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Cantrips are Moon Mage and Warrior Mage spell-like enchantments that require no mana to cast.

Moon Mage cantrips

Moon Mage cantrips are tied to the sect that the Moon Mage joins, although there are several general cantrips available to all Moon Mages as well. A quest to unlock cantrip knowledge must be completed before being able to learn any cantrips. Once knowledge of cantrips has been obtained, you can learn most cantrips from your sect representative, but some will require an additional quest. Moon Mage cantrips tend to have a small amount of utility, but not at the level of a spell. Most of them have a significant cool down period between uses, ranging from a handful of minutes to an hour.


  • CHANT CANTRIP <CANTRIP>: To activate a cantrip.
Ability Abbreviation Type Sect Prereqs Effect
Gift of the Stars refill cantrip Celestial Compact 28th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Refills 25 mana at night.
Avtai Alshavi season cantrip Celestial Compact 35th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Observe constellations out of season.
Fate's Kiss kiss cantrip Fortune's Path 28th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge Roll illusory dice.
Fortune fortune cantrip Fortune's Path 35th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge Gives a small 5 minute bonus to 1 of 12 skills.
Lyodin Albir reimage cantrip Fortune's Path Quest, Cantrip knowledge Foil backtraces and locates
Naronas Kerwaith entry cantrip Heritage House 28th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Gets you into other sect halls.
Fate Alignment align cantrip Heritage House 35th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Erase a negative prediction
Tiv's Mantle mantle cantrip Monks of the Crystal Hand 28th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Creates a verby cloak.
Way of the Disciplined Step balance cantrip Monks of the Crystal Hand 35th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Raises balance
Alm Shalka Albir boggle cantrip Nomads of the Arid Steppe 28th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge Creates boggle that will show your location to someone.
Narmor Feas choose cantrip Nomads of the Arid Steppe 35th Circle?, Telekinetic Throw, Cantrip knowledge Uses item in right hand for TKT.
Oshu Sarhhtha dance cantrip Nomads of the Arid Steppe Quest?, Cantrip knowledge Solely a RP dancing tool.
Sibowen appear cantrip Progeny of Tezirah 28th Circle?, Teleport, Cantrip knowledge No stun teleport to hiding using Katamba moonbeam
Shaderald shade cantrip Progeny of Tezirah 35th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge Creates a Shaderald to announce arrival.
Sibo Nijare blade cantrip Progeny of Tezirah Quest?, Moonblade, Cantrip knowledge Changes the look and stats of the basic moonblade
Melyo'a Ihean eye cantrip Prophets of G'nar Peth 28th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Sense if someone or something is hidden
Sumilo Aev view cantrip Prophets of G'nar Peth 35th Circle, Cantrip knowledge Observe constellations both during day and at night.
Maren Alshabi disclose cantrip Prophets of G'nar Peth Quest, Cantrip knowledge Identify other G'nar Pethians
Scorch label cantrip generic Quest, Burn, Cantrip knowledge Labels sigil scrolls.
Veiled Identity face cantrip generic Quest, Cantrip knowledge Changes the appearance of your face. Varies by sect.
Meah K'et flare cantrip generic Quest, Cantrip knowledge Lights a room for a moment. Visible from neighbouring rooms.
Kinetic Fling fling cantrip generic Quest, Telekinetic Throw, Cantrip knowledge Moves object on ground into neighbouring room.

Warrior Mage cantrips

Warrior Mage cantrips are elemental in nature, and are learned directly from any guildleader once the prerequisites are known. Warrior Mage cantrips tend to have very limited utility.


  • ASK <GUILDLEADER> ABOUT <CANTRIP> CANTRIP: where <cantrip> = cantrip name
  • PREPARE <CANTRIP NAME OR ABBREVIATION>: To 'prepare' the cantrip.
  • GESTURE <SELF/PLAYER/ITEM/TARGET>: To 'cast' the cantrip.
Ability Abbreviation Type Tier Element Prereqs Effect
Aether Spheres c ae s cantrip 1st tier Aether 2 Aether Manipulation spells fluff juggling item
Aethereal Image c ae i cantrip 2nd tier Aether 10th circle, Ethereal Shield, Aether Spheres fluff illusion
Pattern Hues c p h cantrip 3rd tier Aether 20th Circle, 1 Aether cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill change the color of certain spells and cantrips
Air Blast c ai b cantrip 1st tier Air 2 Air Manipulation spells dries accumulated moisture
Gust of Wind c g o w cantrip 2nd tier Air 10th circle, Air Blast move object out room, remove self-worn item
Stone Seat c s s cantrip 1st tier Earth 2 Earth Manipulation spells create chair
Reinforce Stone c r s cantrip 2nd tier Earth 10th Circle, Stone Seat Extends the duration of any object created with Earth Magic.
Electric Charge c e c cantrip 1st tier Electricity 2 Electricity Manipulation spells imbue player or object with fluff static charge effect
Will O Wisp c w o w cantrip 2nd tier Electricity 10th Circle, Electric Charge fluff ball of static charge
Burning Touch c b t cantrip 1st tier Fire 2 Fire Manipulation spells light flammable object
Flashpoint c f cantrip 3rd tier Fire 20th Circle, 1 Fire cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill destroy held object
Water Globe cantrip 1st tier Water 2 Water Manipulation spells create globe of water or snow
Crystallize Ice cantrip 2nd tier Water 10th Circle, Water Globe freeze water
Raincloud cantrip 3rd tier Water 20th Circle, 1 Water cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill create a raining cloud over player's head

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