like we might be all set."

[21:07] Nohn says, "First of all, welcome to the meeting, and thanks to all of you for coming."

[21:07] Starrprancer says, "Don't forget to put pets away, and silence noisy stuffs."

[21:08] Nohn says, "I don't want to keep anybody here longer than necessary, so in case people have come strictly for the announcement portion, I'll get those out of the way real quick."

[21:08] Nohn says, "As far as direct development for Premium goes, we've got one small but fun addition to Fang Cove coming down the pipe soon, though I really don't want to spoil it, so apologies for the non-announcement announcement there. I will say it's already built and just about ready to go, it's just waiting on a final QC."

[21:08] Nohn says, "Beyond that, I have a fix in proposals for something I've seen a few requests on the boards for lately. Because it's still in the proposal stage I can't disclose what that is either, but it should be happening in the near future, assuming it gets approved."

[21:09] Nohn says, "I've also seen complaints on the boards about the inability of Premium subscribers to claim a house within the first 90 days of being Premium. While that issue is not either of the aforementioned items, I want to let everybody know it's on our radar and I'm hoping to find a good solution ASAP."

[21:09] Nohn says, "The home system is old and a little ugly in places, so it's taking a bit of digging to find the right proposal to make when it comes to adjusting it."

[21:10] You hear the voice of Luff ask, "But if we have a home we get to keep it?"

[21:10] Nohn says, "Moving past those things, I've received a few reports lately that people aren't realizing that new monthly gifts have been put out lately."

[21:10] Elec says, "Sorry I'm late."

[21:10] Nohn says, "Yes, there will be no changes to homes for those who have them."

[21:10] You hear the voice of Luff say, "Thank you."

[21:10] Nohn says, "Though I do have a potentially fun something for home owners of all stripes in the not too distant future."

[21:11] Starrprancer asks, "Any plans for new housing areas? Like gnome or Kaldar houses?"

[21:11] Nohn says, "Because of the aforementioned reports, I've decided to shift the way I've been handling monthly gifts, to see if it helps with more people being aware of their existence, etc."

[21:11] Nohn says to Starrprancer, "We'll get to the Q&A shortly."

[21:12] Nohn says, "What's going to be happening is that new monthly gifts and the monthly Estate Holder Token Raffles will be shifting from being put out at the time of the meetings (or thereabouts), to being put out on the first of each month."

[21:13] Nohn says, "Hopefully by eliminating the floating date on when they're put out, more people will get into the habit of knowing when to look for them."

[21:13] Camalita says, "I've missed them every month since i've been back, until today."

[21:13] Nohn says, "The Raffles will also go back to being more event-y and less... it just happens-y. Tweets will go out when the event is close to happening."

[21:14] Isharon says to Nohn, "I never seem to know when it's safe to discard my losing tokens."

[21:14] Aurayn says, "Same."

[21:14] Nohn says, "Portals will be opened around the time of the event to further allow people easy access."

[21:14] Elec asks, "How do you tell if you lost?"

[21:14] Nohn says, "It's been something I haven't done well thus far, but I'm hoping to fix that."

[21:15] Nohn exclaims, "When I took over Premium/Platinum I was sort of handed a lot of stuff and told "Have fun!"

[21:15] Serennade tenderly says, "Isn't that the way."

[21:15] Vyraen softly says, "The GM Inheritance Plan."

[21:15] Nohn says, "Which isn't anybody's fault, but I'll admit I've stumbled a bit along the way to getting my feet under me with it.."

[21:15] Talmoon quietly says, "It's okay, my incredibly hideous friend."

[21:16] Nohn says, "Oh and also for those who mentioned throwing away the tokens, you don't have to hold on to the tokens to claim the price."

[21:16] Nohn says, "Prize rather."

[21:16] Nohn says, "Words are hard."

[21:16] Nulak asks, "So buy the token and throw it out right away?"

[21:16] Nohn says, "Purchasing the token is enough."

[21:16] Isharon asks Nohn, "How do you know if you have a prize to claim?"

[21:16] Nulak says, "Good plan."

[21:16] Janaetta calmly asks, "How do you find out if you won?"

[21:17] Nohn says to Isharon, "The prizes are delivered to you automatically. In the past few months its been hard to check if you won or not, because of the floating times at which I've performed the draws."

[21:17] Nohn says, "Starting with this coming month the event will happen on the first of each month."

[21:17] Nohn says, "If you log in on the 2nd and don't receive your prize. You didn't win."

[21:17] Starrprancer asks, "Is december's raffle already done?"

[21:18] Nohn says, "No, it's still ongoing."

[21:18] Isharon says to Starrprancer, "It sounds like winners will be selected on the first of the following month."

[21:18] Nohn says, "Decembers will end January 1st and the January prize will go out for token sales that day."

[21:18] Alymast says, "I guess i should figure out where to buy a ticket."

[21:18] Nohn says, "Same place as you pick up the gift bags."

[21:18] Starrprancer says, "In the Cabana by the portal."

[21:19] Shanador says, "Tent."

[21:19] Nohn says, "The blue tent, actually."

[21:19] Starrprancer says, "Tent Cabana... Yurt..."

[21:19] Alymast says, "I guess i should get a gift bag too then. Ha, I've been missing out."

[21:19] Isharon says, "The Cabana is where alterations happen."

[21:19] Shanador says to Starrprancer, "Different sames."

[21:19] Nohn says, "Sorry for any confusion I've caused on that."

[21:19] Nohn asks, "And I believe that's it for the announcements, unless our guest GMs have their own announcements?"

[21:20] Chakram asks, "Giant Gundam style mechs for premies?"

[21:20] Chakram says, "I'm guessing that's not a thing."

[21:20] Chakram says, "Should be."

[21:20] Elec says, "Make it so."

[21:21] Nohn says, "Shh, keep my new homes expansion project under wraps."

[21:21] Lawlite says, "Dude why! Now we're gonna hear about that for like...ever."

[21:21] Elec says, "I'd settle for a gerbil launcher."

[21:21] Chakram says, "To shake things up."

[21:21] Chakram says, "Now you get to hear about something new."

[21:21] Starrprancer says, "I'm posting a thread asking about it every month from now on."

[21:21] Lawlite says, "That's fair."

[21:21] Chakram says, "Heck no."

[21:22] Nohn exclaims, "Alrighty, so we'll move right along to Q&A time!"

[21:22] Hammerfist says, "And there we go."

[21:22] Vyraen softly says, "So much effort for so little."

[21:22] Nohn says, "And we'll all ignore the thing that totally didn't just happen."

[21:22] Nohn opens the list.

[21:23] Nohn says, "Please join the list if you have any questions and/or brief comments to make."

[21:24] Starrprancer is chosen from the list.

[21:25] Starrprancer says, "Are there any plans for new housing areas? Specifically for the "new" races? Like gnomes and such."

[21:25] Anlise says to Starrprancer, "Gnomes aren't new."

[21:25] Starrprancer says, "Well comparitively."

[21:26] Starrprancer says, "I may have missed it but I don't think I've seen any housing areas specifically for gnomes, kaldar, prydaen, or Rakash."

[21:26] Nohn says, "Specific plans? No, not at the moment that I'm aware of. Which means if someone does have plans for one, they haven't proposed it or talked to me about it yet."

[21:26] Vyraen softly says, "There is Prydaen housing in the two newer areas, I believe."

[21:27] Nohn says, "I'm not sure whether or not there's Prydaen housing at the newer hub areas, but it's something I'd like to look into when I get a little more time."

[21:27] Starrprancer says, "That's my only question."

[21:28] Nohn says, "It would be nice for each race to have at least a little housing to call their own. But at the same time that needs to be balanced out vs. more widely available housing... return on time investment building them, etc."

[21:28] Isharon is chosen from the list.

[21:28] Isharon asks, "There seem to be a lot of real estate squatters (mule-looking alts you've never seen), especially since the advent of deeds for standard and free accounts. Is there any mechanism for freeing up homes that aren't really in use and/or restricting some of the more desirable housing to estate holders?"

[21:28] Nohn says, "That's something I've been mulling over myself lately."

[21:29] Nohn says, "While I certainly don't want to negate the desirability of the Simucoin housing options, I wouldn't (personally) mind seeing more premium-limited housing some way or another."

[21:29] Nohn says, "What that would actually look like? I don't know."

[21:29] Nohn says, "It's not something I've really discussed with others for feedback and it's not close to a proposal yet."

[21:30] Starrprancer asks, "Maybe limit the Upper class housing to premium only?"

[21:30] Nohn says, "I just don't want to comment on any possible specifics, since it's so nebulous right now."

[21:30] Serennade tenderly says, "Not all Premium would want to live in the Upper Class housing though."

[21:30] Isharon asks, "Premium could access any class. Standard is limited to middle or low. Free to low?"

[21:31] Nohn says, "It is definitely something I'd like to see though. Housing is a big perk for premium, and I don't like the "squatter" situation."

[21:31] Luff asks, "Squatter?"

[21:31] Isharon says, "I just noticed that when I was finally shopping for a home, how difficult it was to find good housing in convenient areas."

[21:31] Serennade tenderly asks, "By squatter, you mean non-premium?"

[21:31] Nohn says, "People buying houses and never utliizing them."

[21:31] Serennade tenderly says, "Ah I see."

[21:31] Luff says, "Oh those."

[21:31] Anlise says, "And at times selling them on the DR Sales group."

[21:32] Nohn says, "Ugh."

[21:32] Serennade tenderly says, "That's not right."

[21:32] Nohn says to Malign, "If you have a question join the list please."

[21:32] Serennade tenderly says, "Boats I get, homes, no."

[21:32] Nebby says, "Would love a boat."

[21:32] Nohn asks Isharon, "Did I address the question enough for the moment?"

[21:32] Camalita says, "That's half the point of being an estate holder... to hold estates."

[21:32] Isharon says, "Check some of the neighborhoods in cities like Crossing to see what we mean by squatters:"

[21:33] Isharon says to Nohn, "Yes, thanks."

[21:33] Aeduin is chosen from the list.

[21:33] Starrprancer says, "If I want to own a cleric house I have to go to a province I never go to..."

[21:33] Nohn exclaims to Aeduin, "Howdy. You're up!"

[21:33] Aeduin meekly asks, "Any update on the LTB shop updates?"

[21:34] Nohn says, "None at present, no. I've been unexpectedly busy this month and haven't had time to sit down with the appropriate people and find out where that's at, to be honest with you."

[21:34] Nohn says, "I'm not comfortable with how long it's been floated out there and not completed though, so if I can find out a way to help push that along toward completion I plan to work on it."

[21:35] Elec asks, "Maybe some design contests?"

[21:35] Nohn says, "If new items are needed to make it happen that may very well occur."

[21:35] Elec says, "I have odd hours, and a knack for design. I'd be willing to help with whatever if needed."

[21:36] Elec says, "Not to detract from the question, but I know sometimes the devil is in the details."

[21:36] Nohn says to Aeduin, "I'm sorry not to have a better answer to that question for you."

[21:36] Aeduin meekly says, "That is alright. I don't have anything further."

[21:36] Nohn says, "Hopefully soon I'll find out where the devil resides."

[21:36] Nebby is chosen from the list.

[21:37] Janaetta calmly says, "Oops."

[21:37] Nohn says to Nebby, "Howdy."

[21:37] Nebby says, "Hiyas."

[21:37] Janaetta calmly says, "My apologies."

[21:38] Nohn asks Nebby, "Question?"

[21:38] Nebby says, "I have a concern. I understand the the pay to play events and the need for them but they also seem to be de-valuing the premium subscription. I'm not really seeing the value in being an estate holder any longer."

[21:38] Nohn says, "I've been hearing that a bit lately."

[21:38] Janaetta calmly says, "I agree."

[21:39] Elec says, "Myself as well."

[21:39] Nebby says, "Vault space can be bought for coins, homes can be bough etc."

[21:39] Starrprancer says, "All we really have is Fang cove and hunting areas..."

[21:40] Serennade tenderly says, "It's a legitimate concern I would think."

[21:40] Nohn says, "I don't honestly have a direct response to the sentiment at this moment. It's a definite balancing act to try to figure out, and I'm still new enough to this Premium Guru-ing thing that frankly it's a bit of a struggle coming up with "good" ways to make Premium feel really desirable."

[21:40] Nohn says, "It's absolutely legitimate, at least in my eyes."

[21:40] Lilwea says, "I always liked the Premium Alteration Sessions. I mean. i don't care what those would cost. I would ponyup the sub fee for them."

[21:41] Nohn says, "The larger slice of my plan on taking on Premium was to really try to up the Event-related offerings."

[21:41] Nohn says, "Since honestly that's where my personal strengths lie. But I also know it needs to be more than just that."

[21:42] Starrprancer says, "I prefer RP myself so more premium events would keep my sub going for sure."

[21:42] Nohn says, "And I also know I haven't had the success that I've wanted to with that, either, because of the demands of things like HE, etc."

[21:42] Nohn says, "But ultimately the wobbly/failure at that thus far is on me and not on anything else."

[21:42] Nebby says, "It's not even an event realted thing as much as a dollar per dollar comparison. I like rp too but it's just not feeling worth the extra 25 a month when I could get what I need for coins and find rp as I always have around the game."

[21:43] Luff says, "Maybe premium events to place emphasis on RP rather than things that encourage farming."

[21:43] Anlise says, "Note to self, get Nohn a TARDIS and a time turner."

[21:43] Nohn says, "I totally get it."

[21:43] Nohn says to Anlise, "And yes, please."

[21:43] Hammerfist says, "More premie ONLY events would help to be sure."

[21:43] Nohn says, "Agreed."

[21:43] Lilwea says, "I know it wasn't my question and I don't pretend to speak for everyone. but.. man. I doubt there is a person here that you would get a peep out of if the monthly alteration session came back regular like. And stay till people are done. I know it's not the funnest. I GMed in Aardwulf and Wheel of Time. but.. man. Money freaking maker."

[21:43] Isharon says, "More significant savings on pay events would be nice too."

[21:43] Nulak says, "I like tat one."

[21:44] Anlise says to Lilwea, "Liave is coming around at least once a month."

[21:44] Nohn says, "The alterations are something I'd like to see ramp up, yes."

[21:44] Lilwea says, "Right on. Ihave been deployed and don't mean to sound like I am talking out my ear."

[21:44] Serennade tenderly says, "I like that idea."

[21:44] Nohn says, "I can't speak to making them all of the "the whole list gets done every time" type though."

[21:44] Nebby says to Isharon, "Or some amount of simucouins each month."

[21:44] Nulak says, "Good one."

[21:45] Starrprancer says, "A lot of games do that for subscribers if there is a higher subscription tier."

[21:45] Anlise asks, "You could see about altering the caps on some things. Like you can get additional vault space for 25 slots a pop on SimuCoins. Why can't premie players just have double the vault size to begin with?"

[21:45] Nohn says, "Because I'll be blunt, I'm not a GM who thinks it's a good idea, or healthy for us as staff, to always try to finish every list."

[21:45] Nohn says, "So personally I'd really like to see more total alterers show up, rather than just one or two a month who do an entire list all at one go."

[21:45] Isharon says, "If my Premie vault started out at the max upgrade size, I would probably never go standard again."

[21:46] Luff asks, "Maybe being at different times so us that are currently sitting here at 3am can get some sleep?"

[21:46] Lilwea says, "It's a fair point. But I will till you this. I know this is DR and not another MUD. They don't stay in most of the other ones for the full list either. But what a message that would send to the other high ranking MUDs. just saying."

[21:46] Nohn says, "If you'd like to make suggestions for things like expanded vaults, etc. Please put them on the boards, I do keep track of things like that and I try to give them voice to the people who can approve such things."

[21:47] Hammerfist says, "More ltb point per month as well."

[21:47] Isharon says, "Suggestion board:!/view."

[21:47] Serennade tenderly exclaims, "Thank you Isharon!"

[21:47] Nohn says, "Okay, going to move on to the next question."

[21:47] Talmoon quietly asks, "To clarify for my own benefit: do the simucoin purchase not require renewal?"

[21:47] Elec is chosen from the list.

[21:47] Serennade tenderly says, "We all do it."

[21:47] Elec says, "Screw that Leec guy."

[21:47] Nohn asks, "I know right?"

[21:48] Elec says, "He's a jerk anyways."

[21:48] Elec says, "Anywho."

[21:48] Nohn says to Talmoon, "And just to answer, typically they do."

[21:48] Elec says, "Along the same lines of this previous convorsation."

[21:48] Elec says, "I'm curious why can't we just have the stuff that people pay simucoins for."

[21:49] Nohn asks, "Which particular stuff do you mean?"

[21:49] Elec says, "Naohii started down that path with the extra item slots, which is pretty freaking awesome I might add."

[21:49] Nohn says, "Agreed."

[21:49] Elec says, "But I mean, I've been premie a Looooooong time."

[21:49] Anlise asks, "A monthly tine allotment?"

[21:49] Elec says, "A long time."

[21:50] Elec asks, "Why can't I have a stupid big vault?"

[21:50] Elec says, "I mean, it's big now... but it should be massive."

[21:50] Elec says, "Seems like an easy switch of some numbers for a quick and simple premium benefit."

[21:50] Nohn says, "Expanding vaults further for long term Premium subscribers is certainly something I think is worth looking into."

[21:50] Nulak says, "Monstrous. Like you."

[21:51] Anlise says, "I kind of wish we could have permanent jump jewelry like plat has."

[21:51] Nohn says, "I will say that things that sometimes seem like they should be super easy aren't."

[21:51] Elec says, "That would be nice."

[21:51] Nohn says, "But in conjunction with that, I haven't looked at vault mechanics personally yet, so I can't speak to how easy or hard it would be to do."

[21:51] Starrprancer says, "Would be pretty cool if being premium made getting favors easier as well..."

[21:51] Tahzuen says, "Info."

[21:51] Isharon says to Nohn, "Currently, even Premium can purchase additional vault space, so we're not at the cap yet."

[21:51] Luff says, "Vaults and favors..2 things i got no use for."

[21:52] Anlise asks, "What is useful to you?"

[21:52] new rank: practice as a smith

[21:52] Luff says, "You'll see when its my turn."

[21:52] Elec says, "I guess, I mean, if it comes down to not wanting to do it because we have so many chars on our accounts or whatever and so on, why couldn't we designate a "main" character on an account to recieve the main benefits or whatever."

[21:52] Nohn says to Elec, "So, I definitely get where you're coming from, and I agree Premium should be desirable vs. benefits to be gained cheaply through Simucoin purchases."

[21:53] Elec says, "I have a whole pouch full of JJ's I've had to pay for."

[21:53] Anlise says, "Ooooh, shared vaults and/or bank accounts."

[21:53] Nohn says, "That's an interesting concept, and one that flitted through my mind recently too."

[21:53] Elec says, "Mainly because I'm anti social and don't like asking for gates."

[21:53] Elec says, "But I mean, it would be sweet to have one single item."

[21:54] Elec says, "Turn it, jump, set it, turn it, jump, set it."

[21:54] Serennade tenderly says, "But I like my stuffff."

[21:54] Starrprancer says, "I'd love a shared vault... annoying to have to log off one character to search another vault for something."

[21:54] Elec says, "That would be a pretty epic benefit for me personally."

[21:54] Luff says, "That'd be a good thing to have but tricky to work for those like me."

[21:54] Elec asks, "Maybe every year of premium gives you another destination?"

[21:54] Anlise says, "It could even be tied to our premie rings."

[21:54] Isharon says to Elec, "I'd love a JJ option to bring a friend with."

[21:55] Nohn says, "Your question and suggestions are certainly legitimate. Perhaps we can get (yet another) discussion on these sort of things going on in the premium section of the boards now that I'm a bit less all over the place on trying to figure out this Premium thing in general."

[21:55] Nohn says, "I have notes from previous discussions I've read through as well."

[21:56] Nohn says, "But some of these ideas I don't recall seeing before, and I'd like to see if there's more of them than we have time for at this meeting."

[21:56] Elec says, "I spose I'm good."

[21:56] Luff is chosen from the list.

[21:56] Luff exclaims, "Hi!"

[21:56] Nohn says, "Hey there."

[21:56] Luff says, "My questyion is small i guess compared to everyone elses."

[21:56] Luff says, "I have this lovely jj ring i use for fang cove every 4 days."

[21:57] Luff says, "I can't use banks anywhere else except fang cove, but waiting 4 days to use the bank unless i want to hoof it, is annoying."

[21:57] Shanador asks, "4-days?"

[21:57] Luff says, "Specially since i picked up locksmithing."

[21:57] Luff says, "It charges over 4 days."

[21:57] Malign asks, "Premium rings were once an hour I thought?"

[21:57] Shanador exclaims, "Yea!"

[21:57] Luff says, "I was wondering if it can't just be set for once a day or something."

[21:57] Anlise asks, "I thought it was once every 20 minutes?"

[21:57] Luff says, "Mine says 4 days."

[21:57] Nohn asks Luff, "You realize there are rings that will bring you here available for sale in the Estate Holder shop in Crossing?"

[21:58] Luff says, "Wonn't let me use it more often."

[21:58] Luff says, "I thought i could only have one."

[21:58] Luff says, "And its a 4 day turnaround."

[21:58] Alymast says, "Ohh I need to find one of those rings. I'm learning so much here."

[21:58] Miskton says, "The ones in the shop in Crossing are definitely one hour."

[21:58] Padhg says, "The rings sold in Crossing cost less than five gold and can be used every two anlaen."

[21:58] Starrprancer asks, "Maybe add the rings to a shop here in Fang Cove for those unholy folks who can't go into towns?"

[21:58] Nohn says, "That seems very odd. If it's an Estate Holder ring, I'd suggest ASSISTing about it."

[21:58] Luff says, "Well guess i'm just old. i dind't know that."

[21:59] Luff says, "Feel freeto ignore me then."

[21:59] Luff says, "I will."

[21:59] Shadfire quietly says, "Mine is able to jump once every hour."

[21:59] Elec says, "There are rings here I thought."

[21:59] Elec says, "I thought that's where I got mine."

[21:59] Shanador says, "I htought all the rings were updated to 1 hour. Mine was obtained with LTB and it was like that until the change."

[21:59] Luff says, "Got mine in the bungalow."

[21:59] Luff says, "When they were first released."

[21:59] Nohn says, "They should bring you here once an hour, with a half-hour duration on the ability to pop back from whence thou comest."

[21:59] Anlise says to Luff, "I know that Naohhi tweaked older rings when the change first happened."

[21:59] Luff says, "Ahh it may work more often then now."

[22:00] Luff says, "I didn't know there was a change no never tried sooner."

[22:00] Nohn exclaims, "Give it a shot!"

[22:00] Nohn says, "And if it doesn't work, assist."

[22:00] Shanador asks Luff, "Have you STUDied your ring recently?"

[22:00] Luff says, "Just did says anytime now."

[22:00] Luff says, "Push gold ring."

[22:00] Nohn asks Luff, "Was that your only question?"

[22:00] Luff says, "Sorry to be stupid."

[22:00] Nohn says, "Not really wanting to rush, but there's still a few questions to go."

[22:00] Nohn says, "It's not stupid at all."

[22:01] Luff says, "'go right ahead."

[22:01] Shanador is chosen from the list.

[22:01] Shanador says, "Couple comments. Thanks for getting the newer gifts into the curio shop. Also thanks for making a consisntent raffle and gift schedule."

[22:01] Shanador says, "The gift i missed and was hoping to purchase wasn't there but I was happy to see recent additions."

[22:02] Nohn says, "I am hoping to get myself on a schedule of further updating the curio shop."

[22:02] Shanador says, "It would be nice if they werre say arranged by year by container or something but thank you."

[22:02] Nohn says, "So hopefully what you're looking for might be there in the not-too-distant future."

[22:02] Nohn says, "Hm. I'll see what I can do on that."

[22:02] Shanador asks, "Question: Vault acccess from Fang Cove. That gonna be a thing?"

[22:03] Nohn says, "You know, I don't off the top of my head know the status on that."

[22:03] Shanador exclaims, "Soon would be great!"

[22:03] Nohn says, "I -believe- it is intended to be a thing. Adding it to my short list of stuff to find out ASAP."

[22:03] Elec asks, "Simu soon?"

[22:04] Shadfire quietly says, "Look."

[22:04] Nohn says, "Hopefully sooner than that, assuming I'm right."

[22:04] Elec says, "That was a thing for a loooong time."

[22:04] Nohn asks Shanador, "Anything else?"

[22:04] Starrprancer says, "Trader magic is coming simu soon."

[22:04] Shanador says, "Regarding the past two question discussions. Two months ago I got invited to a sensing session about premie vaule. That was neat. The return portal being broken was sacery but otherwise nice."

[22:05] Shanador says, "I unfortunately missed the follow on meeting. I though this issued had been hased out last month. Now tow months later I've had time to really digest it."

[22:05] Nohn says, "I'm in the process of fixing/rewriting that impromptu meeting room. Hopefully those will also start to pop up with more regularity again in the near-term."

[22:06] Shanador says, "Simu has adjusted their approach to customers with the addition of free accounts and a focus on simu coin. This is a complete opposite direction away from subscription."

[22:06] Nohn asks, "Resurrecting mechanics from the 90's is... Fun?"

[22:06] Lawlite exclaims to Nohn, "If anyone can do it it's Necrolord Nohn!"

[22:06] Shanador says, "I suggest relooking premium from an overhall perspective as opposed to what lillte things can be done to "fix" it."

[22:06] Luff says, "I didnt know he was my Necrolord."

[22:07] Arandrowse asks Nohn, "You one of those Necromancer guild helpers, they seem to have a bit of them, can we steal you for full Premie stuff?"

[22:07] Nohn says, "I certainly appreciate that suggestion, and I think there's a lot of validity to what you're saying there."

[22:07] Shanador says, "But anyway thanks for the things you have managed to do."

[22:07] Shanador says, "Thats all."

[22:07] Anlise is chosen from the list.

[22:07] Elec asks, "Do you have a moment to speak about our necrolord and savior Nohn?"

[22:07] Anlise says, "I'm sorry if this was mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, but is there any plans for middle or upper class homes on Fang Cove? I love it here, would happily marry the crafting society and live here like a semi-hermit, and only make guest appearances during a very special two-hour after school special, but I would love to at least be able to have a cottage over a hovel."

[22:07] Elec asks, "Would you like a pamphlet?"

[22:08] Anlise says, "Also, additional suggestion for premie bonuses - larger crafting registers, pretty pretty pretty please. Or the ability to combine all our crafting books into one mega book."

[22:08] Nohn asks Anlise, "Sorry, you're not allowed to leave Qi. In fact, what are you doing here?"

[22:08] Seyalle asks, "We put him on 'that' list, yes?"

[22:08] Anlise asks, "Who says I'm leaving Qi?"

[22:08] Elec says, "I'm usually on that one anyways."

[22:08] Luff says, "I seond larger registers."

[22:08] Chakram says, "Tell her she's limited to one room she's allowed to be in."

[22:08] Anlise says, "And that was it for me."

[22:09] Chakram says, "And this isn't it."

[22:09] Arandrowse says to Nohn, "She's part of the Lorethaw Mentor's so she needs to get around."

[22:09] Nohn says, "I'll definitely try to make room for more housing, and specifically look into some upper class stuff here at the Cove."

[22:09] Nohn says to Arandrowse, "I choose to disbelieve."

[22:09] Anlise says, "I promise not to move from Qi. I love my cottage too much."

[22:09] Arandrowse says to Nohn, "Oh in that case she isn't here."

[22:09] Chakram asks, "Which one is yours? And is it flammable?"

[22:10] Anlise says, "Yes, it's flammable, and no you can't torch it."

[22:10] Chakram says, "Rats."

[22:10] Arandrowse says, "Figment of your over imagination, in fact use that over imagination to make more stuff and things for us awesome Premium peoples."

[22:10] Anlise asks, "I thought they took fire away from you anyhow?"

[22:10] Nohn says, "Also, with regard to housing. If any of you interested in seeing more housing happen, want to WRITE those housing areas and submit them, that would go a LOOOOOONG way toward helping that happen."

[22:10] Etherian says to Chakram, "Sounds like a challenge."

[22:10] Starrprancer says to Chakram, "She didn't say someone else couldn't torch it for you."

[22:10] Chakram says, "Exactly."

[22:10] Nohn says, "The time it takes to construct the mechanics of a new area is generally a pittance compared to the creative time it takes to write up room descriptions, etc."

[22:11] Arandrowse asks, "Are we talking like that one program that is available over in Platinum, for writing areas for limited use here to make housing?"

[22:11] Seyalle says, "No, Aran, just email your ideas."

[22:11] Nohn says, "No, I wasn't meaning full-on ALAE type stuff."

[22:11] Nohn says, "Mostly just tossing me an e-mail with your suggested room descriptions."

[22:11] Anlise says to Arandrowse, "My favorite forum signature is the one about Uzmam building in non-approved areas."

[22:11] Elec says, "I'd dig that."

[22:12] Nohn asks Anlise, "Anything else?"

[22:12] Nohn says, "Good. Also: No leaving Qi."

[22:12] Malign is chosen from the list.

[22:12] Malign says, "Just a question from earlier, but what is the correct email address for Prem Housing problems? I've assisted once or twice and have been told Feedback, but that doesn't appear to be correct."

[22:12] Anlise says, "You can't leave either."

[22:13] Nohn asks, "What sort of housing problem?"

[22:13] Malign asks, "As in, it's just gone?"

[22:13] Seyalle asks, "You lost a whole house?"

[22:13] Arandrowse asks, "Act of gods, what does that go under?"

[22:13] Luff says, "Jeez i'd have a meltdown if that happened to mine."

[22:13] Nohn asks, "Are you able to HOME RECALL it?"

[22:13] Malign says, "Well, saying *I* lost it seems to be jumpinnng the shark a bit."

[22:13] Malign says, "Nope."

[22:13] Malign says, "Been emailing Feedback.. for oh.. 6 months or so."

[22:14] Arandrowse says to Malign, "Right, Drogor was part of it."

[22:14] Elec says, "Rookie move bro."

[22:14] Malign says, "They told me to."

[22:14] Elec says, "One does not email feedback..."

[22:14] Nohn says, "Go ahead and e-mail me the details on when it happened/where the house was, any other pertinent info and I'll go spelunking to see if I can figure it out."

[22:14] Arandrowse says to Nohn, "I believe you could create a whole awesome premium event off this, just saying."

[22:14] Malign says, "That was all for me, Sir."

[22:14] Alesea says, "The search for the lost house..."

[22:14] Janaetta is chosen from the list.

[22:15] Janaetta calmly says, "I have a suggestion for the LTB store. I'd like to see things like potency crystals and other items that you can get through Pay to Play available in the store."

[22:16] Nohn says, "It's a good suggestion, but I make no promises that things like potency crystals/infuser stones and the like will fly. I will bring it up though."

[22:16] Luff asks, "Maybe if you suggested making them bond to whoever bought them to prevent market getting flooded?"

[22:17] Rabba says, "Ah, here it is."

[22:17] Janaetta calmly says, "I think it would go a long way satisfy some of the complaints you're getting."

[22:17] Nohn says, "I'll perhaps suggest that, if that's a thing that can be done."

[22:17] Nohn says, "I appreciate the suggestion."

[22:17] Janaetta calmly says, "You're welcome."

[22:17] Nohn asks Janaetta, "Did you have any other questions?"

[22:18] Janaetta calmly says, "'Nope, that was it."

[22:18] Alesea is chosen from the list.

[22:18] Alesea asks, "Hi. I was just wondering if we could get "premie rings" that aren't rings?"

[22:18] Alesea asks, "Like a pin or bracelet that has the same type of mechanics?"

[22:19] Nohn says, "I'll have to look into the mechanics of it, but that sounds like a good idea to me."

[22:19] Alesea says, "And one more vote for vaults here in the Cove."

[22:19] Alesea says, "And that's all for me."

[22:19] Nohn exclaims, "Noted!"

[22:19] Lilwea is chosen from the list.

[22:19] Lilwea says, "Hey. Sorry. I will try to be quick and sorry this is sort of 'me' related question. I didn't know where else to go with it."

[22:20] Nohn says, "Me related questions are fine."

[22:20] Lilwea says, "Ug. sorry. copy pasting."

[22:20] Luff says, "Unless you're someone stupid like me."

[22:20] Nohn says, "Also, last call for joining the list for new questions. We're running long so I'm going to cut it off in a minute."

[22:20] Lilwea says, "I have some outstanding LTB scrolls and IOU voucher I would like to wrap up. I am sort of at a loss on where to go next with them. To be fair I haven't been on and sorry for that. I haven't heard from Naohhi since before I deployed. I was on the periphery of a conversation once where a forum for this was mentioned. I would be grateful for any guidance you could give. Since most of these were LTB scrolls I guess I didn't know where else to come other than an estate holders meet. Sorry for a second alteration post from me. It's not ALL i play for. But it is why I pay for Platinum on all my accounts. ilikedembonuspoints. Any help would be appreciated on where to go next."

[22:21] Lilwea says, "Sorry for the tl'dr."

[22:21] Luff says, "Take a brath."

[22:21] Luff says, "Breath."

[22:21] Starrprancer says, "I stopped reading at outstanding..."

[22:21] Lilwea says, "Sorry. i tried my best to be last."

[22:22] Arandrowse says to Starrprancer, "Nothing you need to concern yourself with."

[22:23] Nohn says to Lilwea, "Okay, go ahead and please post the names of the characters who have the scrolls and I'll see about making sure those get looked at as soon as possible."

[22:24] Nohn says, "If they were being worked on by a GM who's not able or available to move forward on them I'll try to get them reassigned and whatnot. These things do occasionally happen, unfortunately."

[22:25] Lilwea says, "All good mate. I have faith and am grateful for your consideration and time."

[22:25] Nohn says, "My pleasure."

[22:25] Luff says to Lilwea, "Suckup."

[22:25] Nohn says, "And sorry for the delays, etc."

[22:25] Starrprancer is chosen from the list.

[22:25] Nohn closes the list.

[22:25] Starrprancer asks, "Reguarding the ALAE... I know it's a plat thing... but is there any chance it could be brough Prime side as an LTB? Maybe say at the 5 year mark or more?"

[22:26] Starrprancer says, "I think a lot more people would contribute to it that way and some new and fun zones with most of the work done for the GMs could be made that way."

[22:26] Lilwea says, "To luff There is no depravity I would not engage in for a place in an alteration line. I have no shame."

[22:27] Luff says, "I knew i liked you."

[22:27] Nohn says, "The ALAE thing is going to be a no-go as far as I'm aware."

[22:28] Nohn says, "It's got issues, and beyond that, it requires a level of administration on the part of staff that our understaffed team I don't think can really stretch far enough to attempt, even without said issues."

[22:28] Starrprancer says, "Just seems a shame it's so limited, cause I think there are a lot of talented people in Prime who can't afford a plat sub, but would love to do it."

[22:28] Alesea says, "If I recall correctly, they tried it a while ago, and it was a big huge disaster."

[22:28] Nebby says, "What's an ALAE."

[22:29] Nohn says, "In an ideal world I'd love to see something like that happen, but for the foreseeable future it's got to be a no."

[22:29] Starrprancer says, "That's all for me."

[22:29] Nohn says, "Sorry about that."

[22:29] Arandrowse is chosen from the list.

[22:29] Luff says, "What Nebby said."

[22:29] Starrprancer says, "Https://"

[22:29] Alymast asks, "My turn?"

[22:29] Nohn exclaims, "It is!"

[22:29] Vyraen softly says, "Basically, they make places."

[22:29] Vyraen softly says, "I barely trust them with it, nevermind you lot."

[22:29] Alymast says, "Greetings! I recently came back (4 months ago) after not playing for 9 years. Of course I went premium. My question is, is there already or could there be like a "Mentor" process for premium? Someone to show me the monthly gifts, show me the raffles and show me how to get a premium ring? I have learned just those things in this meeting after not knowing about them for 4 months. This is probably all in the NEWS somewhere, but we all know how easy that is to navigate."

[22:29] Arandrowse says, "Alright so first, there is the slippery slope we seem to be on with premium coolness seeming to get less coolness."

[22:30] Arandrowse says, "So what I am talking about is the stuff like new E.S.P. makes premium unbreakable gweths less of a coolness."

[22:30] Alymast says, "Sorry if I spoke out of turn."

[22:30] Arandrowse says, "I mean it's an awesome update."

[22:30] Alymast says, "I'll save it on the clipboard for next."

[22:30] Arandrowse says, "So too is the hold onto items so bonding isn't as awesome."

[22:31] Nohn says to Alymast, "My fault. My eyes are bugging out apparently, I saw an A-name and went with it."

[22:31] Alymast says, "It's ok, half the room whispered and corrected me."

[22:31] Arandrowse says, "But I'd like to see some of this type of stuff still have coolness to us Premium people."

[22:31] Starrprancer says to Arandrowse, "Premium gweths are still unlimited charges."

[22:31] Chakram says, "They all blend together after a while. Too many A names, should get rid of a few."

[22:31] Nohn says to Arandrowse, "So would I."

[22:32] Arandrowse says to Starrprancer, "True and LTB bonding potions still work, it's just the omph factor just kinda lost a bit of luster."

[22:32] Anlise mutters something into the air about having TSA-not-approved sharp knitting needles and knowing how to use them.

[22:32] Talmoon quietly asks, "Yeah, what's the cost of a few plats every so often comparatively?"

[22:32] Arandrowse says, "Also it's been posted a little on the Dragon Horde, but this is one of those when did it ever have luster."

[22:32] Arandrowse says, "6 consectutive years for allowing someone to get in."

[22:32] Nohn says, "As a person who's major characters dropped a lot of LTB points into unbreakable gweths and bonding potions for various things, I can't claim to be completely impartial or to not have a small, yappy dog in that particular race."

[22:33] Arandrowse says, "By that time nothing in there is even remotely like oh that's nice."

[22:34] Arandrowse says, "So just kinda wanted to voice that I want some more wow to being Premium, and I don't exactly have a oh that's the way."

[22:34] Arandrowse says, "But I'd like more depth to characters coolness and what not."

[22:34] Arandrowse says, "Beyond stuff beyond alterations that still makes things add to it."

[22:34] Nohn says, "The Dragon's Horde access situation is above my head as far as decisions being made. I have discussed it with people empowered to make changes there, but so far there's not been any sign of change on that in particular."

[22:34] Nohn says, "That's not to say it can't or won't happen, just that it doesn't look like something likely to happen in the near future."

[22:34] Arandrowse says, "For instance, recently someone posted about how Kalika (that's the Crossing Ranger Guildleader) has some special responses for certain characters, and stuff like that seems cool."

[22:35] Starrprancer says, "To be honest I just looked at the list of stuff there and I don't see anything even kinda exciting to me."

[22:35] Arandrowse says, "As far as Dragon Horde, I'm more just like, it's one of these it should be cool but really it isn't, there isn't cool things in there at that point for people."

[22:36] Anlise says to Arandrowse, "I didn't even know it existed until recently."

[22:36] Nohn says, "Weaving the Estate Holder RP into the fabric of the world beyond the existence of a few buildings and perks is something I would desperately love to do."

[22:36] Arandrowse says, "Yes that's my point, we need some coolness stuff."

[22:36] Arandrowse says, "And I."

[22:36] Arandrowse says, "Alright so here is one of my ideas."

[22:36] Elec says, "GS has some pretty interesting RP that stems from the players, like mayoral positions, streets named after characters, things of that nature."

[22:36] Arandrowse says, "We have Estate Rings."

[22:36] Nohn says, "But that will take time to code and build, and more time to propose and receive approvals for, etc."

[22:36] Arandrowse says, "What about rings like that but they are Hearth Rings."

[22:37] Arandrowse says, "And they can boogie us to our home."

[22:37] Arandrowse says, "And then Heart Rings, that can boogie us to our special someone."

[22:37] Arandrowse says, "Just two ideas, there."

[22:37] Starrprancer says to Elec, "There has only ever been 2 players in DR to hold a "mayoral" position... and both the former Thains of Arthe are gone."

[22:37] Nohn says, "Those are both pretty awesome ideas."

[22:37] Arandrowse says, "I may have more, at other points."

[22:37] Arandrowse says, "But I know another A is wanting to say stuff."

[22:37] Nohn says, "Please post them to the boards."

[22:38] Arandrowse says to Nohn, "And you want to call this closed."

[22:38] Nohn says, "I don't necessarily -want- to."

[22:38] Nohn says, "But we have people logging for the benefit of all, etc. And I don't want to hold them hostage."

[22:38] Arandrowse says, "Yes but Christmas time, and family and stuff needs to be done, I gotcha."

[22:38] Nohn says, "Well maybe I do, but I'm trying to be all holiday-spirited."

[22:38] Alymast is chosen from the list.

[22:38] Nohn exclaims, "Now it's your actual turn!"

[22:38] Alymast says, "Oh no, you aren't baiting me again."

[22:39] Luff says, "Yeah i got elected to log this session for my group."

[22:39] Alymast says, "Greetings! I recently came back (4 months ago) after not playing for 9 years. Of course I went premium. My question is, is there already or could there be like a "Mentor" process for premium? Someone to show me the monthly gifts, show me the raffles and show me how to get a premium ring? I have learned just those things in this meeting after not knowing about them for 4 months. This is probably all in the NEWS somewhere, but we all know how easy that is to navigate."

[22:39] Luff says, "Even though my timezone SUCKS for this meeting."

[22:39] Nohn says to Alymast, "It's a good facet to consider. Our documentation could likely use a considerable cleanup and reorganization to make things like that much easier."

[22:40] Alymast asks, "And secondly, who the hell screwed up the economy when I was gone?"

[22:40] Chakram says, "We're blaming him."

[22:40] Elec says, "Christmas-Shmistmas. I told my 3 year old her christmas gift was in the cabana. I'm off the hook this year, she won't be typing for another year or so."

[22:40] Nohn says, "I'll see what it would take to add something like a HELP PREMIUM, or some further help for general questions about premium in the PREMIUM verb."

[22:40] Whechard says, "The elanthipedia page for Estate Holders looks like a good primer."

[22:40] Chakram says, "Could also ask mentors if you can find one."

[22:40] Alymast says, "I think if people knew more what they DID get for being a Premie, they would be more likely to do it, and stay doing it. After 4 months I haven't seen much use, and was thinking of canceling it."

[22:41] Arandrowse says, "As a note Isharon, Anlise, myself, are all mentors in this crowd..."

[22:41] Chakram says, "And a couple others I believe."

[22:41] Elec says, "Quite seriously, the biggest value to me as an estate holder is the extra type ahead line."

[22:41] Seyalle says, "Most of my Mentors are estate holders, ring the doorbell at Jadewater to find one."

[22:41] Elec says, "I wish I could get more than one extra."

[22:41] Chakram says, "You don't get out of it that easily."

[22:41] Nohn says to Alymast, "As far as the economy, there's no way to not have a screwed up one, unfortunately, when dealing with a non-closed economic system. That answer aside... No comment on that part."

[22:41] Luff says, "Honestly i don't think i'd survive being a necro if i want' premie too."

[22:41] Luff says, "Err wasn't premie too."

[22:42] Alymast asks, "Second part to part two, is there any idea to a larger coin than a plat, or a rework of the commerace system?"

[22:42] Rabba asks, "Your a Necro?"

[22:42] Vyraen softly says, "Fairly openly so."

[22:42] Nohn says, "I know ideas have been floated, but I don't know about the status of any of them, so I really can't comment on it."

[22:42] Lawlite says to Nohn, "You get all the exciting questions."

[22:43] Chakram says, "Delete all coins everywhere and move to an economy based on rat pelts."

[22:43] Lawlite exclaims to Nohn, "This is the most exciting group!"

[22:43] Nohn says, "I do love a good discussion of economic theory."

[22:43] Alymast exclaims, "Ok, I'm done, I got a bunch of stuff whispered to me, so now I have to go reading!"

[22:43] Alymast exclaims, "Thanks!!"

[22:43] Rabba is chosen from the list.

[22:43] Rabba says, "I have 2 questions as new premium member."

[22:43] Nohn exclaims, "Fire away!"

[22:43] Rabba says, "I'm sure most of you know the answer but I don't."

[22:44] Arandrowse says to Chakram, "I'd suggest that things don't improve much beyond, well maybe not exactly rat pelts, but diminishing returns and platuea soon after rats."

[22:44] Starrprancer says, "Well we have all these new metals that cost thousand of plats... we could make a Kertig coin the next stage... since Kertig is for Kertigan... Kertigan made dwarves, and dwarves are the best."

[22:44] Rabba says, "Are these meetings always on Thursday at 9 eastern."

[22:44] Nohn says, "Also, welcome to being a Premium subscriber. I hope you find good reasons to maintain it."

[22:44] Nohn says, "Oh! Very good question, and something I totally forgot in putting together notes for the announcements."

[22:45] Nohn says, "Yes for a while now the meetings have been on Thursdays. Usually the third thursday, but this month it's a little late."

[22:45] Starrprancer asks, "Are we still going to have monthly IC meetings?"

[22:45] Nohn says, "That said, the scheduling will likely be shifting starting January. It'll almost certainly be a Wednesday, moving forward, due to certain scheduling issues."

[22:45] Nohn says, "I'm not sure exactly which Wednesday yet."

[22:46] Luff asks, "Use the eeny meeny miny mo method of choosing?"

[22:46] Anlise asks Nohn, "Not at 9 pm ET on Wednesday, pretty please?"

[22:46] Arandrowse says, "There is a contingent here that would prefer Wednesdays to not be the time."

[22:46] Starrprancer says, "I'm not in that contingent... unless it's left on Thursdays... Wed and Thurs are my days off."

[22:47] Nohn says, "Okay perhaps I had my scheduling projections mistaken."

[22:47] Rabba says, "Anything 9pm tuesday, wednesday, or thursday is bad for me but I know you can't satisfy everyone."

[22:47] Rabba says, "2nd question."

[22:47] Chakram says, "Do three shows a week."

[22:47] Nohn says, "Okay, scratch what I just said because I'm dumb and have no mind for timing."

[22:47] Padhg says, "Nohn and I can hang out on Wednesdays at 9."

[22:47] Starrprancer asks, "Maybe put up a poll and see what day and time is best fore everyone?"

[22:47] Nohn says, "They will stay on Thursdays. They just won't be the third Thursday."

[22:47] Rabba asks, "I don't understand this point thing in the shops. How does one get points?"

[22:48] Nohn says, "Most likely looking at them being the second Thursday or thereabouts."

[22:48] Isharon says to Rabba, "Maintaining continuous Premium status."

[22:48] Starrprancer says to Rabba, "If you call billing they will let you back pay for months as well."

[22:49] Nohn says, "You'll find your LTB points with the LTB verb. You get them as others have said, by maintaining your account."

[22:49] Padhg says, "You can check PREMIUM 10 to see all the points."

[22:49] Nohn says, "You accrue 100 points each month."

[22:49] Starrprancer says to Rabba, "Simu likes money, they will always take it from you."

[22:49] Rabba says, "Ok, thanks."

[22:49] Nohn says, "And yeah, she's not wrong."

[22:49] Luff says, "I lose mine coz i have to shuffle my billing date every month."

[22:49] Rabba says, "That's all I had."

[22:50] Nohn says, "Awesome."

[22:50] Starrprancer asks, "Invasion time?"

[22:50] Shanador asks, "Sorry, I know you closed the list but just so I'm clear. December gifts are out now and will be available untill the first and then January gifts will be out?"

[22:50] Nohn says, "And I think that's it for this one."

[22:50] Luff exclaims, "Vanishing time!"

[22:50] Chakram says, "Invasions are good, mass destruction."

[22:50] Nohn says, "On the gifts."

[22:50] Luff says, "Coz..i trust no one."

[22:50] Nohn says, "November gifts are still out. They'll stay there until January 1st when I'll put out an extra large gift bag to cover December and January."

[22:51] Starrprancer asks, "And the raffle will be pulled on Jan 1st?"

[22:51] Rabba asks, "'where are the gifts?"

[22:51] Etherian says, "West twice, and in the tent."

[22:51] You hear the voice of Luff exclaim, "See you guys around!"

[22:51] Nohn says, "From then on the gifts and raffles will be handled on the 1st of each month, to make it easier and more sane for everybody involved."

[22:51] Rabba says, "Ok thanks."

[22:51] Shanador says, "Ok, thanks. Kinda felt bad constantly pulling November copies out and tossing them wondering when December was gonna be December."

[22:51] Nebby says, "Please be a stackable humidor."

[22:52] Starrprancer says to Nebby, "Prayer Mat."

[22:52] Nohn says, "It's been a confusing and non-optimal setup the last few months, sorry about that."

[22:52] Vyraen softly says, "Thanks for the meeting."

[22:52] Nohn exclaims, "Thanks for attending!"

[22:52] Elec says, "I blame Nohn."

[22:52] Lawlite exclaims to Nohn, "You always want to do more but you've done a lot at the same time!"

[22:52] Vyraen softly says, "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and whatever else applies over the next few days."

[22:52] Nohn says, "And for those logging, thanks for putting in the hard work on that."

[22:52] Padhg says to Nohn, "Good luck with the meeting room from the same era as that belt."

[22:52] Shadfire quietly says, "Thank yee for the meeting."

[22:52] Alymast exclaims, "Thanks for the meeting!"

[22:53] Nohn says to Lawlite, "Yeah well we all know I'm not alone on that."

[22:53] Arandrowse exclaims, "Yes definitely Happy Holidays, and also Merry Christmas to those people, and of course Happy New Years!"

[22:53] Anlise asks, "So because I missed the beginning, I understand the curio shop has been updated?"

[22:53] Arandrowse asks, "Anyone know where some decent property is in or around Shard?"

[22:53] Nohn says, "Indeed. Happy holidays to anybody who celebrates them, and for anybody that doesn't, have a swell few days anyhow."

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